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  1. Redeemer. Did a blind buy of this last month on Blu, and had a lot of fun watching it.
  2. Misanthrope

    Ip Man 3 - 3D (2015)

    Like others, I have my fingers crossed regarding the wirework. And was the table fight scene in IP MAN 2 where Sammo did the backflip?
  3. Misanthrope

    No Tears for the Dead (2014)

    Picked it up on Tues. at my local Best Buy as well. Being just $12.99 was a great deal and beats Amazon's current price.
  4. Misanthrope

    The Night Comes for Us (2018)

    I was super excited about this film, such a shame it's being canned.
  5. Encouraging early reviews. Nothing groundbreaking it seems, but a solid return to form for Donnie.
  6. Trailer looks pretty good, but as others have noted, looks can be deceiving.
  7. Donnie posted an IG update saying the film is coming out in September. http://instagram.com/p/qGlw25PO3f
  8. Misanthrope

    Ong-Bak Trilogy Anyone?

    While the promo photos show there will be some sort of slipcover or case on the trilogy set, there is no word yet on if it will be a digipak, all three discs housed in a single multi-disc case or just the re-release of the first film along with the two sequels that have been out for a few years now. If it's the latter, you'd essentially be paying $10 more to double-dip on the two sequels since the first film is being re-released on Blu the same day. If there is no actual new content from the releases already available, then it would come down to shelf aesthetics and if you want to spend the extra money for the packaging. I wouldn't be surprised if the set contains the same discs from the previous releases for the films. More specifics will probably be available in the coming weeks. (edit) TYG2 comes out on Blu/3D Blu on the same day as well (July 29).
  9. Misanthrope

    Brutal movies

    THE NIGHT COMES FOR US....when it is released in the next year or so LOL.
  10. The $35 Blu-Ray price right now doesn't bother me, because Amazon's pre-order price guarantee will take effect when the inevitable drop happens closer to release. Only an R rated version being available in the US is more concerning, especially since the first one was Unrated on home media. I hope it's not some lame cash grab where an unrated cut comes out in the fall around the holidays, but I wouldn't be surprised. Studios have literally included insert ads for the "deluxe" edition of a movie coming out in a few months inside of the standard release LOL. Hopefully within the next few weeks, Gareth will be able to answer some questions via Twitter about which cuts will be available where.
  11. I'd be shocked if this got banned, but that happening (or a heavily cut theatrical release) wouldn't be the end of the world because we'd get an unrated Blu/DVD release. The Bui Doi Cho Lon situation sucks....I wonder what issues there are with a studio like Well Go licensing it to release on Blu.
  12. Misanthrope

    Special ID (2013)

    I've grown quite fond of this mid-fight taunt....
  13. Reading that synopsis brought a smile to my face. Looks like the perfect backdrop to some good ole face-kicking fun.
  14. While Jordan Hoffman's review was for ScreenCrush, he also writes for Badass Digest, which is what the reference was to.
  15. Hilarious how a guy who writes for a website named Badass Digest can't sit through an action movie without nearly vomiting. Insulting how a guy who claims to be a professional film critic thinks it's appropriate to review a movie without watching the whole thing. This is pretty much why I will avoid most reviews about Berandal. Especially from critics who use a science-fiction comedy to set the bar for what they want to see from fight scenes. Funny thing is, this dude's inability to watch the movie serves as pretty good promotion and provides some great marketing. Don't get me wrong-- everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this film is definitely not for the faint of heart. But reviewing a film without watching the whole thing makes the entire critique illegitimate.