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  1. Secret Executioner

    What Books Are You Currently Reading or Read?

    I studied William Blake while I was in college as one of the literature teachers was a specialist on Blake and I can attest the character is very interesting. I feel knowledge of his life and especially of his thought process - from the belief he was visited by spirits to his vision of life as a journey through different states and major events are a passage from one to another - helps a lot when one wants to understand his work. For instance, the state thing I just mentionned gives a very interesting light under which one can study some of his poems as a lot of the poems from Songs of Innocence will have a counterpart of sorts in Songs of experience - the most notable example is the opposition between "The Lamb" and "The Tyger", poems about two very different animals whose opposition is reinforced in "The Tyger" when the speaker wonders how such a cruel, ferocious beast could have been created by the same god who created the sweet little lamb. Other works of his like The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, An Island in the Moon or Milton are more complex and can be difficult to understand, but they offer some interesting commentary on various topics such as English society in Blake's days, philosophy (the characters in An Island in the Moon are personifications of various philosophical currents IIRC) or literary criticism (Milton is essentially an essay on John Milton's epic "Paradise Lost"). I recall the teacher often cited The Marriage of Heaven and Hell and Milton during classes (along with mentions of poems from SoI and SoE), while I personally found An Island in the Moon very enjoyable and I was a bit bummed he didn't mention it more as the inclusion of songs and the way Blake depicted philosophical arguments and society in general could have been interesting to study.
  2. Secret Executioner

    Rock, Hard Rock, & Heavy Metal: An Appreciation Thread

    Some great news for Blue Öyster Cult fans from Frontiers Music's YouTube channel:
  3. Secret Executioner

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    Congrats man. I couldn't make it through even though I love the genre - still watched 23 films (I'm excluding The Wasp Woman and the two It movies as I saw those in September) in 31 days, which I suppose is already a decent number- it's been quite a while since I watched that many movies in one month. On a sidenote, my initial idea was to review one movie a day, eventually writing reviews - some if not all - in advance, but I decided to write on movies as I watched them instead. Seems more challenging this way, but it's really my inability to choose titles from my enormous collection that led to me being unable to make up my mind for 31 titles. Guess I still have titles I mentionned earlier - like Amityville 3D and H20 - to review for next year... and I'll have to find another 20+ films to cover the whole month.
  4. Secret Executioner

    Stars Resembling Other Stars

    The pic of Wang Hsieh in @ShawAngela's previous post reminds me of Lung Fei, and Pai Piao reminds me of Lo Lieh.
  5. Secret Executioner

    Angry Rant: You Know What's Bullshit? Blu Ray Encryption

    I noticed my Lenovo computer's disk drive acted like a region free device, I never had to change the region to watch R1 or R2 disks. I figured it would be awesome because I wouldn't need to go look for programs to get around the limitation on region changes under Windows, but it turns out I have several DVDs my player doesn't recognize and it acts as if empty. Thought there was some issue with a disc or the player, but it seems like it's a "normal feature" from what I can read here. @NoKUNGFUforYU Noticed the "on-demand" aspect was heavily underlined - hell, my parents' Internet subscription is such that they can watch TV but also rent movies or binge-watch shows via a provider's device. Between this kind of stuff and the overexposure of Netflix (seriously, this thing is all over the place), the physical medium is already getting badly hurt and the fact some players won't always play the DVD or BD you want to watch is another nail in the coffin from the industry themselves...
  6. Not the best horror feature I'll have seen this month...
  7. Secret Executioner

