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  1. I am sorry my english isnt the best, and my cousin speaks wery little croatian because he is German. So it was really hard to understand him and than translate to english, i hope no hard feelings. @TibetanWhiteCrane tywm for the info, ill tell him for this movie and we will c is it that one.
  2. I had a post like this beafore but i need help again for my cousin The plot i know wery little about, but its something u cant easily forget. In the final scene 2 guys are fighting, one takes out the sword and chops other ones ear off, after during the fight the guy that choped ear from the first guys finds his ear on the floor and yells in it and the guy without ear catches his head and makes a face like some1 yust yelled in his ear. Thank you in advance!
  3. This movie being so hard to get, I would be wery gratefull if some1 of u guys who owns a copy PMs me.
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    OMG felow Croatian hehhe ko bi reko 2 hrvata ovdje da se nadju )
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    heheh i just asked about this movie few days ago http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0186638/ this is original name of the movie if that helps. Karate Frightmare is the 3rd aka Its hard to find, allthought if u live in USA u can get it from Amazon for 2 dolars, for my country shipping is 12 dolars so thats a no no for me btw if some1 owns a copy of the movie could u PM me pls
  6. OMG tywm thats it found a cover online and recognzed it )) now gota find it somewere ) ty ty again
  7. I have seen this movie like 200 times when i was a kid and rememebred recently about it but VHS is lost. I have spent numerous hours online trying to google it but no result. Title in Croatian was (Kung Fu Ubija) translated back to english its Kung Fu Kills but i doubt its correct. Plot (what i can rememeber) Vilain is dresed white all the time and plays/carys flute, he is going around and killing Kung Fu Masters, He was trained by 2 old (1 has hunch) masters. He kills father of our Hero ( hero didnt like Kung Fu and didint alow his father to teach him). After his father is dead he finds some begar that was his fathers friend and begar teaches him Kung Fu. The end scene hero is fighting in some vierd dog style Srry for bad english guys and tywm if any1 recognizes the movie.