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  1. Wow. No love for this movie. I first saw this as a tv double feature with american ninja and its stuck with me ever since. Could never seem to find the vhs for sale though. I will surely buy this one.
  2. NoForAnAnswer

    Does anyone else have a Home Theatre PC?

    I dont have a htpc, but i rip dvds to my computer and stream them to my ps3 all the time. I know that the PS3 is really compatible with popular file types.
  3. NoForAnAnswer

    Whom I'm Voting for Today

    Well, I'm voting for Chuck E Cheese. He'll provide as much video games, ski-ball and pizza as we can stand.
  4. NoForAnAnswer

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    I hope VHS counts... Full movie is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZ8V7GRy8v0
  5. NoForAnAnswer

    KFC site outage?

    I thought I got banned. That would've crushed my world. Glad to hear everythings ok.
  6. NoForAnAnswer

    Ahem...dirtiest film?

    Love this thread!!!! Thanks for the shopping list!!!
  7. NoForAnAnswer

    What are we LISTENING to lately?

    I'll participate too. I dug out some of my old CDs that I listened to in high school. Man, I'm having a blast listening to all this stuff. Bad Religion Rancid Pennywise Great stuff.
  8. NoForAnAnswer

    What video games have you been playing

    I just bought Double Dragon Neon a couple days ago off PSN. Playing the hell out of it and loving every minute. Anybody else grab this one?
  9. NoForAnAnswer

    Streaming Kung Fu Movies

    I've got a question for you all. Is there a good or decent place that streams Kung Fu movies? I have a Netflix subscription, a Hulu subscription, and I just started a 30 day Crunchyroll trial. Netflix used to have a bunch of old Kung Fu on their service and now there's nothing. Hulu still has some, but alot of them are the public domain ones found in the 50 pack DVD sets. Crunchyroll has some decent stuff that's old Tai Seng (Ocean Shores) releases. But they only have 29 of those films. Amazon has some but you have to pay per movie. Vudu has squat. Cinema Now has jack. I use my PS3 to watch all this stuff and they recently came out with a Youtube app that's great and I found and watched some good full length movies there. As far as Crunchyroll in concerned, I don't care about anime and there seems to be little content I'm interested in. Any ideas? Should I just not bother and keep watching DVDs? I'll keep buying DVDs and Blu Rays of course but this streaming thing sure is a nice compliment.
  10. NoForAnAnswer

    Janitor From BloodSport

    That part always cracked me up too.
  11. NoForAnAnswer

    Your favorite video game ending(s)

    Nobody mentioned Double Dragon. That's by far my favorite. Only co-op game I can think of where they make you fight to the death at the end.
  12. I'll get it. I don't have any of the movies yet. And this would be a good deal.
  13. NoForAnAnswer

    Ten words or less...

    Hwang Jang Lee: Liu Kang's bicycle kick for real.
  14. I bought this one from Tai Seng on VHS years ago. Haven't watched it in a long time, I remember it being one of the best of the bunch I ordered at the time. Surely time for a re-watch now.