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    The 7 Grandmasters

    This is one of my favorite kung fu films if not simply because it shows many of the different animal styles. I also really like the weapon master scene with all the disarms. I like the protagonist Lee Yi Min a lot too. He's very friendly and innocent and naive.
  2. I was just curious if there exists a bear style martial art. If so, does anyone have any clips or movies that feature it?
  3. I realized minutes after I posted this that the same song was used in Drunken Master. Either way, thanks for the info. I appreciate the help.
  4. Can anyone identify the opening song in Snake in the Monkey's Shadow? I feel like I've heard it before in an other film. For that matter, does anyone know where I can find the soundtrack? eH2w8pVecUY
  5. I was just curious, what is everyone's favorite kung fu movie soundtrack? I just downloaded the intro song to Ninja in the Dragon's Den and the soundtrack to Drunken Master. I plan on working out to those in the very near future. o6kBOYZmQzc
  6. KumaKlaw

    Tiger style?

    I'm looking for any kind of tiger style. To be honest I didn't even know there were multiple kinds. How many are there? I appreciate all of the recommendations so far. I'm sure these will keep me busy for a while.
  7. KumaKlaw

    Tiger style?

    I'm kind of new to kung fu movies and I was wondering if anyone could recommend me some that feature someone using tiger style from xingyiquan. I know very little about it but I like how ferocious it seems and how the user shapes his or her hands like claws. I'd appreciate any help, thanks in advanced.
  8. KumaKlaw

    Ninja in the Dragon's Den

    Recently watched this film and loved it. I especially liked that intro sequence and song. Think I might add it to my work-out playlist. Even the backup singers are great! "Shaka-ninja!"