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For those unaware, the launch of 36STYLES.COM is coming next week! This means we will be moving the forum to its new home. The new link to the forum will be https://www.36styles.com/kungfufandom ... bookmark it now!

The site as a whole, including the forum, will be down on Monday, March 2. To minimize the forum downtime, I plan on bringing the forum back online, even before implementing the new features, as setting these up will probably take some time. I will send out an email to all registered members once the forum is back up. 

Some exciting times are ahead for KUNG FU FANDOM!

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    WELCOME BACK! Questions & Answers Thread

    Oops, my bad.
  2. the moose

    WELCOME BACK! Questions & Answers Thread

    Great to be back. I miss 'Godfrey Ho Worshipper' and 'OpiumKungFuCracker' - Hope they show up. OKFC is on facebook so I can let him know. Does anyone have a means of letting GHW we are back in business? Thanks to whoever raised this sunken ship. Question do I upload pictures and you tube clips in the same old way??
  3. the moose

    Running on Karma 2

    Well thats a surprise. I wouldn't have imagined a sequel to that. I quite enjoyed the first one.
  4. Dude that was your 666th post
  5. For the UK fans. Sammo Hungs New Wave masterpiece BLADE OF FURY is on TCM tonight. Yes YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. Blade of Fury on TCM at 11:30. If you live in the UK and have sky/virgin/cable whatever set your recorders. If you have never seen this before you are in for a treat. And bonus those with a HD subsription get to see it in HD
  6. Finally Released on the 18th of June. After how long??? Sounds positive from this review http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/spl-2-a-time-consequences-801496
  7. the moose

    The Trivia Thread

    I thought I would start a fun new thread where people can add Trivia and Factoids about Hong Kong Cinema,Kung Fu movies and the people involved with them. Not sure if there has been a thread like this before. I will start with a few fun facts of my own. Please feel free to add your own trivia and hopefully we will have a thread as well informed with info as a Bey Logan commentary. Here goes... In Yuen Biao's cameo in Winners and Sinners, the lady who plays his girlfried is a young Moon Lee. (OK thats a quite well known one) According to his own words. Director Clarence Fok wanted Yuen Biao to play the lead role in Dragon from Russia, but cinema city boss Mak Gar(Karl Maka) insisted that the role be played by his friend Sam Hui. (Clarence Fok previously directed Yuen Biao in Iceman Cometh) Legendary producer Ng See Yuen(producer of drunken master, no retreat no surrender, once upon a time in china 2 and many others) who owns a chain of cinemas throughout China and Hong Kong has banned all movies that feature actress Sharon Stone. This is because Sharon Stone made a dumbass stupid comment in the press implying that natural disasters in China that killed innocent people were the work of Karma. Kicking Ace John Liu popular in the late 70's is of dual ethnicity, He is half French and half Taiwanese. Maggie Cheung used to work on a checkout in a London supermarket. She also spent much of her childhood growing up in London. Jackie Chan was on the set of the stallone snipes movie demolition man (not sure exactley what he was doing, maybe he was just invited by stallone - I read this in an old edition of impact magazine) ok last one for now Ringo Lams Burning Paradise became the biggest box office money losing failure in Hong Kong cinema's history at the time (before that i think it was eastern condors - another Golden Harvest production)
  8. the moose

    Rendezvous With Death

    (OK Sorry, I know and 3 years too late to this thread) My sentiments exactley BaronK. And no movie of his has characters as morally murky as in his masterpiece 'Deadly Breaking Sword' (Though most would say Avenging Eagle was his masterpiece) In that movie Fu Sheng seems blinded by his lust for money (culminating in throwing a lady down a well) Ti Lung seems blinded by Glory, ego and reputation. These are the characters we expect to root for. Yet Ku Feng the guy we are supposed to view as a villain has loyal followers that he treat with honour and respect.
  9. It's true about triad involvement. The Jet Li stuff was true, but it was mostly his manager involved not Jet personally. Anita Mui's manager was shot dead and she went on the Lam to USA then went into the safe arms of Jackie Chan and his manager upon return to Hong Kong. Wong Jing had his mouth smashed in by Triads for something he said. An actress was even raped by triads (I think it was Carina Lau). In 1993 after the incident involving Anita Mui's manager Jackie Chan along with a load of other Hong Kong celebrities staged a street demo march protesting against triad involvement in the industry. Not all triads but the bad ones (apparently). It is common knowledge that actors such as Chan Wei Man, Jimmy Wang Yu and Alan Tang have been directly involved with triads in the movie industry and Wang Yu famously 'pulling strings' to get Jackie Chan out of his contract with Lo Wei and Chan returning the favour owed by appearing in Fantasy mission force and Island on fire. A lot of celebs were having Willie Chan as a manager because triads would not bother with them as Jackie Chan was 'untouchable' by that time in the industry. But then they got to Willie Chan and he stopped managing them. Many actors were working with the 'Wins' film company to escape pressure from the triads as the owners of wins are former Triads themselves Jimmy Hueng and Charles Hueng http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Heung. There are those who openly have expressed their disapproval with triads. Most famously the former Police comissioner turned actor Phillip Chan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Chan who plays the police chief in hard boiled and winners and sinners and I guess is always type cast. He was in the media before his acting career for solving crime cases including Hong Kongs first ever armed bank robbery in 1974 where 11 hostages were held to ransom (sounds like a movie). I saw a section for a Channel Four show in about 2000/2001 with Emily Booth about Hong Kong movies and there was a brief interview with Danny Lee who expressed his distaste for real life triads as he appears in gangster flicks himself, and while on set of a movie he did something that led to triads being arrested. Director Johnny To clearly portrayed Triads realistically in Election 1 and 2 and to some extent Drug War. There was heavy anti triad and anti mainland corruption messages in the Election movies.
  10. the moose

