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  1. Keung

    Game Of Death (1978) Lobby Card Question

    I can't answer your question entirely, but I believe the stuntman is Mars.
  2. Keung

    John Wick 2 (2016)

    I hope John Leguizamo gets a bit more screen time in this one. Dude's so underrated! He posted this on his Facebook account yesterday – My character is back #JohnWick2
  3. Do you know if they are all uncut and subtitled?
  4. Keung

    Rock, Hard Rock, & Heavy Metal: An Appreciation Thread

    One of my all time favourite thrash metal bands has just released a new album, and their latest music video is all kinds of awesome – as you can probably imagine with a title like Ninja Untouchables. Can anyone name the film(s) seen in the video?
  5. Keung

    Rock, Hard Rock, & Heavy Metal: An Appreciation Thread

    I actually saw Nervosa in August this year down in Birmingham. Super intense! Fernanda Lira is an awesome frontwoman.
  6. Keung

    What video games have you been playing

    My pre-order of the new Guitar Hero should be here tomorrow, so I'll probably be playing that until my fingers bleed.
  7. Keung

    Richard Ng films

    Mr. Vampire III, of course!
  8. Keung

    WANTED-Lady Hermit Funimation DVD release

    I'm almost certain I traded my copy years ago, but I could be mixing it up with a different Funimation title. I'll have a scan through my discs at some point and let you know.
  9. Keung

    Wanted: Vampire Warriors (Blu-ray)

    It's all good now, Asmo. A forum member was kind enough to get a copy from Amazon.com to send to me in the UK.
  10. I ordered this from DDD House last week, but I was swiftly refunded with a note saying it's now out of print. So, anyone willing to sell or trade theirs? Thanks
  11. I was surprised to learn it was filmed in Sheffield.
  12. Kill List is great, but the ending had me saying "what the fuck did I just watch?" at the TV.
  13. Keung

    Kung fu memes

  14. Keung

    WELCOME BACK! Questions & Answers Thread

    Yeah, but it's just not the same. I preferred the old method. Suppose it's just something I'll have to get used to.