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    RIP Jim Kelly (1946-2013)

    RIP Jim Michael Jai White: My world stopped this morning when I learned of the passing of Jim Kelly. He was a pioneer, our first black representation of what a black martial artist is to this world. His look, swagger, martial arts prowess has been an inspiration myself as well as countless others. In Black Dynamite I copied his monochromatic fashion since, his afro, as well has his patented kiai (yell) SUUUEEYY! I am inspired to continue honoring him as I forge forward in this industry. I've met the man upon occasion and have empathized with his wounds that were afflicted by Hollywood. We first met at Good Earth Restaurant in "97" when I went over to his table an introduced myself as Mike. He didn't know who I was but he shared his views on the industry and was deeply troubled with how blacks were being treated in Hollywood. In the 70's Black Alpha Males were embraced in movies as logical leads and representations of who we were and currently our media blueprint was that of a buffoonish nature. I used his point to argue my case that he make a comeback. "You are an Icon and if we'd work together the people would support." Mr Kelly felt there was no hope in Hollywood and ironically stated "You'll never see a Black Superhero." It was one of those moments where respect collided with an argument victory...I'mean the Universe just tossed me an underhand softball. Should I tell him that he happens to be talking with "that very black man" who has already played a Superhero? I elected not to tell him because it would've been a small point in contrast to his argument that I know, has been fueled with first hand and tragic accounts. Sometimes folks don't need to hear they are wrong. It can shatter their psyche in contrast to what gives them balance to cope with their situation. I told him that things were getting better and that NewLine had made two movies with black male leads who were martial artists. We exchanged information and I'd contact him from time to time. I was Mike, the guy from Good Earth and I worried he might feel betrayed when he learned of how much more our paths were similar and that I was, in many ways, seen as "The New Him." I tried to get him to do cameos in films but the "Hollywounds" were too deep. For now I will train just a little bit harder and focus a little deeper. I, as well as my generation was inspired by Jim Kelly and I have to accept that I may inspire the next. I am saddened that this hero was defeated, by himself or the system and I resolve not to do the same. I accept this baton on behalf of you Master Kelly and Mike from Good Earth's gonna fight on with the swagger and pride he borrows from you!
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    RIP Lau Kar Leung (1936-2013)

    R.I.P Gordon Liu reaction: http://asianfanatics.net/forum/topic/784902-martial-arts-star-lau-kar-leung-passes-away/ very sad:sad:
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    Cinemaggedon invite?

    irongod,odioustrident, i want to send invites to you, but i don't know how:squigglemouth: kaleyboy, where is link for invites?
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    Cinemaggedon invite?

    Thanks Axel! If you need anything just shoot me an email:bigsmile:
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    Cinemaggedon invite?

    Hey. If anybody has an cinemageggedon invitation code will you please send me the code i have been looking for 10 days now, and cant find anyone to send me. I will really appreciate it... Thanks:nerd: sinisa183@net.hr
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    DarthKato's Reviews

    Good work Kato:wink2: But I want to see more old school movies:nerd:
  7. I just watched this cool little movie. Pace is great, action is good, and story is not bad. We need more low-budget movies like this.
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    Where do you buy your DVDs?

    What is going on with '>http://www.hkflix.com/?
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    Yueh Hua

    great actor, great charisma. Yuen today with his wife Tien Ni
  10. In Sebian we have word for that babojebac:xd: but I know that Cheng Pei's daughter is hot. Hmm.. You confused him with Chuck Berry:wink:
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    Last Hurrah For Chivalry (1979)

