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  1. Awesome topic I must say. Couple that always come to mind first is a movie called Felon. Most of the fight scenes where done improve to make the fights look more realistic. Not to bad. Next would be a movie called Dueces Wild; I always describe this movie to people like so "Its like the Outsiders in NY" The brawl at the park just the way he was dinkin on em on the way to the fight with them KNUCKS on.
  2. So High

    Martial arts and diabetes ?

    I think its awesome considering getting into a martial art. I would say get into whichever martial art intrests you (and has a gym/dojo) near you. If you have diabetes you know how to manage it and how your feeling.Get your medical exam knocked out and start training.
  3. So High

    Tai Chi 0

    _LSX_UH0F9g Newest trailer least thats what myspacebook said.
  4. So High

    The Action Clips Thread

    LyvHOHA76qU Shauntron has made yet another kung fu music masterpiece.
  5. So High

    The Action Clips Thread

    Props Drunken Monk, love the Rubber Legs vs Sam Seed fight. Zui Quan at its best.
  6. So High

    Anime recommendations from the "golden age"??

    Voices of a Distant Star 5cm per second Paprika one of my personal fav anime films I think I read somewhere where Nolan gave props to this flick as well. Satoshi Kon is the man I like his other films as well I hope they do his unfished work justice. Ninja Resurection I liked it although I think Ninja Scroll is better still a good flick. Currently waiting on Part 2 of the new Ruroni also waiting on Mardock Scramble the 2nd and 3rd. Outta Series Berserk best series of all time. Hellsing. Trinity Blood Street Fighter 2 v only anime that did the game justice.
  7. So High

    The Martial Arts Thread

    Was wonderin what you guys think of Luke Holloway.
  8. So High

    The Action Clips Thread

    xjr3KOlrjEc My fav kung fu music video ever. I think the fella who made it has done some work with the people who made Death Grip.
  9. I just watched the New Berserk film series well two of em. I had to catch it because the orignal is my fav anime series of all time. Always good to see your fav get a new treatment. Well sometimes. I enjoyed it. Kinda threw me into a flashback Seems ten eleven years ago to me is when anime reached its apex here in the states. The anime section used to be huge I had a subscription to animerica and Newtype. Nowadays there is still an anime section but to me it seems its not as big as it used to be. Same with the games thats why I'm an Altus fan. Anyways. I agree Friday the 13th 1-7 is my fav horror franchise as well.
  10. Hmm I kinda agree with ya my friend. I game alot more than I watch martial arts films, but I think I enjoy a good martial arts film more so than the years I have lost whoopin bad guys. 90percent of everything I watch is martial arts related be it martial arts documentaries, mma, and any movie I watch will have some fighting. Unless the ole lady ask otherwise.
  11. So High

    Classic Moments In Cinema

    4KUatQExvXU I was always a Mr. White fan. Mr. Blonde just had the ear scene. I love it when he's shooting the cops; the whole blood spatter in the car his killer/cool demeanor while doing so just too cool.
  12. So High

    Favorite movie lines and or dialogue.

    Dragon the Bruce Lee Story "Now you know I'm not chinese" says Jerome "I've noticed that" replies Bruce. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas "This man is very sick, but I have the medicine." "Did you see what god just did to us man?" The Crow "Tonight we can get high and watch this whole fuckin city burn" I say this at parties randomly of course and people just think ah its So High its what he does. When Gideon just finishes tellin Top Dollar about his pawn shop gettin blown up I like his delivery of "Other than that my day sucked" Tyson I really enjoy Mike tellin of his first fight with Hollyfield. "I cant see the punches but I can hear the punches. POP POP POPPOPPOP and I'm thinkin what the fuck" Darkwing Duck "I am the terror that flaps in the night" X-men Back when it was on Fox. "I go where I wanna go" Wolverine tellin it how it is. "We're takin these saradines outta the can" Wolverine classic. "You always were slower than me. Give it up Sabertoothe" Woverine to Sabertoothe during fight. All dogs go to Heaven" The Grand Chawhee its his birthday" Anne Marie "Are you gettin any a that in your mouth up there?" An aggravated itchy to Anne Marie spilling ice cream on his head. Die Hard wav "We had a report a guy came through here with about 8 reindeer" BOOM BOOM Love it. Warriors Cyrus's whole speech at the playground. "Cause its all OUR turf" And when the Warrior are about to Mob through the Orphans turf. "We're gonna walk right thru these lame fucks turf."
  13. So High

    Movie Sequels & Trilogies

    [quote=TibetanWhiteCrane;196011 Friday The 13th... all bad films??? are you on crack... that's classic 80's horror. From the original to Jason Takes Manhattan... I love em' all... anything after that... feel free to bash.
  14. So High

    Movie Sequels & Trilogies

    @DarthKato Hey House 2 go hard. "Your doing great Jess ahowu!" to himself "huh ha what an idiot" Gramps was a G even past the day that he died.<-- (Pun on a rap song) Never Back Down 2 Is my Favorite sequel. Matrix Trilogy Undisputed Trilogy Ong Bak Trilogy