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  1. Harlock

    The Winged Tiger (1970)

    the actor in blue is Huang Jian-Hua (Wong Gin-Wa (黃建華))
  2. Harlock

    Name This Ben Lam Film!

    Marked for Murder (1994) aka Chasing Yelang Gangsters...
  3. Harlock

    HKMDB...from bad to worse?

    it's back...
  4. Harlock

    HKMDB...from bad to worse?

    don't worry it will be back, it's not closed...
  5. Harlock

    HKMDB...from bad to worse?

    me and my buddy Michael at the HKMDB worked for more than 12 years together trying to identify actors, extras and stuntmens, i think we did an incredible awesome job (mostly him) especially with the Shaw Brothers movies. from my point of view HKMDB had gone from awesome to mega awesome as for the review i don't need them so i don't read them, but its free to anyone to submit better ones! sorry for my bad english
  6. no sorry i don't think David is in that movie, my bad... and in the banquet they are not seen together...
  7. Return of the One-Armed Swordsman / 獨臂刀王 (1969) Dead End / 死角 (1969) Have Sword, Will Travel / 保鏢 (1969) Vengeance! / 報仇 (1970) The Heroic Ones / 十三太保 (1970) The Singing Killer / 小煞星 (1970) King Eagle / 鷹王 (1971) The New One-Armed Swordsman / 新獨臂刀 (1971) The Duel / 大決鬥 (1971) The Anonymous Heroes / 無名英雄 (1971) Duel of Fists / 拳擊 (1971) The Deadly Duo / 雙俠 (1971) Angry Guest / 惡客 (1972) The Water Margin / 水滸傳 (1972) Trilogy of Swordsmanship / 群英會 (1972) Young People / 年輕人 (1972) Four Riders / 四騎士 (1972) The Blood Brothers / 刺馬 (1973) The Generation Gap / 叛逆 (1973) The Pirate / 大海盜 (1973) The Savage Five / 五虎將 (1974) The Drug Addict / 吸毒者 (1974) The Two Faces of Love / 小孩與狗 (1974) Five Shaolin Masters / 少林五祖 (1974) The Young Rebel / 後生 (1975) Temperament of Life / 嬉笑怒罵 (1975) The Empress Dowager / 傾國傾城 (1975) All Men Are Brothers / 蕩寇誌 (1975) Seven Man Army / 八道樓子 (1976) Shaolin Temple / 少林寺 (1976) The Naval Commandos / 海軍突擊隊 (1977) Death Duel / 三少爺的劍 (1977) Shanghai 13 / 上海灘十三太保 (1984) Tiger on the Beat / 老虎出更 (1988) Just Heroes / 義膽群英 (1989) The Banquet / 豪門夜宴 (1991) Star Runner / 少年阿虎 (2003)
  8. Harlock

    Disappointed on a couple Shaw sequels...

    i have seen nearly all shaw brothers movies and i agreed that Tiger Killer is one of the worst, The Golden Lotus is not far behind... But i also agreed that Delightful Forest is a masterpiece. i probably like Shaw movies (Drama, opera... etc) that most of you find garbage
  9. Harlock

    Hong Kong Film Availability

    the credit images and the portraits of this movie was taken from the 10 minutes youtube video that "global" posted a certain times ago
  10. Harlock

    Hong Kong Film Availability

    its because your not registered , you should register on the forum and send an email to Bob to gain full access (bkasten @ octavian DOT net ) i know that Bob restricted this site (KFC) mainly because of the bashing of HKMDB at a certain period...
  11. Harlock

    Musicians topic

    any musicians here? i play the guitar my equipment: ESP Horizon II FR Gibson LesPaul 1971 Marshall JCM 900 Digitech RP1000 Boss metal Zone MT-2 Digitech Factory Chorus CF-7 Digitech JamMan Pod XT Boss Noise Supressor NS-2 Boss Super distortion and Feedbacker DF-2 Boss BCB 60 (Case) Crate GFX-15 DSP
  12. Harlock

    Crocodile River: ID requests

    here you go http://hkmdb.com/db/movies/image_detail.mhtml?id=4359&image_id=180135&display_set=eng
  13. Harlock

    Crocodile River: ID requests

    as i am the one who posted theses pictures like many shaw movies on HKMDB, i got this VCD (somewhere in my mess)
  14. Harlock

    What's Celestial Movies?

    IVL103377 Mist Over Dream Lake (1968) IVL104596 The Invincible Fist (1969) IVL101038 lady professional (1971) IVL611940 The Killer Snakes (1975) IVL100673 Heaven and Hell (1979) IVL105258 Legend Of The Fox (1980) IVL101069 Two Champions of Shaolin (1980) IVL103001 The Informer (1980) VL106965 Mercenaries from Hong Kong (1982) IVL107146 Godfather from Canton (1982) IVL105906 Shaolin Intruders (1983) IVL101786 Holy Flame of the Martial World (1983) IVL100383 Journey of the Doom (1985) those one but im not really looking for them at the moment (money problems)
  15. Harlock

    What's Celestial Movies?

    only 13 to find to got them all