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  1. The Eunuch of Western Palace,though the start & the end of the movie that sinister music is used also in the start of shaolin iron claws with Chen sing.
  2. Abbott White

    Showdown at the Cotton Mill

    one of my my favourite kung fu films,chi kwan chun is at his best.
  3. Abbott White

    Jet Li suffering from hyperthyriodism

    Over active thyroid.
  4. that kid looks awesome ,none stop action just the way i like it.
  5. Abbott White

    RIP Jim Kelly (1946-2013)

    Another MA legend has passed,rip Jim Kelly.
  6. Abbott White

    RIP Lau Kar Leung (1936-2013)

    very sad news the legend of shaw brothers has passed ,RIP POPS.gone but never fogotton.
  7. that was a wicked move,that guy did not see that comming.
  8. Abbott White

    Happy Birthday Chang Yi!

    Chang "the man"Yi one the most wickedest villians ever to grace the kung fu film genre.
  9. one of wong tao's best films.
  10. happy birthday chiu chi ling, he does a wicked hung gar forms on youtube.
  11. Abbott White

    Wang Tao interview in English.

    that interview was on the phantom kung fu film wong tao did with chang yi.