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    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    For anyone who is interested The kid with the golden arm & The angry guest are in a 4 for €22 deal at Amazon.de at the moment. I grabbed them along with a couple of SW they had in the offer. https://www.amazon.de/gp/promotion/ASAEMD14Z2E9?ref_=sopp_psp_ASAEMD14Z2E9
  2. So instead of cuts we get blurs and zooms. Wish they would just leave well alone.
  3. wildzerouk

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    Thanks for the info, yeah that is a strange way to go about it but good to know its not a fault with the disc. I best cancel that return now then.
  4. wildzerouk

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    Cheers, hopefully the replacement doesn't have any problems.
  5. wildzerouk

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    Just wondering if anyone has had playback problems with the The champion aka karate king blu ray? I'm getting stutter in a few scenes i tried it in a couple of players and it seems its the disc thats the problem. Cheers Mark
  6. Again a big thanks to bigrogie for sorting me out with some great stuff!
  7. wildzerouk

    John Woo's Best American Movie?

    Its close between Hard Target & Face Off but being a big Van Damme fan id have to go with Hard Target.
  8. Heres a cover i made for Punch To Revenge its just a simple cut and paste job but i thought i share it so other members could use it.
  9. wildzerouk

    FREE DVDs Part 3 (Yukari Oshima movies)

    Ello mate, Just wondered if you had any plans to do some Yukari Oshima artwork. Being a big Osh fan id be allover that.
  10. wildzerouk

    secret service of imperial court for free!

    My reason is that my Goldfish recently passed away and as you can imagine im pretty devastated about it. So seeing this shaw flick would go someway towards easing the major pain im feeling right now.
  11. wildzerouk

    What's the last MA film you watched?

    I watched Killer Darts (1968) last night its a pretty good shaw flick nothing spectacular but i still found it very enjoyable.
  12. Got my dvds this week from Jamal & bigrogie both are top class! Many Thanks!
  13. wildzerouk

    36 Styles - A Clothing Brand For The Kung Fu Movie Fan

    Just ordered the Mao shirt in Blue cant wait to get my grubby hands on it. Excellent Design!
  14. wildzerouk

    Today I became an old man at 65 years young.

    Age is but a number! Happy Birthday!
  15. Big thanks to Jamal! I got my dvds today he was even kind enough to include a bonus dvd! More orders will be coming your way soon!
  16. My dvds arrived from fusubs today! Big thanks to Bigrogie, expect another order from me next week!
  17. I didnt think it looked too bad at all but then again i am easily pleased.
  18. wildzerouk

    New UK Bruce Lee Releases!

    This is great news! I really hope they arent going to be DVD only re releases as id love to see some of HKL back catalogue on Blu Ray!
  19. wildzerouk

    Battle Royale Region Free SE BR/DVD

    Totally agree mate i own the big ass collectors box but im going to sell it as it goes for silly money now and buy the standard edition that will look alot nicer along side my other arrow releases.
  20. wildzerouk

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    The Essential Guide To Deadly China Dolls Book - This is my second copy of this great book my first is falling apart now. Irresistible Force VHS - A Rothrock made for tv movie from 93 City On Fire HKL DVD
  21. wildzerouk

    Martial arts show Birmingham may

    Yeah im hoping to go be cool to meet Cynthia Rothrock who ive always been a big fan of.
  22. wildzerouk

    Happy Birthday Chuck Norris

    Happy Birthday Mr Norris! Time for another Missing In Action movie me thinks!
  23. wildzerouk

    Tsunami hits Japan after massive quake

    It puts everything into perspective when tragedys like this happen. My thoughts and prayers are with the japanese people.
  24. wildzerouk


    No ive not seen Lucky Encounter ive tended to stay away from his comedies im guessing ive had a let off there then? lol