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  1. I have a zine column devote to these cut and paste "wonders". I'm really loving this thread...
  2. I hate myself for forgetting it, but what was the name of that sci fi film that Shaw Bros. produced in the 80s? It was posted once on Facebook (including the trailer) and not mentioned again.
  3. It's about as much of a martiial arts pic as a mid 80s Super Sentai series. But it's fun, so I vote to keep it in.
  4. 66 Mantis

    your top ten Jimmy Wang Yu movies.

    Tiger Boy... kidding... One Armed Boxer tops it for me. After that in no particular order: Return of the One Armed Swordsman Zatoichi Meets the One Armed Swordsman The Magnificent Chivalry The Brave and the Evil Furious Slaughter Beach of the War Gods Four Real Friends Master of the Flying Guillotine Fantasy Mission Force Haven't seen every single one of Jimmy's films, but I've seen most of them.
  5. 66 Mantis

    Abbot White 2 aka Deadly Finger Kung Fu

    Bigrogie has it: http://www.ioffer.com/i/kung-fu-deadly-fingers-meng-fei-david-chiang-dvd-1982-491247238
  6. Thanks for the feedback, some good stuff in here. Of the ones mentioned, I haven't yet caught up with The Handcuff (but intend to soon) and don't think I ever heard of Successor. The clip above looks kind of awesome, is the rest of it any good?
  7. I preferred The Fearless Hyenna over either of them, personally.
  8. Excluding the obvious Sammo/Jackie stuff, which films do you consider to contain the hardest hitting and most realistic kung fu combat? By this I mean battles where in addition to displays of various shapes, it looks at least somewhat like the combatants are genuinely beating the stuffing out of each other.
  9. 66 Mantis

    Runtime of the uncut Big Boss... potentially...

    Keep checking those old pd vhs tapes; one of them does contain some extra gore (the table saw going through the body early on, Bruce's discovery of his slain cousins). I rented it back in the early 80s and it nearly made me lose my lunch as I was unprepared for it. God how I wish I kept (stole) that rental or at least, made a dupe of it back then. Been searching for it ever since with zero luck (as you'd imagine).
  10. I'll 2nd this and I'm not even a Stephen Chow fan. Very inventive film and for once, the man made me laugh... hard. THAT'S MONEY starring Yukari Oshima and Kara Hui is another that deserves more attention. Funny, sexy (kind of) and features plentiful fights; some of the best in either ladies' careers.
  11. This is one of those films that I never upgraded from an old vhs dupe that I've had since around 1990. It recently ran on TV and I noticed that even though it was edited, it included more than my tape did. Still haven't gone Blu (extreme budgetary reasons) and I was curious that out of the several dvd releases, which was the most complete (or more accurately, least incomplete)?
  12. Scariest film I ever saw was and still is Night of the Living Dead (original). I get creeped out just thinking about it. No other film has ever done that to me. Most disturbing is a tossup between Eraserhead and Cannibal Holocaust, for different reasons.