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I would like to thank everyone who was able to make a donation for the purpose of obtaining new features for the forum. The donation goal was met rather quickly and we here at Kung Fu Fandom can not thank you enough for the support. The plan is once the new site is up and running, the focus will then turn to the forum on updating and adding these new features and we will continue to strive to make your time spent here on the forum as enjoyable as possible. _/|\_


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  1. Strange, I just got a dispatched confirmation from WOWHD
  2. I was just about to ask that. I'm in the UK and my order has shipped but I've only just thought about the region lol
  3. On the main link above. In download options the subs are a separate download. Grab those and put in the same folder as movie file. @TheKungFuRobber great job with this. Watched all the way through last night. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Took me 4hrs or so but it finally just completed.
  5. Nice...I need to get out of work ASAP today and get downloading! Obviously seen this film a few times over the years but held off a re-watch recently as I knew this was coming.
  6. Look forward to checking this out. Massive thanks for the effort in getting this project finished.
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  8. Do you have a eta for the finished blu ray. Will definitely be supporting...
  9. clanarchy

    all men are brothers (english dub) download please

    You still need this...I can upload sometime in the next day or so.
  10. clanarchy

    To Kill A Rover is here!

    Thanks for putting this together. Great to see some new 'oldies', instead of the same old stuff. I've purchased a few Customs from NoKUNGforYU and all have been top notch! Thanks again.
  11. Yep. I just gotta get through the last episode of Haunting of Hill House and then this is tonights entertainment!
  12. clanarchy

    Shaw films to Netflix UK in July 2018

    Just noticed The Barefooted Kid only runs 83mins on netflix...gonna check it out tonight for the first time since my old Made In Hong Kong VHS. Still question is, can anyone confirm if any scenes missing. Im sure it was longer than 83mins even with conversion etc
  13. clanarchy

    Shaw films to Netflix UK in July 2018

    Some nice movies added to uk netflix today, cant remember all off the top of my head but among others Barefoot kid Legendary weapons Painted Faces Opium & The Kung Master
  14. Looking very nice... Is this one finished and ready to go.?
  15. clanarchy

    88 Films SB Blu-ray

    Yeah got mine and disappointed that there is no dub... I didn't bother checking the specs first, just insta-ordered lol.