    Here is my review, sorry for bad english I did my best to translate it. Jianghu is martial arts world ruled by special laws. In literally, a world of rivers and mountains, metaphorically has many complex meanings It is a world where heroes live, swordsmen who follow the unwritten ethical codes and moral principles fight, and wher chivalry is highest value. The term comes from the 14v. famous Chinese novel Water Margin. In Jianghu lives an entire subgenre martial movies called Wuxia. Xia means honor or honorable knight Wu, who lives governed by xia (youxia) code. A similar tradition exists in Japan with the Bushido code. The characters in the Wuxia novels are wandering heroes who do good and never asking a favor, and dispenses prizes. In Jianghu physical laws do not apply, at least for Wuxia fighters, they defy the Earth's gravity, jump with bamboo on bamboo, fly, and of course, only heroes can kill each other. In John Woo’s world, Jianghu is quite moved. The story takes place in a world that is depressing, brutal and chaotic, and where everything is for sale. Power belongs to those who best manipulate and the authority is based on money and speed of blades. Those who cling to the idea of loyalty and honor are done with a sword in there back or troat cut. Brothels and gambling houses were the only profitable business. The story begins with slauther on Liu Chiangs wedding committed by Lee Sang Hou . Li Chiang is escaped and while recovering looking for the best swordsman who will help him in revenge. One of them, Damian Lau is an assassin and has serious trouble with the law and alcohol. The other is Wai Pak, has renounced the sword for family problems. To win them over will need a lot more than money and he begins to manipulate. While trying to persuade Liu Chieng slowly crosses to the dark side at the same time trying to get to sword of his master, by the end of the film Lau and Wai prove that even in moved Jianghu world, Xia code still exists. Last Hurruh for Chivalry is an obvious tribute to Chang Cheh. John Woo began as an assistant at several Cheh key films from the early seventies (Boxer from Shantung, The Blood Brothers) until 1975, when Cheh completely changed the team, and Woo begins to work independently. In this film the student surpasses the teacher. Chang Cheh is extremely important for the history of the genre, but has never been a great action director. This is best seen when he left the bright lights of the SB and made more than the average Ninja in Acient China. Action scenes for him were just filling space, allegedly, sometimes did not attend shootings of these scenes, while for Woo, the action choreography is key spice for quality martial film. Here we have a hint of what would later become the trademark of his films, and this in the theme of loyalty, male bonding between the two heroes (eg, Chow Yu-Fat Danny Lee) is often premelodramatican but in case Lau and Wai it works. Setting are well done and is reminiscent of westerns. It is difficult to compared with the SB sets that are often exaggerated , but it seems that everything is being used to capacity maximum. Choreography is not balanced, it is much slower in the beginning but as time passes is accelerating. The last half hour everything comes into its own. It should not be objectionable because it is the first time for Fung Hang On to do choreography, although the fight scene with Guan dao (short swords) were done great. According to Japanese legend, when the katana pulls it must be dipped in blood. With Fung Hang On, who obviously watched a lot of Japanese films, who touches the sword - die. The way in which on several occasions he holds a sword irresistibly recalls the Zatoichi. Also theme from casino is obviously taken from Zatoichi.What is important is that the blood looks natural and not characteristically gaudy as the SB. Only in the last fight we have a wire fu, not overdone, but is likely to emphasize Liu Chiang's sword. Motive of sword or secret technique that gives power is very common in Wuxia films as a plot driver. Fight with sleeping swordsman is really something special, even I, who do not like the Asian sense of humor, I laughed a few times. Liu Chiang is a great and too bad he is so rare in these films. Damian Lau is tested with almost all the directors of the new wave (Ching Siu-Tung, Johnnie To, Tsui Hark), and this is one of his best roles. Wai Pak is another story. Why he has not made a serious career when he had so many opportunities is beyond me, even I would say that he was pushed by all sides. At the end he would be remembered only as the sixth, rejected member of the venoms. Lee Sang Hou was born for this role and is ideal as a villain, because of its physical structure he is one of the few people who with ease can handle with Kwon dao. Last Hurrah for Chivalry when it came out did not do well at the box office. One reason is probably that the films with such themes were tied to the Shaw Brothers and they were still hyperactive in bring new titles, while Golden Harvest mainly did comedys. Those who have never seen this kind of film Last Hurrah for Chivalry is not a good start. Maybe it's better to start with Yuen Chor opus from SB, but those who have become accustomed to this kind of dramaturgy will enjoy. Sinisa Lazic
  12. Anybody? I created a couple of, but all in serbian:wink: If anyone have some please share with me:wink:
  13. In this book he talks about his time with Godfrey Ho and all Ninja movies. It's ultra rare. I would greatly appreciate any help Cheers.
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    Linn Haynes Memorial Collection

    No,no Google Translation makes me look illiterate every time:nerd: Thanx for comment.