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    Looking for a movie

    Thats it, thanks mate. Oh, I didn't know it was about Fong Sai Yuk.
  2. 1981Mateo

    Looking for a movie

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what movie this is? I saw the preview to this film back in the middle to late nineties on the vhs versions of a few gong fu movies, but the only movie I remember it being in the previews for was Fist of Legend or maybe The Kung Fu Cult Master. I remember seeing the Golden Harvest logo too. In the preview I don't remember any known actors (but it was awhile ago), There was a bridge (in some sort of cave maybe) at the end of the bridge was a guy in alternating crouch stance with tiger claws, I also remember someone using paper as a throwing weapon flying through the air and embedding into the rock and one of the subtitles said "All is void". Anyone know this movie?