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  1. Cloud Hands

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    I agree, not only is this a sought after film it fits 88 Films overall aesthetic well. I have seen a decent print of it which must have been the ziieagle remaster.
  2. Cloud Hands

    R.I.P. Philip Ko Fei

    RIP Philip Ko. I've been looking over a list of his filmography and noted classic after classic, in multiple styles from shapes and Shaw wu xias to 80s modern day actioners. An incredible body of work.
  3. Cloud Hands

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    I'm fairly confident they would have to refund you the cost of any postage in this case. They made the mistake and so they should pay for the return. Why should someone be out of pocket because someone sent them something by mistake? I ordered both Masked Avengers and Killer Constable, and my shipment notice email says both films are dispatched. Will have to see what I've been sent as I have my post delivered to my parents address and haven't been round there yet.
  4. This is very good news, and only a few weeks away so not even an eternity to wait - here's hoping for the English language options. I like the art a lot, congratulations on getting to do the covers for Shaws films Bob, great stuff. You say this is the first 3, I guess you can't name films but are they intending to release frequently in the future and will you be doing the covers for all of them?
  5. Cloud Hands

    Lone Wolf & Cub Coming From Criterion

    Thanks Karlos. Patience has been rewarded, I'll finally be able to get this set in Region B! I wish Criterion would also release the Zatoichi blu-rays region free.
  6. Has anyone got this? Seems like a German release, has English, German, Chinese (Mandarin I assume?) audio. I was wondering if it's an improvement on previous prints of this film. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00H8LOPDM/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A16LGT6HRUJ16H
  7. Cloud Hands

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    I like the lower half of the Killer Constable cover, but yeah.. I'll probably be reversing the sleeve to have the original artwork as I have with other 88films releases. Masked Avengers is also up on amazon.co.uk: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01NCSKU8I/ref=pd_luc_rh_bxgy_01_02_t_img_lh?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  8. Cloud Hands

    What video games have you been playing

    2016 I played more than 200 hours of Dark Souls 3. I think it's very good, but Bloodborne is better and Dark Souls 2 had better PvP. How are you finding KoF Asmo? I was tempted to get it but already into SFV and looking forward to Tekken 7, not sure I've got the time to pick up another fighter.
  9. Cloud Hands

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    Great news. I haven't heard the English dub since VHS days. I look forward to once again hearing those immortal lines "That's only chickens blood"!
  10. Lung Fei, I enjoyed seeing those flyers for London Cinemas. I was also too young to experience the golden age of seeing old school films at the cinema. Looking back I think computer games surely played a part in me getting into Kung Fu films. I had a ZX Spectrum at age 7 or 8 and there were many fighting games, often with an eastern theme.. Renegade, Double Dragon, Yie Ar Kung Fu, IK+ and Way of the Exploding Fist must have been some of the earliest. I can remember a game called Kung Fu Master which seemed to be inspired by Game of Death as you had to go up different levels of a pagoda and face the next boss. So it was only natural to rent martial arts films whenever I got my hands on them. Looking back it's a bit strange that my parents didn't care that I was watching violence at a young age, but it doesn't seem to have done me any harm!
  11. Cloud Hands

    UK Takeshi Kitano Blu-Ray's

    For those how may be interested, I notice a few Takeshi Kitano Blu-Ray's are being released in January - Hanabi, Kikujiro and Dolls. All very good films IMO.
  12. Cloud Hands

    Celestial posted a poll to determine next Shaw Brothers blu ray

    I am just glad they are still (just about) releasing Blu's. I'd be happy with any of these, voted Shantung though.
  13. Cloud Hands

    Venoms Mob let's discuss and update

    Many of the "Crew" were in more Venoms films than certain Venoms themselves. Yet sadly get less attention because they weren't one of the original poison clan. Wang Li is a great example. I'll give another - Chu Ko. Shows insane skills with a trident and threatens to steal the show in Masked Avengers. I also really like Lung Tien Sheng (spearman in white) and always gladdened to see performances from some of the 2nd tier like Yu Tai Ping or Yang Hsiung.
  14. Cloud Hands

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    I always enjoyed the Brave Archer films, they inhabit that strange fantasy Martial World I like and have a certain atmosphere despite their faults. Anyone in to Venoms needs to see the finale to the 3rd film. The one that I'm not too keen on is the 4th due to Fu Shengs character in it rubbing me up the wrong way, but it also has some decent fight scenes and still worth looking up.
  15. Cloud Hands

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    I finally got round to seeing The Angry Guest. This film is a sequel to Duel of Fists, and I suppose the first thing to say is that it is not as good as the first film which is up there with my favourite Iron Triangles. Generally speaking I found it an averagely enjoyable film which does have a few saving graces. I sometimes have a craving for "modern" day Shaws filmed in the early 70s and I wasn't left disappointed on that front, although sadly David Chiang's wardrobe isn't as outrageous as it is in Duel of Fists and some others. The fight choreography here is nothing amazing, but there is a fairly decent amount of action. There are a couple of things that save the movie from mediocrity - firstly Chang Cheh plays the lead of a crime syndicate and his performance is assured, I wouldn't have minded seeing him in front of the camera more often. Secondly I'm a Yasuaki Kurata fan and he gets a decent amount of screen time, fighting and bedroom action with a rather attractive young lady who is another plus point for the film (I believe her name is Jen Tsu Fang). Ching Li reprises her role as Ti Lung's girl, but sadly has little to do other than be held captive in a few scenes. Bolo Yeung appears as a Japanese henchman who comes round to tear up Ti Lung's martial arts school. One of the best scenes of the film. The finale in the construction site was a mixed bag. Kurata is very good, but other parts such as people dying to bulldozers when they could just simply have stepped aside were face-palm moments. The Angry Guest isn't essential, but for collectors of this specific type of film I'd say it's still worth looking up.