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  1. Hmm... 1- "Without Remorse" (1993) Currently reading this after my bro-in-law recommended it. Pretty good so far. The only problem I'm having with it is some of the terms for things that I don't understand. Like names for weapons and equipment. But I just looks those up and I'm good. lol
  2. Ugh.... 1- "The Dead Undead" (2010) Just got through watching this. It was a pile of trash. lol Everything from the horrid acting, non-sense plot, and boring action made this a chore to watch. And they seemed to have the balls to actually set up a sequel. I hope they didn't actual make another one these things.
  3. Hmm.... 1- "1911" (2011) Pretty entertaining film, even if I didn't really know much of anything about the real life people and events. Also not really one of Jackie Chan's usual films, but it was interesting to see him in a more serious, non-martial arts(Though there is a fight scene near the end), film. 2- "Vacation" ( 2015) A weird Reboot/Sequel film to the original National Lampoon's Vacation. Actually turned out to be pretty good. Some of the humor is crude and might be a turnoff to some folks, but I found it to be a decent comedy. Also I have loved Cristina Applegate since watching her on Married With Children when I was a kid, so seeing her again was awesome. 3- "Bride Wars" (2009) Really surprised me that this movie was actually pretty good. 4- "The Tuxedo" (2002) Putting this here because this movie doesn't really scream "Marital Arts" film to me. Its more of a Spy-Spoof movie, even though Jackie does do some Martial arts in it. Eh, It was alright. I've seen better(Most other Jackie Chan Films) and I've seen worst( Rush Hour 3 *Shutters*).
  4. That sounds incredible if he can pull it off!
  5. Yeah, I agree that most reboots/remakes are utter crap made for the modern, brain-dead, Millennials( I think that is what the newish generation is called). But if they are going to do it anyways, I really hope they do it justice. And it seems they have competent people making it. At least I hope they do. Oh, I never understood why some people would be turned off by something just because its old. It really keeps you from experiencing some truly amazing things.
  6. Looks pretty good. The first two where awesome, so I'm interested in seeing how well they do with it.
  7. DarthKato

    Kung Fu Movies on Youtube

    A lot of the films on YouTube look like they have been uploaded with a potato, but every once in a while you can one that's okay looking.
  8. Seeing as the John Wick films are some of the best action movies ever made(If not the best), I'm up to see what they can do with a Bloodsport and Highlander remake.
  9. Hmm... 1- "Drunken Master" (Starring Jackie Chan: 1978) Awesome movie and still one of my favorite Jackie Chan films( Police Story(1985) being my favorite).
  10. I was about to pick it up at Walmart also, but passed on it for "The Head Hunter". Seems like I defiantly made the right choice. I hate badly edited fight scenes.
  11. DarthKato

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Yup, I saw that too. I'm planning on getting it as soon as six months of birthdays and Christmas gets over with. lol
  12. I defiantly recommend it! This random movie I picked up at Walmart, turned into one of the best viewing experiences I've had in a while.
  13. Yeah, I couldn't stand her in those films either(Well, those films were crap anyways. lol). There just doesn't seem to be anything to her other than what her body can provide. I'm all for a attractive woman, but I also like for there to be something to them beyond that.
  14. This actually looks very promising! Well, as long as they explain why she cannot be seen( Well, barley seen, it seems) adequately.I'm not really a fan of Megan Fox. But if she is just playing a bitch, I guess I could live with it. lol
  15. I've never really given any of these films a try. What kind of films are they? " Action films? Horror? Maybe both?