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  1. Great news, Ready Or Not was one of the best films I've seen at the cinema this year, which I didn't actually expect, but it was genuinely brutal with a good streak of humour laced throughout (also I can;t help feeling that Waving and Margot Robbie need to play sisters in something, until I actually went and watched it I assumed it was Robbie in the role!)
  2. SamSeed

    The Karate Kid 2

    To be honest I hope so! Anyone as long as they can actually act! Besides which I've always had a soft spot for The Next Karate Kid, cheesy as it is, I enjoy it a hell of a lot more than Karate Kid 3, I thought the mentor/student relationship between Miyagi and Julie was actually quite sweet (also this may have something to do with how much I retroactively now really dislike Daniel after the events of Cobra Kai)
  3. SamSeed

    The Karate Kid 2

    I have no idea either how accurate or trustworthy this news is, but it's apparently still happening, and in a bit of even better news Jackie is still set to reprise his role whereas Smith isn't https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/karate-kid-2-happening-jackie-chan-return/
  4. SamSeed

    Ballerina (John Wick spinoff, female lead)

    Wait so is this a spin off of Halle Berre's character? She's the only one memorable enough for her own film
  5. SamSeed

    Ginger Baker RIP

    An astonishing musician responsible for some of the most iconic songs in popular music. I count myself so lucky to have been able to see him play live a few times, with his Jazz Confusion band and at a Jack Bruce Tribute Evening, and each time he absolutely blew me away. Toad is quite simply the best drum solo, from a musical point of view, he composes music on the drums and was one of the first to really incorporate African rhythms into popular music.
  6. Hm. Just seen this and... very mixed feelings. I certainly don't think it's a great film by any stretch of the imagination. Bravura performance by Phoenix I have to say, but then he is always worth watching. I think the problem lies with the fact that as soon as you give The Joker a tragic backstory, he doesn't work. The reason Heath Ledger is so scary is the unpredictability, the unknowable qualities, the conflicting stories of how he got the scars. Whereas this is just.... it doesn't need to exist. Of course the same could be argued of any film, but I don't see this leading to a big franchise or anything like that. The Wayne family felt crowbarred in (I also don;t get the timeline given Bruce's age in this and that there must be at least twenty years until he faces off against what would then be quite an old Joker!). I will say that the final third contains some great moments where The Joker as the orchestrator of chaos finally emerges but otherwise, quite an unpleasant film that isn't entertaining enough or really as psychologically deep as it thinks it is.
  7. SamSeed

    Beverly Hills Cop 4 (TBA) - Eddie Murphy

    Beverly Hills Cop 4 I could take or leave but new standup is very, very exciting! Raw in particular is an amazing standup set that I rewatch regularly and it still makes me laugh.
  8. Saw this today, had an absolute blast. Old school in the best sense of the word, absolutely brutal, visceral violence. Stallone is his usual gruff, monosyllabic self, but his face says a thousand words, that face has lived and it shows. As for the plot, nothing new, though it was refreshing to have a story have some personal stakes for Rambo this time around. All I'll say about the third act is that it is full of very creative kills, the build up to which put a huge grin on my face, there is nothing better than an iconic action hero doing what he does best. I would even go so far as to say that I honestly enjoyed this film as a whole more than the last one.
  9. Rambo: Last Blood get's an 18 rating from the BBFC in the UK! I never thought that would happen and my excitement for the film just went up even more. Obviously the film still has to be well written, but the fact that they can pretty much get away with anything violence wise with this rating bodes very well. I was a tad worried that they might have toned it down in accordance with modern standards (Sly's own Expendables 3 for example...) so the fact that Sly is clearly sticking to the previous Rambo formula of extreme carnage is brilliant! https://bbfc.co.uk/releases/rambo-last-blood-film (Don't click on details tab unless you want spoilers about the specifics of some of the kills).
  10. I've just watched a filmed called A Hitman In London, known in some territories as Skin Traffik. Awful film considering the cast, but when the action eventually hits, it's actually very impressive, Daniels must be in his fifties here and is still in peak physical condition, spinning kicks and fast punches galore. Editing leaves something to be desired in parts but great to see him delivering the action! If anyone's so inclined and wants to skip to the action, there's a fight every fifteen minutes or so:
  11. Anybody else seen this yet? For me, it was a lot of great performances in a film that really is just a rehash of all the scares in the first, and due to the bloated runtime becomes repetitive very quickly, could have shaved a half hour off easily. I did enjoy Hader and Chastain in particular though.
  12. SamSeed

    What are some of your favorite horror films?

    Great list (I agree especially with the last one!) For me, horror has to have something of the human element. Big monsters and CGI splatter don't scare me in the slightest and as such I can watch the Saw films without too much trouble, but I have no inclination to sit through any of the Hostels. A lone man or woman being preyed upon however, that can be terrifying. As such, the most terrifying film I've ever seen is probably Audition (well, actually that title probably goes to Pasolini's 'Salo, or 120 Days of Sodom'. It was for a course and I never want to think, hear or speak of it again!). Similarly, I found the Ryan Reynolds thriller Buried unimaginably scary, same with 127 Hours. Those films that are so close to reality, not even in the horror genre per se, but if you actually stop and imagine yourself in that situation it's horrifying. Best of the 'ordinary scenario gone wrong' to my mind is Open Water. Genuinely, I will never go on a diving trip because of that film. I think that of the horror genre, Texas Chainsaw is difficult to beat, not because of the gore (of which there is surprisingly little, but the sense of dread and disgust that builds and builds, never letting you take a breather for a second until the escape scene, which I don't think I've ever been as invested in whether a character gets away from the bad guys! Equally, despite being rated PG, I can barely sit through Arachnophobia, so perhaps, to me, that would be the scariest film. Oh, and I'm going to add a TV episode. The series falls under horror/thriller. Utopia. A British series from 2011 I think, I won't spoil it but there is a torture scene in the first episode that even now makes me shudder and I am usually OK with those kinds of scenes, the disconnect of knowing I'm watching something fictional, but this just... well, if you are so inclined, watch it and report back. The series is actually a great watch too but the kind of twisted mind that came up with it!
  13. Have great faith in Fletcher. Anybody who hadn't seen it should seek out his directorial debut Wild Bill. Aside from being a really well written story with well rounded characters, there's a cracking pub fight scene near the end that sells me on the idea of him tackling Holmes.
  14. So, yeah as will be no surprise to anyone, this is a stinker. Fight scenes shot shaky cam and for the most part in near total darkness, by the numbers plot and stupid character decisions. The only reason to possibly see this is for the interplay between Butler and Nolte, but even that only takes up about ten minutes of screen time.
  15. Count me very, very excited for this! I cannot help but love the cathartic feeling of a simple revenge flick, seeing very bad people being taken down in different ways. Also can we appreciate the fact that for once here's a trailer that teases the film, only tells you what you need to know and doesn't spoil every damn plot point? Props to the studio for that!