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  1. I hope this will not be another 3-scene cameo, yet I am excited he will be in a movie again.
  2. I love all his American films, apart from Cradle 2 the grave. Romeo is a favourite.
  3. Has to be Jet Li for me too. He is the master of Wushu.
  4. Fist Of Legend: Jet Li vs Chin Siu Ho Fight
  5. Never believed I wouldn't see a single Jet Li thread in a kung fu forum, so I am starting one. Huge Jet Li fan, I love his work, both in films as an actor/martial artist and as a philanthropist, with his One Foundation charity organization. He is simply the martial artist with a golden heart. For me, he is on the top, he is the greatest. My top Jet Li films: Ocean Heaven Hero Danny the Dog Kiss of the Dragon Fearless Fist of Legend The One Tai Chi Master Once upon a time in china series
  6. He is a prick and way too overrated martial artist. And just the fact he illspoke about Jet Li, makes him instantly unlikeable to me.
  7. Dravenbran

    Karate Kid (2010)

    Jackie was the only reason this film is worth the viewing.
  8. Dravenbran

    RIP Brandon Lee

    I wish the Crow had never been made!!
  9. Dravenbran

    Ip Man 2

    I loved both Ip Man movies, but the 1st was a true masterpiece!!
  10. Is this any good? I don't like Jet Li and his films, yet I enjoyed the OUATIC series.