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  1. hutch

    RIP Jim Kelly (1946-2013)

    sparring with Bruce Lee I'm guessin'.
  2. This adult loves 'Coraline'. Great effin' film. And one of the few 3-D ones that is actually great.
  3. What ISN'T Tarantino "influenced" by?
  4. hutch

    New York Asian Film Festival 2013

    brought me back to the confusing days of JC's mid 90s US releases. Wasn't such a fan of the action in CZ but when I realized I spent 90% guffawing I had to give the movie a thumbs up. By accident or not it entertained me. And sh*t, I just saw the man in person.
  5. hutch

    Gordon Liu update...

    Seen with my own eyes. Stay positive as long as he's breathing.
  6. 12 Angry Men Naked Lunch (Godard's) Weekend Branded to Kill Tokyo Drifter and also Coonskin Hey GoodLookin' Sion Sono's Before Suicide dvd box set. Score! honorable mentions: Calvin Lee Reeder's 'The Ramber' on pre order and Third Window's release of 'Vulgaria' and Miike's newest musical.
  7. 'The Oregonian' & 'The Rambler'. And 'The Monkees'. Always, 'The Monkees'.
  8. because their current blu ray is a jagged mess.
  9. Old School KF is usually further off the radar for those disinterested in the genre, unless dude can appreciate some nice athletics. Old school production value/lack of production value never helps. If I remember correctly the only real cross over was 'Crouching Tiger' & 'Rumble in the Bronx'. Bring him to 'Shaolin Against Lama' and dare him not to get a kick out of it.
  10. A nice pre-game to NYAFF.
  11. hutch

    What are we LISTENING to lately?

    France Gall.
  12. ...I'd been putting it off because DD usually made me mad, but their Celestial flicks were usually ports without any issue. And since they're dirt cheap right now, I didn't mind. But I didn't buy any of them in Blu ray. And I didn't buy their version of 'Fong Sai yuk' at all. I also bought Yuen Biao's 'Above the Law'. Not cheap. Woof. So many things going out of print these days...*sigh*
  13. heck, at the New York Asian Film fest last year nearly every audience member got one for free. The finale is Koo-Koo!
  14. I'm pretty new so sorry if someone posted this already. Tried the search and nothing popped up. I just randomly ran across this info. Haven't really looked into it. What I've seen so far are mostly incoherent articles (maybe google translated) about it from last summer and Fall. So yeah...has anyone heard about this? Supposedly has Angelina Jolie in it. (What's up with Zhang Yimou getting his Hollywood on? Not a fan of mixing Hollywood stars with films of the East. Are the Western actors supposed to be giving clout to the Eastern films?) It'd be exciting to see Lin again, but I hope she's not playing second fiddle...