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  1. Been lucky enough (thanks to mark Houghton) to see the 2:30 min teaser trailer and it looks superb. Some nice footage of Lau si-fu both in action and discussing martial arts, and awe inspiring clips of the new Lau Kar Ban in action...Pops's spirit lives on. Hopefully I will get the chance to put the full 6 min trailer on my Lau Kar Leung Appreciation Society Facebook page
  2. popsjnr

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

    watched it yesterday... and thought it was awesome on a par with The Avengers!!, I was really surprised how good the fight choreography was too, the 1st Cap flik was also brilliant
  3. finally got round to watching this.... and thought it was superb, I was really surprised how much I enjoyed it, a well made thriller, some of the fight-action is a bit ho-hum but this was the 1st Chan flik that was so strong that it could have done without ANY fight scenes... respect due JC
  4. Jet Li semi-retires... HOORAY!!!
  5. one word review,,,, UGHHHH!!!!
  6. I couldn't believe how awesome the action is in the flik, Tim Man's choreography is some of the finest modern day fighting I've seen since the golden age of HK modern action of the 80's and performed supremely by undoubtedly THE finest screen fighter of the millenium...and Kane is no slouch either.. ....yeah some of the acting is a bit HMMM!! but who watches action fliks for acting?? never thought Scott would surpass the mindblowing Undisputed 3....but he did it!!
  7. the trailer looks decent but that's what there for to whet the appetite eh? I'll wait for it to turn up on youtube and watch it for free, it's amazing how OLD Chan looks
  8. cant say i thought it was better than Flashpoint (I reckon that's the finest modern HK flik in over 20 years personally) and the dramatic scenes with the female cop on the rooftop were weedy....BUT I really enjoyed the flik a lot, the fight in the restaurant was ace and the pub fight with Andy On was a fitting finale...Donnie cementing his place as THE king...hope the DVD has some of the footage with Chin Man Cheuk
  9. popsjnr

    RIP Lau Kar Leung (1936-2013)

    yesterday marked 100 days since Lau si-fu passed away, seems to have flown by, his disciple Mark Houghton asked on my Facebook page dedicated to his si-fu's memory, for all fans to think about his si-fu or to watch one of Pops's movies in memoriam...
  10. Lau Kar Leung's trusted to-dai Mark Houghton has announced he is to appear in his 1st movie in over a decade, originally he was going to have a non-action role in the Choy Lay Fut based movie, but has impressed the producer so much his role is being re-written to be a combat role instead this news plus the fact Mark is working in Singapore with a US production co on ideas for movies, which will involve the Lau Gar Ban, gives me hope the HK movie scene will carry on for awhile yet
  11. popsjnr

    Rare TV Promo for Legendary Weapons Of China

    we have all seen it before but you cant see this too much!!! I had a VHS copy of both this demo and the stage demo for Pole Fighters in the early 90's, as did most real Shaws fans....I have placed the footage on my Facebook page dedicated to Pops The Lau Kar Leung Appreciation Society
  12. popsjnr

    Eastern Heroes SE #7

    Tex Killer thanks for the nice remarks about the articles on Pops and Fu Sheng I wrote, and my Shaw's reviews....you can see the Pops article on my Facebook page dedicated to Lau si-fu's memory The Lau Kar Leung Appreciation Society
  13. popsjnr

    RIP Lau Kar Leung (1936-2013)

    the end of the era of real kung fu cinema.... i have passed on my condolences to Mark Houghton, who posted this dreadful news on facebook my condolences also to forum member perigaten at the loss of your si-tai-gung
  14. have to agree TOTB2 is far better than part 1 IMO, even with Ridley Tsui's obvious doubling of Conan (although considering how he survived that fall it's totally forgivable could never understand how TOTB was the top grossing HK flik of '88, always thought it was s##t
  15. popsjnr

    Lau Kar Leung lineage short kung fu film...

    yeah excellent demo of Lau Family Tit Sin Kuen there, liked the atmosphere also once had the privilege of watching Mark Houghton perform the same form right in front of me, way back in 2002, shame forum member Shapes didn't film it as he was at our kwoon too, and the demo was f##king awesome respect to your si-fu Peri