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  1. what set is this? i cant find it on amazon? Also any idea if Dragon Tamers is subbed or dubbed?
  2. tenebre

    Dante Lam

    thanks! will check a bunch out
  3. So I have only seen Beast Cops from him. I keep reading good reviews so what are some top films and how does he compare to other HK legend directors?
  4. tenebre

    Shaw Brother BD's from T.V.P.

    they are all region Blus. and run around $40ish maybe more depending on rarity. as far as the other goes.. i only have dvd-r of items that dont exist in a legit form. or in some cases the dvd-r is a million times better than the legit release (OUATIC 4 and 5). but thats your thing so whatever you like.
  5. tenebre

    Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

    as a long time fan of the comics... i like all the castings so far that snyder and nolan have done
  6. dont get me wrong... i collect CY movies that he "directs" i was checking in case HKMDB was wrong it does happen. I have on occasion missed a movie from a director i collect like that
  7. tenebre

    Shaw Brother BD's from T.V.P.

    Any word on 7 Man army?
  8. tenebre

    Ghost Punting (1992)

    hmmm cool. hopefully a review will come to confirm if its decent looking or not
  9. tenebre

    Furious 7 (2015)

    they claim all of Walker's scenes were already shot. soooo we shall see. my guess is they add in a death scene near the end
  10. i see Marco Mak Chi-Sin as director... Yuen was assistant action director. Where did you get the info that he was directing?
  11. tenebre

    Shaw Brother BD's from T.V.P.

    yeah that is their downfall. only the most hardcore will pay 40 euro for one movie.. they really need to go for a cheaper route. its quality stuff but ... screw teh media books or whatever else and get its down to 25 or something
  12. tenebre

    Blu-ray case alternatives for Bruce Lee movies

    that face on big boss.. haha wtf?
  13. tenebre

    Shaw Brother BD's from T.V.P.

    what!!!! nooooooooooooooooo damnit someone else needs to do this now! :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: