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    Martial arts and diabetes ?

    Being a diabetic (Type 1, that is to say with an insulin treatment and I'm also a pump user) and having never practiced a martial art before, I was wondering what martial art(s) would be suitable for a person in my situation. I also know some martial arts help control stress and emotions, which would be a good thing as these have an impact on the diabetes (notably the glycaemia). I'm asking because I would like to practice a bit (because of the movies but also because I need more physical activity though I walk a lot which already quite good), but as (to what I know, at least over here) a medical exam must be done before starting to practice, I wouldn't want a bad surprise.
  2. Stuart Smith FTW. I love that guy's acting. I like the other guy's reaction too: Then I'll learn from you, I'll eat anything.
  3. Secret Executioner

    Martial arts and diabetes ?

    I'll see if I can find a Tai chi class, it looks like what I need. Thanks alot.
  4. Secret Executioner

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Buying used DVDs can get you surprises: one of my DVDs came with an extra disc which didn't belong here. It's a Spanish copy of an IFD movie called Snake Fist Of The Buddhist Dragon (under the title: Dentro de 3 dias lucha de la serpiente de un dragon budista). Now, if I only knew Spanish...
  5. Secret Executioner

    You know what bugs me about Bruceploitation...

    I'd rather say it's crap because I agree with you and I'm only 24.
  6. Secret Executioner

    You know what bugs me about Bruceploitation...

    I entirely concur. But then you must not want to see the movie or music charts... Not really better.
  7. Secret Executioner

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Today's finds: Challenge The Ninja: Five Pattern Dragon Claws (starring Wong Chen Lee and Dragon Lee): Fearless Hyena 2: Dragon Fist:
  8. Never saw this one, but I just love the 1923 version starring Lon Chaney. Watched this: French VHS release of Terror Of Mechagodzilla. One of my very favorite Godzilla films.
  9. Secret Executioner

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Haha, Weng Weng. That other movie seems nice too. Looks like a nice double feature, you just gotta love exploitation cinema.
  10. French VHS release of Godzilla vs Gigan.
  11. The Dead Zone (1983), a David Cronenberg film based on a Stephen King story. A bit disappointing for a David Cronenberg film, but it's still watchable and the concept of someone able to foresee the future and trying to later it to avoid disasters is quite interesting.
  12. Secret Executioner

    Is watching Martial Art Films your favourite form of entertainment?

    It's one of them, but not my absolute one. Watching any kind of movies, listening to music (from CDs or vinyl records on my stereo) and reading (novels, poetry or comics) are my 3 fav' forms of entertainment.
  13. Secret Executioner

    Bushido Man (Takanori Tsujimoto!!!) (2013)

    The "Kiriko" short mentionned in one of the first posts looks nice. What is the rest of that "Kill" movie like ?
  14. Secret Executioner

    Favorite ninja films

    Are you referring to this film ?
  15. Secret Executioner

    Shinobi no Mono DVD Set 2 RIP?

    Maybe because their release are (apparently) bad and people aren't too keen on buying bad releases ? J/K.
  16. That's the problem with the "worst..." thing: people will tell things they don't like and ignore the fact others like it. Same goes with the "best...": some may hate what others will tell is the greatest ... ever.
  17. I remember this one. It's a quite poor movie with incoherences that are just blatant (the trucks will be very calm when a guy passes by but get urges to kill when all are in the house... And there are devices in the house, shouldn't they go bananas too ?). I got it because the soundtrack was by AC/DC (and I'm a HUGE AC/DC fan) and in the end I mainly like it because... it has AC/DC songs in it. Trivia (though it must be a rather well-known story): Stephen King had AC/DC do the soundtrack because he's a big fan of that band. As far as King stories into movies go, I still have to check out Christine and It, though I won't hold my breath. Shining was rather disappoiting, and I'm talking of the Stanley Kubrick film here. All the other SK films I've seen (2001, Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut) I thought were either great or very bizarre (in a positive way), but Shining wasn't that great IMO. Carrie was okay, the ending being the best part. The sad part is that I'm saying that as a horror fan.
  18. Secret Executioner

    Found this on Amazon UK - no joke

    Guess it must have been a bargain.
  19. Secret Executioner

    aka BRAVE LION

    Huh... Fail. I hate that false advertising which seems recurring on some old Asian movies.
  20. Secret Executioner

    aka BRAVE LION

    Smells like Bruceploitation.
  21. Secret Executioner

    What video games have you been playing

    I'm with you here, I much prefer old school games over the modern stuff. Not a big video game fan, except for computer games, and I haven't played in ages so I can't tell which of my numerous old games I've played the more recently.
  22. Secret Executioner

    Tom Yum Goong 2

    Yup... Doesn't sound good.
  23. Ebirah, Horror Of The Deep AKA Godzilla vs The Sea Monster
  24. Secret Executioner

    Tom Yum Goong 2

    Seems (to me) like he's been marked with a red hot piece of metal.