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    The Black Cat (original title: Black Cat (Gatto nero)) (Italy, 1981) A small village in the English country side is hit by a wave of bizarre deaths. In the mean time a medium living nearby is attempting to communicate with the dead. Both are connected by the presence of a black cat. A photographer and a Scotland Yard inspector investigate. One of many adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Black Cat", this loose adaptation set in modern times was helmed by Italian director Lucio Fulci. And it's far from one of his best. The movie is really slow, the suspension of disbelief gets broken by the constant repetition that a murderous cat is an absurd concept and I felt like the film as a whole made even less sense than the bizarre twist ending of Joe D'Amato's Buio Omega or than the weird conclusion of Fulci's The New York Ripper.There's however some decent gore (not that much though, kinda odd for a Fulci movie from this era) and I really liked the soundtrack. The sets are okay too, the medium's house is especially beautiful with an interior reminiscent of some old manor. The scenes involving the cat often reuse the same footage of a cat, especially close-ups on one or both its eyes. There are some bizarre sound effects that I felt didn't match what we saw - the cat seemed to be purring when agressive and the cat was supposed to be hissing when it was seen looking more curious or interested in something off-screen than really pissed. There is a 'cat camera" that's decent and helps the scenes be more suspensful though - that may seem random, but I found this to be one of the most interesting parts of the movie. My call ? Not that great, probably one of the weakest movies I've seen this month. I mentionned NYR above, and it's a movie I feel is better because in spite of how gruesome and disturbing it can be, at least it made me feel something other than boredom (which is worse IMO). I'd probably still revisit it over the annoying Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives though. Fun fact: the medium is played by British actor Patrick Magee, notable for roles in classics like Chariots of Fire, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon or Zulu. Seems those terrible movies he made actually helped him finance some stage theatrical projects of his, but he still gives a really good performance - he is mysterious and unsettling, as well as very OTT in parts where his character has visions. The Scotland Yard inspector is played by David Warbeck, an actor from New Zealand whose resume is mostly made up of low-budget genre stuff, but who also played smaller parts in bigger productions like Hammer's Twins of Evil (starring horror icon Peter Cushing) or in Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dynamite.
  8. Secret Executioner

    Jackie Chan: 88 Films Blu-Ray Releases

    Joining the choir praising Brother @KUNG FU BOB's art. Gorgeous stuff.
  9. Secret Executioner

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    Interesting trivia here. I mostly know of Heather Langenkamp for her roles in the NOES movies. @DragonClaws Thanks mate.
  10. Secret Executioner

    What are we LISTENING to lately?

    King Crimson - Live in Japan (DVD) A concert from 1995, back during the THRAK Tour with the "double trio" line-up. It's loud ("Dinosaur", "THRAK"), heavy ("Red", "Vrooom/Coda: Marine 475") but also groovy ("Elephant Talk", "People") and also atmospheric ("Matte Kudasai", "Walking on Air") all at once. The setlist focuses heavily on THRAK (over 70% of the album is played), but there are also a handful of songs from the 1981 classic Discipline (the aforementionned "Elephant Talk" and "Matte Kudasai" as well as the chaotic "Indiscipline" and the always catchy "Frame by Frame") and a couple of tracks from the 1970s (there's a nice addition with "The Talking Drum" seguing into the band's live staple "Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part Two"). Finally, there's also a nice rendition of "Three of a perfect Pair" (from the album by the same title) that's essentially an heavier version of the 1984 original. The musicianship is of course top-notch, the line-up is the 1980s quartet (Robert Fripp on guitar, Adrian Belew on guitar and vocals, Tony Levin on bass and Chapman stick, and Bill Bruford on drums) with war guitarist Trey Gunn (who also plays bass) and drummer Pat Mastelotto added. I couldn't really explain what it is, but I love Adrian Belew's voice. He can convey a wide array of emotions and go from a range to something completely different (like the very calm and collected narration in the verses of "Indiscipline" suddenly getting to hysterical screaming and later insane rambling with the fast-paced "I repeat myself when under stress" line repeated multiple times). Even the goofiest of text (like in "Elephant Talk" where the verses are essentially lists of words) can have power and become interesting.
  11. Secret Executioner

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    @Drunken Monk I get your point regarding Poltergeist. Hype and praise may turn against a film and make it disappointing in the end - it's the case for me with stuff such as The Exorcist, Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, or (in the MA world) Ang Lee's Crouchng Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Didn't watch any horror these past two days, I'm starting to feel kind of burnt out on the pretty much daily watching since the beginning of the month. I may watch something on October 31st, unless I go with some TV specials - probably the Beavis and Butt-Head Halloween 2-parter and/or the Garfield's Halloween Adventure special.
  12. Secret Executioner

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    That new release of Crime Story has some neat artwork if you ask me.
  13. or you can go for the exploitative cash-in Jokerminator - where a robotic clown travels back in time to kill comedians of the past so he can claim HE invented their jokes.
  14. Secret Executioner

    Japanese Movie Mini Reviews

    I recall liking Godzilla vs Space Godzilla - Space Godzilla himself has a great design IMO, and Minilla (or whatever his name was in this - IIRC, he changed name in each of the Heisei movies he was in and I think he was "baby" in Mechagodzilla II and Jr. in Destoroyah) is quite adorable.
  15. Secret Executioner

    Most annoying character or actor in Kung Fu

    I second this suggestion.