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  1. @DrNgor I was pretty much feeling the same.
  2. Secret Executioner

    Stuntman Reacts to Film Stunts Video

    Hate those reaction videos myself too, especially when it seems the more I remove them from my suggestion feed the more there are showing up. But that sounds interesting.
  3. I feel like this series needs a prequel as much as Texas Chainsaw Massacre did... People watch this stuff for the gruesome deaths and gore, not for character depth.
  4. @DragonClaws Yeah, from the summary involving "people start[ing] disappearing", them being hunted and all, it seems more like a ghost/supernatural kind of horror. Or maybe they 'll go for a sort of slasher, though the last time I saw some fighting action in one of those, it was in a pretty terrible film (Busta Rhymes vs Michael Myers in Halloween: Resurrection anyone ?).
  5. Secret Executioner

    Is the yellow carpet a 'characteristic of [a] Shaw's superb production'?

    I believe hkcinemagic has this carpet as a cast member.
  6. Wasn't Kung Fu to be taught only to Chinese for very long ? Also, I recall a lot of trouble between central spots in Kung Fu (like Shaolin) and the powers in place, various emperors went on to (try to) destroy the Shaolin Monastery overtime - just try to find the date of its birning, there's like a dozen different periods -, and Mao's regime made Shaolin an outcast for decades until China went back to embrace it, though more for economic reasons.
  7. Secret Executioner

    The Top 15 Bathroom Fight Scenes

    One of my favorite scenes from the first Sin City movie. The movie I got my name from - Secret Executioner (HK/South Korea, 1982) - has some possibly interesting stuff in its Korean part. One hour in there's Hwang Jang Lee in a brawl in men's locker room at a public bath (ok, not a bathroom but still...), and about one hour eight minutes in a guy gets slightly violently interrogated by the main character (no idea who the actor is, sorry) in a night club's restroom. (on a sidenote, that thumbnail picture looks more like something off Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws, a completely different movie even though hkcinemagic has both titles for the same entry)
  8. Secret Executioner

    The Eureka! Kung-Fu Cinema Blu-ray Thread

    Sadly I wouldn't blame them if people keep acting like jerks whatever they do... I mean, the beginning of your message says it all:
  9. Secret Executioner

    The vinyl record thread

    @Asmo No idea about that. It's a Black Mark release (so originally Swedish or German) and the label has a 2003 copyright. Discogs lists a vinyl release (a Swedish pressing) with the same label and year simply as a reissue. https://www.discogs.com/Bathory-Under-The-Sign-Of-The-Black-Mark/release/1311535 I would venture to say it must be the original mastering though, especially because a lot of CD releases (including from Black Mark) are listed as remasters on there. https://www.discogs.com/master/view/5784
  10. Secret Executioner

    The vinyl record thread

    Nice haul there @JackieChan.
  11. Secret Executioner

    Kung Fu Kids IV (1987)

    I remember seeing that, this was either an in-name only Jackie collection or it had like half of the movies being slightly Jackie-related (old movies where he barely appears and/or has a very secondary role) and the rest having positively nothing to do with him. Edit: just found it on amazon.com. https://www.amazon.com/Jackie-Chan-Karate-Kids-Film/dp/B0039ZF85K
  12. Secret Executioner

    All Things Chuck Norris

    With Independance Day and all, I expected some Chuck Norris facts dealing with holidays.
  13. Secret Executioner

    Warner Brothers - Matrix Cinematic Universe?

    Either people will be pissed they decided to have a Black Neo... Or it makes sense because the Morpheus prequel thing is happening. Still, I'm intrigued - the first movie has a cult status while the sequels.... They didn't match the first one, even though they do have some neat action.
  14. Secret Executioner

    Anna (2019) Sasha Luss, Luke Evans Helen Mirren, Alexander Petrov

    The trailer really did nothing for me and I'm really not into Luc Besson's stuff. However, that poster is gorgeous.
  15. Secret Executioner

    This is My IFD/Filmark NINJA ADDICTION

    @DragonClaws Ah yes, Challenge the Ninja; the one Godfrey Ho movie with Sho Kosugi. Too bad hi schedule and Jackie Chan's were conflicting, I'm sure there could have been an IFD movie with both. Well, I guess Jackie still managed to get in Ninja the Protector so there's that.