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  1. I saw it last night. I did not really know anything about it before hand and had not seen a trailer. Overall, the movie was dark, violent, typical for a modern film, and had plenty of really cheesy moments, like when Keanu growls into the camera. People in the theater broke out laughing at that one. Most of the movie, Keanu is a voyeur that just sits around watching Tiger with a serious look on his face until he finally gets off his butt at the end. I normally like Keanu as an actor, but I had to wonder why he gave himself a role where he does very little except for some cheesy moments. The directing was mostly well-done and the fights weren't bad. It just had a straight forward story that you would expect to find in an early 90's straight to video movie. There really are no surprises in it. It is pretty easy to see why it isn't released in the USA. It was mediocre and was more like something you would expect from Steven Seagal, not Keanu Reeves. My guess is this will end up being a straight to video movie in America like Keanu's other recent films.
  2. Travis

    This is Manila

    I still have to say, despite all the things that are not good about the Philippines, it is still a wonderful place and I would highly recommend people visit.
  3. Travis

    This is Manila

    I am actually glad you brought up the point about getting sick. It is very easy for a westerner to get sick here because of all the bacteria around that doesn't exist in first world countries. The locals are used to it, but foreigners get sick very easily. I have learned to be very careful and I know how to keep from getting sick, but a few months back I shot a TV special where I go live with squatters on a river of filth. I knew before hand I would get sick in a place like that, however, I didn't know it would almost kill me and I spent a week in the hospital after shooting. Here it is if you are interested. It is close to an hour long and not the best copy so no pressure if you don't want to see it, I am just throwing it out there. ZSN9oxPRkJA
  4. Travis

    This is Manila

    That's funny that you saw some of your friends in my video. I guess it's a small world. I commented on your video on youtube. It is interesting that to many people here are sharing their stories about visiting the Philippines. I am glad to see they have been positive experiences.
  5. Travis

    This is Manila

    That's pretty cool. Why did you live there? You must of had some fun experiences. I did a video about Binondo a few months back. You will probably recognize many of these places. LfaxGV17kkY
  6. Travis

    This is Manila

    Wow, I didn't know so many of you haves have been to the Philippines. That's great. I have never been to Hong Kong, but I would love to go. I have been to China, but just Beijing and Sanya.
  7. Travis

    This is Manila

    If you guys ever get a chance to visit the Philippines, I hope you do. QBlMmXqjcHY
  8. Travis

    The Sword Identity (2011)

    Here is a funny video from the movie I came across on youtube. It is funnier if you understand Filipino though. CxL8dQMUG8I
  9. Travis

    Gordon Liu update...

    He is a legend.
  10. I would say watching the UFC is #1 for me, followed by watching youtube videos, and then maybe martial arts/action films. They all serve different needs in life though.
  11. How is it offensive?
  12. Here is an intro to Officer Kraft of the PNP. BE6XW8KCiUQ
  13. Travis

    Last Action Hero

    It was fun seeing Arnold do Hamlet. McNLeKMSkzA
  14. No one has mentioned any Filipinas.
  15. Interesting responses. I am familiar with many, but there are a lot I am not.