    What are we LISTENING to lately?

    Boris are the shit. I love this song 0QYIV2FiNJg ....And the stuff they did with sunn o))) was great.
  11. the moose

    What are we LISTENING to lately?

    I got Talking Heads Road to nowhere on Repeat.
  12. Officially announced. And an official trailer has also been released. Fallout 3 is my favourite game of all time, even better than Skyrim, Oblivion and New Vegas. I wish I could play it all over again for the first time. Sadly a time machine has not yet been invented for me to be able to have that experience. I guess the next best thing will be playing Fallout 4 for the first time.
  13. the moose

    Look what's coming! (Fallout 4, video game)

    Now edited. Cheers.
  14. This is my favourite Old Skool movie ever that was not produced by shaws or golden harvest. The only let down is that Hwangs trademark kicking was not on display. But I guess the director felt that had all been done before with the secret rivals movies.
  15. The Black Sheep Affair is below par for me too. And the Chinese propaganda in the movie makes me cringe. The action is pretty decent courtesy of Ching Siu Tung, but it doesn't have anyrthing else going for it. You mean you rate the black sheep affair over the Blade??!!
  16. £24 for those Kung Fu titles is ridiculous. £20.99 for Iron Angels 3 which is a sub par film is just a joke.
  17. This thread is for anyone who would like to share pictures of their Hong Kong movie memorabilia for all to see, I shall start proceedings by uploading a couple of my own pics . The Ng See Yuen/Hwang Jang Lee/John Liu classic quadrilogy Some long oop books and mags
  18. Another film directed by Sammo Blade of Fury was also distributed by GH. Although production of the movie was nowt to do with them. New dragon gate inn, Kid from tibet, from beijing with love, return to a better tomorrow and countless other hong kong movies were distributed by golden harvest but not actually produced by them. Sammo made the huge budget eastern condors which became the biggest money loss for GH at the box office ever. (before ringo lams burning paradise toppled that off the biggest loss spot in 1994) that may have had something to do with him being fired from golden harvest.
  19. I have a bootleg of Blade of fury, I downloaded from a site a few years back. The picture is in mint pristine condition. It has had a decent dvd release before in some countries. there is a 480p quality rip on you tube if you have a program to download it from there (I recommend 'clipgrab')
  20. Hi guys, Sorry. I know this isn't 'kung fu movie' related and a bit of a long shot. But would anybody reading this happen to know where I could get the Anime of Urotsukidoji - the perfect collection. Which is all first 5 episodes uncut. Either a disc or a download. I don't fancy paying 100 plus dollars off amazon or ebay. Thanks
  21. It was snake in the eagle shadow where Hwang Jang Lee accidently kicked out Chan tooth. You can also visibly see the missing tooth during the fight. Also there are pictures available with Chan in full costume grinning with it missing. I haven't heard of any beef between Chan and Hwang Jang Lee. Besides, Chan was a nobody at that time and a missing tooth was the least of his troubles. They definately had good fighting chemistry in Drunken Master.
  22. the moose

    Today is Jackie Chan's birthday....y'all.

    Happy 61st Birthday Jackie Chan. To me this picture is his most Iconic.
  23. Most of the opinion of this movie I've read/heard before is pretty low. But I'm with you, I quite like it. Probably people unfairly compare this to other Joseph Kuo efforts such as Born Invincible, Mystery of Chess Boxing and 7 Grandmasters - therefor it falls short.
  24. Yes. And also less pricey that Yes Asia. - They are legit and have never let me down.