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  1. Hasimir Fenring

    Secret Executioner's reviews

    That was a good one. Even better, there was no Jimmy Wang Yu stinking up the place with his non-existent fighting skills.
  2. Hasimir Fenring

    The Best Shaw Film You've Seen Recently Is...

    Aye. I've been looking it up recently. I can understand them being upset about the influence foreign powers were having over them, but, just as with the Japanese a few decades earlier, straight up murdering people was not the answer. Sadly for them, we were going over there and not taking no for an answer. Maybe now we'd be more sympathetic to their views, but not then. We still had an Empire, and the arrogance to go with it.
  3. Hasimir Fenring

    The Best Shaw Film You've Seen Recently Is...

    I gave that a rewatch last week. I love the film. It's having fun, but it does also press home the sheer idiocy of the Boxers and their insane belief that they could stop bullets. Speaking of which, I have Boxer Rebellion lined up, a much straighter version of those events.
  4. Hasimir Fenring

    The Best Shaw Film You've Seen Recently Is...

    Finally made it through my double bill of The Water Margin and All Men Are Brothers. They couldn't be more different. I think barring the death of one of the Liang Sheng that starts the film off, all the good guys make it to the credits. Not quite so for the sequel. No wonder Chang Cheh got a reputation for killing people off; everybody dies! What use is heroic sacrifice when they're all at it. I've seen numerous Chang Cheh films where some of the good guys don't make it, but this was just silly. It was basically "Let's sacrifice ourselves for no reason!" "Yay!" "urk..."
  5. Yeah, Nine Demons was an atrocity. I saw it under the Nine Venoms name, which made sense given only two of the Venoms were involved... I dare say the appalling dub job and pan & scan treatment doesn't help it, but I think Chang Cheh was definitely on the downward swing by that point anyway. I do wish they'd looked after their films better. Too many are only available in awful condition. Got to admit, whilst I've watched a few, I do find silent features hard to get into. Shorts I'm fine with, but I struggle with anything longer. I've downloaded a nice little collection (legally too, as a lot are now public domain ) but I end up baulking at a 150 min film with no dialogue and stick a Shaws film on instead.
  6. Hasimir Fenring

    The Best Shaw Film You've Seen Recently Is...

    I got White Lotus and Executioners back when HKFlix was still open. I miss that site. Have to resort to sites of dubious legality for too many films now, given Celestial insist on dubbing their digital versions and the DVDs often look to be OOP. Currently watching The Water Margin at present. I love how Shaws used to introduce people with a caption on-screen whenever they first appeared. Does seem a little strange when someone gets the caption treatment nearly ninety minutes in though.
  7. Hasimir Fenring

    The Best Shaw Film You've Seen Recently Is...

    The only vintage Cheng Pei Pei film I've seen is Come Drink With Me, and that was King Hu. I think I have Golden Swallow somewhere too, but I'm allergic to Jimmy Wang Yu.
  8. Just had a look at that one. Me likey. If I had the money, that'd be on its way. I have Broken Oath and The Himalayan already, plus there's a decent subtitled copy of When Taekwondo Strikes up on YouTube. Stoner I tried buying multiple times, only for it to either be OOP or my one and only order from Five Star Laser... The other two I can't find acceptable copies of online. Either dubbed or unsubbed on the net. Plus there's the presence of Jimmy Wang Yu. Urk.
  9. Hasimir Fenring

    The Best Shaw Film You've Seen Recently Is...

    Yeah, it's not a great one. Worth sticking with for Ku Feng only, nothing more. Looking at Ho Meng Hua's filmography, he was a veteran of the Cheng Pei Pei-era Shaws, and maybe struggled in comparison to the team of Chang Cheh, Lau Kar Leung and Tong Gai. The Flying Guillotines, one he did a couple of years on, was fun, but not great.
  10. Joy Sales re-released it over in Hong Kong, which is the version I imported. YesAsia and DDDHouse look to have it in stock.
  11. Currently watching John Woo's heroic bloodshed precursor, Last Hurrah For Chivalry, featuring Damian Lau, Lee Hoi San and a post-Venoms Wei Pai.
  12. Hasimir Fenring

    The Best Shaw Film You've Seen Recently Is...

    Last one I watched was The Master of Kung Fu, starring Ku Feng as Wong Fei Hung. Ku Feng himself was a revelation, busting out more moves than I've ever seen from him, including a blinding scene with a three-sectioned staff. He had stoic down pat too, which is necessary when portraying Wong Fei Hung. Outside of Ku Feng though, it wasn't the best film. Story was a load of nonsense, the choreography veered a little too close to windmill fist for my liking, and the gwailo was laughable. Mind, most white dudes in HK films were awful, seeing as they rarely used actors for the roles, so I wasn't expecting much there. Definitely a lesser Shaws, despite Ku Feng's solid turn.
  13. Hasimir Fenring

    Shaw Brothers Free on Hulu

    Same here. If it's the only way, like with most Joseph Kuo films, I'll grudgingly accept it, but not for Shaws stuff, which came out in generally damn good condition when Celestial restored the films. I went on the Celestial YouTube channel, and all the films are dubbed. I refuse to pay money for English dubbing that turns everything into a cheap comedy. The channels that put subbed versions up are all gone, what with not being legal, so I'm having to look at sites of dubious legality, given the DVDs are OOP.
  14. Hasimir Fenring

    Tom Yum Goong 2 (2013)

    Cineasia folded? Bugger. I missed that. I've been hoping for years that somebody will unearth the interview Mike Leeder did with Hwang Jang Lee for the aborted Snake/DM reissues. I did hope Cineasia would, but I guess that's not on the cards now...
  15. Hasimir Fenring

    Tom Yum Goong 2 (2013)

    They were on Premier Asia (HKL's sister label) I think? They closed down long before BluRay took off, and I don't think Cineasia ever reissued the films. No idea who owns the rights at present.