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    Serial-Action: Martial Arts Themed Show's

    Mortal Kombat: Conquest has been mentionned previously, but does anyone remember the cartoon Defenders of the Realm ? It was apparently pretty terrible (though I'd like to watch it), but it made for a great series of reviews by YouTuber Phelous, so there's that.
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    Let's laugh a little bit

    That made Einstein laugh.
  3. Secret Executioner

    The vinyl record thread

    Since we seem to have a lot of people who collect vinyl records, I figured a thread dedicated to this media would be appropriate. I'll start off: Started my collection in mid-2005. I had been going to a used record stores for some time and while I was essentially into CDs and eventually cassettes (remember those ? Still have a few), I started buying vinyls after finding some interesting titles in the vinyl bins. The first one I bought was Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC (got this one on CD, cassette and vinyl BTW), but I later bought albums I didn't have rather than albums I already had on other supports. I got most of my collection between 2006 and 2010, with some buys from the Web but mainly buys from second hand stores or flea markets. Things went down between 2010 and 2014 as my interest moved to cinema (though I remained a big music listener) and there was a lack of proper record stores in my area - I still bought some stuff now and then, but it was rather seldom. Things started picking up when a new record store (entirely dedicated to vinyl records) opened in town last year. Now it's my favorite hangout and I buy a lot - either second hand records (what I'm mainly interested in and makes up the great majority of my collection), rereleases of old stuff (like the recent Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin repressings) or new stuff that gets released on vinyl (like the latest album by Arch Enemy or a Nightwish compilation from 2011). I'm more into 33rpm albums, but got a lot of 7" singles and a couple of 10" records. I have a lot of picture discs and of color records too. Not sure how these are called, but I also have a Maiden single with a very strange shape (instead of being the circular record with a design on it, the record is shaped like the design). While I started out with bands I knew and liked already, I later opened to bands I didn't know buying albums out of curiosity or because of the beautiful artworks (the juke box-like artwork of the compilation Records is the main reason I got into Foreigner). As far as genres go, I started out with hard rock/metal (AC/DC, Deep Purple and Kiss notably), but opened to other hard rock/metal acts (Blue Öyster Cult, Dio, Rainbow, Status Quo, Y&T), progressive rock (King Crimson, Genesis, Yes, Uriah Heep), classical/baroque (Vivaldi, Rossini, Stravinsky), pop rock (The Beatles, Foreigner, The Who), psychedelic rock (Pink Floyd, Iron Butterfly), electro (Space, Xymox - the latter is Dark Wave if you want to be technical)... While I essentially have hard rock/metal on CD and next to only that on my mp3 player, I find the experience of vinyl records - and the great quality of the sound these records have - makes next to anything enjoyable to listen to. There's some stuff I can't listen to on CD or mp3 that I love listening to on records (Pink Floyd and Status Quo notably - not sure what doesn't click with the Quo since it's some fun rock music, but I can listen to these guys ONLY on vinyl for some reason) Basically, I like vinyl records more for listening than for doing DJ stuff (though I could try some time) and I also enjoy the beautiful artworks that stand out much better than the tiny stuff you get with CDs. Voila, so if you have stories, rare pieces you wanna brag about (got some of those BTW) or simply want to discuss the format, fire away.
  4. Secret Executioner

    The vinyl record thread

    Latest vinyl purchases, since it's been a while: Immortal - Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism The Mothers - Just another Band from L.A.
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    Are kung fu cinema fans pretentious?

    Holy smoke.
  6. Secret Executioner

    Are kung fu cinema fans pretentious?

    Even the likes of Son of Godzilla ? (sorry, couldn't help it)
  7. Secret Executioner

    Are kung fu cinema fans pretentious?

    Seeing just the title, I was going to point out that every genre must have its snobs. I've seen discussions about the Halloween franchise on other forums (not even movie-related to begin with, but there were lots of horror fans on there) became a bunch of heated debates on whether the Rob Zombie remakes were better or worse than the original stuff or a guy claiming come hell or high water that Halloween 4 was the best. I don't feel like people here are stalking waiting to jump at somebody's throat and being an asshat (or a dickhead) about a wrong movie fact. It seems people here tend to be rather nice and if a mistake is spotted, the corrector will be polite in how (s)he points it out and corrects it.
  8. Secret Executioner

    Next 007 to be woman

    Just look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe... We went from goofy stuff to politics and racial issues in Black Panther and feminazism in Captain Marvel...
  9. @DrNgor I was pretty much feeling the same.
  10. Secret Executioner

    Stuntman Reacts to Film Stunts Video

    Hate those reaction videos myself too, especially when it seems the more I remove them from my suggestion feed the more there are showing up. But that sounds interesting.
  11. I feel like this series needs a prequel as much as Texas Chainsaw Massacre did... People watch this stuff for the gruesome deaths and gore, not for character depth.
  12. @DragonClaws Yeah, from the summary involving "people start[ing] disappearing", them being hunted and all, it seems more like a ghost/supernatural kind of horror. Or maybe they 'll go for a sort of slasher, though the last time I saw some fighting action in one of those, it was in a pretty terrible film (Busta Rhymes vs Michael Myers in Halloween: Resurrection anyone ?).
  13. Secret Executioner

    Is the yellow carpet a 'characteristic of [a] Shaw's superb production'?

    I believe hkcinemagic has this carpet as a cast member.
  14. Wasn't Kung Fu to be taught only to Chinese for very long ? Also, I recall a lot of trouble between central spots in Kung Fu (like Shaolin) and the powers in place, various emperors went on to (try to) destroy the Shaolin Monastery overtime - just try to find the date of its birning, there's like a dozen different periods -, and Mao's regime made Shaolin an outcast for decades until China went back to embrace it, though more for economic reasons.
  15. Secret Executioner

    The Top 15 Bathroom Fight Scenes

    One of my favorite scenes from the first Sin City movie. The movie I got my name from - Secret Executioner (HK/South Korea, 1982) - has some possibly interesting stuff in its Korean part. One hour in there's Hwang Jang Lee in a brawl in men's locker room at a public bath (ok, not a bathroom but still...), and about one hour eight minutes in a guy gets slightly violently interrogated by the main character (no idea who the actor is, sorry) in a night club's restroom. (on a sidenote, that thumbnail picture looks more like something off Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws, a completely different movie even though hkcinemagic has both titles for the same entry)
  16. Secret Executioner

    The Eureka! Kung-Fu Cinema Blu-ray Thread

    Sadly I wouldn't blame them if people keep acting like jerks whatever they do... I mean, the beginning of your message says it all:
  17. Secret Executioner

    The vinyl record thread

    @Asmo No idea about that. It's a Black Mark release (so originally Swedish or German) and the label has a 2003 copyright. Discogs lists a vinyl release (a Swedish pressing) with the same label and year simply as a reissue. https://www.discogs.com/Bathory-Under-The-Sign-Of-The-Black-Mark/release/1311535 I would venture to say it must be the original mastering though, especially because a lot of CD releases (including from Black Mark) are listed as remasters on there. https://www.discogs.com/master/view/5784
  18. Secret Executioner

    The vinyl record thread

    Nice haul there @JackieChan.
  19. Secret Executioner

    Kung Fu Kids IV (1987)

    I remember seeing that, this was either an in-name only Jackie collection or it had like half of the movies being slightly Jackie-related (old movies where he barely appears and/or has a very secondary role) and the rest having positively nothing to do with him. Edit: just found it on amazon.com. https://www.amazon.com/Jackie-Chan-Karate-Kids-Film/dp/B0039ZF85K
  20. Secret Executioner

    All Things Chuck Norris

    With Independance Day and all, I expected some Chuck Norris facts dealing with holidays.
  21. Secret Executioner

    Warner Brothers - Matrix Cinematic Universe?

    Either people will be pissed they decided to have a Black Neo... Or it makes sense because the Morpheus prequel thing is happening. Still, I'm intrigued - the first movie has a cult status while the sequels.... They didn't match the first one, even though they do have some neat action.
  22. Secret Executioner

    Anna (2019) Sasha Luss, Luke Evans Helen Mirren, Alexander Petrov

    The trailer really did nothing for me and I'm really not into Luc Besson's stuff. However, that poster is gorgeous.
  23. Secret Executioner

    This is My IFD/Filmark NINJA ADDICTION

    @DragonClaws Ah yes, Challenge the Ninja; the one Godfrey Ho movie with Sho Kosugi. Too bad hi schedule and Jackie Chan's were conflicting, I'm sure there could have been an IFD movie with both. Well, I guess Jackie still managed to get in Ninja the Protector so there's that.
  24. Ok, someone HAS to do it I think...
  25. Secret Executioner

    Blaxploitation & Martial Arts Cinema

    Enter Jim "Dragon" Kelly as Black Belt Jones.