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  1. I'm in the UK and bought the Premiere Collection mate. In terms of picture quality The Big Boss is terrific. Fist of Fury is perhaps a "touch" off in terms of colour but still excels. The Way of the Dragon was shoddy in terms of camera work anyway but the final third of the movie looks incredible. Game of Death is merely an upgrade. The sound options are perhaps the coolest thing about the set and you have more options than I can be bothered listing. Premiere all the way, as my man said the Legacy is overkill. If you want pictures, look at a book.
  2. The same my friend. Must have been just after Ross interviewed Jackie Chan on the set of Miracles?
  3. A brilliant film from start to finish with a terrific finale. Atmospheric with quality choreography. I first seen it in the early 90's when it was on Channel 4 in the UK as part of a season. The other movies were Mr Vampire, Zu Warriors and (I think) Chinese Ghost Story.
  4. Hi Guys I do some writing for Ring Magazine and was looking to pen something on Donnie Yen working with Mike Tyson for Ip Man 3. It would also be a good opportunity to pick his brains on boxing in general as he is clearly a lover of the sport and was prone to mimicking Leonard a bit during the eighties. Anyway, I couldn't source any media contact info from his site and wondered if anyone here could help me? Thanks a lot.
  5. sdog2006

    Still No Bruce Lee Blu Rays for the UK!

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00WOB84KG/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?qid=1432375586&sr=8-4π=V192561891_AA75&keywords=bruce+lee+blu+ray So this now lists a Blu Ray + DVD which hints further that these will be the Shout releases.
  6. Downloaded Project A from a server I'm attached to. Lasted 2 mins. Total cat's piss!
  7. sdog2006

    Still No Bruce Lee Blu Rays for the UK!

    Not a prayer mate. Shout releases. "I'm willing to bet my life on it!"
  8. sdog2006

    Still No Bruce Lee Blu Rays for the UK!

    Straight after I buy a Region Free Blu Ray Player, so I could get the Premiere Collection. Oh well, will buy these also.
  9. Such a project in the hands of the current Lee estate is literally terrifying. The documentary "Using No Way As Way" was their baby and it made me feel physically sick. The whole outfit is fake sugar coated Hollywood horseshit.
  10. sdog2006

    Lo Wei/JC films

    Snake and Crane, Spiritual Kung Fu and Dragon Fist for me. Fearless Hyena is a quality film but I grew up on the English dub and Jackie's voice in it destroyed my life. Never bought the Cantonese one, but would still have the three listed as my preference in any case. Soft spot for Magnificent Bodyguards because I'm such a fan of James Tien. To Kill With Intrigue, Killer Meteors, Shaolin Wooden Men? No thanks.
  11. sdog2006

    RIP Bruce Lee: 27th Nov 1940 - 20th July 1973

    Makes for a good story to say that he was going to shelve a project I guess. The movie was all over his diary and pictures/ plans adorned his study after he had passed away. I have no doubt in my mind he was returning. The continuation of the movie would also have given him time to consider which route to take in regards to his next American venture.
  12. sdog2006

    RIP Bruce Lee: 27th Nov 1940 - 20th July 1973

    I don't think there are any doubts that he would have completed it mate. He was in the process of hiring more cast members (Lazenby etc) and his diary was littered with quotes on returning to the project. Obviously the huge success of ETD could have delayed things but I doubt he would have shelved it, considering what it meant to him.
  13. sdog2006

    Bruce Lee Premiere Collection

    I bought a new multi region DVD player and the Premiere Collection at the beginning of the year and I was over the moon with it. The Big Boss - As luck would have it, I CANNOT stand either the Cantonese or Mandarin scores so the subtitles mean nothing to me. The Cantonese redub is an abomination and, in general, the Mandarin dialect gets on my nerves. Either the US (Peter Thomas music) print or the English Master for me on this one. The latter is a hybrid between the US print and the Cantonese redub (music only, not those exaggerated war cries). The noise of the strikes have been amped up for this version and it works well. Best Print of the lot. Fist of Fury - Watched all three (including Mandarin) languages and thought they terrific. Heard stuff about this print being "too brown" but perhaps I'm easy pleased. Great print, in my opinion, and for me the English Master is still the best. Although I HATE the lyrics on the title song, it's "almost" as bad as Tom Jones singing Kung Fu Fighting on Police Story III. Way of the Dragon - English Master is the best, but again I watched all FOUR languages. A Japanese soundtrack is ill-timed, unnecessary and cringe worthy. What is with the shitty back ground music? Yuck! The English Master has quality sound and works a treat. Still, this BR exaggerates the flaws in the cinematography of this movie, blurry shots in particular. Still, from the Bob Wall fight onwards, this is a gem and the Chuck Norris fight has never looked better. Game of Death - Who gives a shit, right? This is an upscale and, in many cases, it doesn't look as good as the HKL version. Best thing is again the sound. A nifty Japanese soundtrack works on this disc and there's also a FULL print of this on the Blu Ray as an extra (think it's from a laserdisc). Only differences I've spotted on this is a small dialogue scene between Bruce and Chi Hon Tse (subtitled) and a segment of the same fight is inexplicably cut out. I was never going to buy the Legacy Collection because I viewed it, in more ways than one, as a rip off. DVD's of the movies? Bruce Lee the Legend, which I've had since birth? I Am Bruce Lee, which I would never watch again? I investigated the extra's disc and there's nothing on it that I don't own and they can keep the pictures because I ripped them all off this website. Anyway that's my take.