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  1. ShaOW!linDude

    Loved Ones Lost

    My condolences to you and your family, @SMK. Do not be ashamed to grieve and give yourself opportunity to do so whenever those moments come. I have no doubt your new site will do well.
  2. Think I remember renting this back in the day but under a different title, which I don't recall.
  3. ShaOW!linDude

    What Books Are You Currently Reading or Read?

    Running Blind (2000) by Lee Child I've only read a couple of the Jack Reacher novels, and it's been a while since that, but I always enjoyed them. This one was so-so. An attempt to frame Reacher for the murder of former female soldiers, who had been sexually assaulted while in service, ends up with him essentially being extorted by the FBI and forced to work the case under their scrutiny. The pacing is really slow, and while the book starts off with a fair little piece of action, that's about all you get in this one. The writing and plot kept me engaged, but it seems to go in a lot of circles and drags things out. There's a nice little twist at the end as the real killer is discovered. Don't think I'll be reading this one again, but I did nab 3 more at the used bookstore the other day. Already started another one.
  4. Check out Kim's Convenience on Netflix. Fantastic comedy. He's a good actor. And check out his IMDb page. He trains in martial arts (what style I don't know), and he's done some stunt work. In fact, he was a stunt member in Kill Order. I'm cool with the casting choice of him as the character. He apparently has both acting and MA chops. What I'm curious about is the plot line Disney/Marvel have in mind for him. Simu Liu IMDb page
  5. Ooooh, I'm down for this!!!
  6. ShaOW!linDude

    Prince of the Sun (1990)

    Nice write-up. Kind of want to see this solely for the fight scenes.
  7. I'd only watch this if Yayan & Cecep are prominently featured and handle the choreography. Sison has failed to impress me as a choreographer.
  8. Watched this the other night. While the plot line drags a bit and the acting is meh, I did find the action to be good, and thought there were some good sequences in places. I just wanted to watch it through an initial viewing, but I plan a mini-review breakdown for it. May try to fit that in this week.
  9. Watched 2 movies out of the Mill Creek "Flying Fists of Kung Fu" collection. Phantom Kung Fu aka Mantis in the Monkey's Shadow (1978) Chang Yu plays a villain after a list of rebels. Don Wong Tao is a man who was killed by Yu but keeps reappearing repeatedly to fight him from time to time. It's a tired movie trope that's been done 100 times better in other films. The fight choreography is boring as all get out. The only shining moment is when Yu takes on Gam Ming & Wang Tai Lang, who use a combined Monkey Style against him in a skirmish. That's not even the end fight. Chock full of annoying characters, a lame plot, a story that meanders all over the place, and sub-par fight sequences, this certainly is no "classic" in any sense of the word. 5-10 minutes into this, I started just ff-ing to the fights. I encourage y'all to give this one a wide berth. (Maybe you can find that one good fight on Youtube.) Mantis Under Falcon Claws (1983) Gwak Mu Seong plays Wang, a silk trader whose goods are stolen by the gang of Falcon Ma, played by Hyeon Kil Su. Wang wants to learn kung fu so as to get his goods back. Ma has also kidnapped a local official's daughter for ransom, as well as Wang's girlfriend, and another fighter (who is apparently uncredited on the HKMDb page of the movie). Chia Kai plays Wang's master. The plot is meh, and there are the usual annoying characters, but the choreography in this fairly solid. There are a few training sequences, but they're nothing special. Some of the early fights are more slapstick. The end fight is really good, though the undercranking gets a tad quick in places. HKS as the villain is a fairly decent kicker who acts as a poor man's Hwang Jang Lee here, look and all. Word to the wise, though the fights pretty good, there is no Mantis Style whatsoever, nor is there any Eagle Claw Style (doubling as Falcon Claw style) on display.
  10. You know. It's the girl who leads a double life as some female singer named Jewel.
  11. The NightDragon is back!!! The NightDragon #3: Simian By day, Johnny Chen is one of the instructors at a martial arts school with his ‘brothers’ Tao and Lei, both of whom are dealing with personal challenges. Tao has been approached by the local Chinatown masters, who are against his giving instruction in Chinese martial arts to those outside their community. Lei has become reticent and withdrawn due to a past ordeal that has undermined his confidence. By night, Chen is the NightDragon, protector of the City of Nocturnity. But is he the only one? Someone, or rather some thing, is also taking action against crime in the city. Eyewitness accounts seem unbelievable, but it is only a matter of time before Chen learns that it is a being as impossible to contemplate as it is intelligent; a true marvel of nature. He soon finds himself drawn into a plan to catch this elusive entity by Sonya Gunn, a student at his school, who just happens to be a police officer assigned to the task force intent on arresting his vigilante persona. The effort will also involve Eagle Force, a special U.S. military group that has sought to apprehend him in the past. Regardless, it is a risk he is willing to take. Is this mysterious creature the only one of its like? Is it really a threat or could it prove to be a possible ally? And are there others potentially more dangerous? It is up to the NightDragon to find out! Leap into a new NightDragon adventure that swings with suspense, humor, intense action, and amazing martial art fights! The NightDragon (#3): Simian The NightDragon #4: O Mortifero Johnny Chen is determined to help his new friend Simian, a unique and fascinating creature that is part man and part monkey. Simian has friends who have been subjected to secret experimentation by Gen-Tech, a company that delves into genetic manipulation. The monkey man wants to free them, and Chen, who is the vigilante hero known as the NightDragon, has given his word to do just that. However, he is in for a shocking surprise! Simian’s friends may not be so easy to rescue. Gen-Tech has turned them into unimaginably monstrous creations that transgress the laws of nature; the results being both physical and psychological changes, thus making them extremely dangerous. On top of that, the Horde is back! Chen has encountered this commando terrorist group before. This time they are being led by one of the organization’s lieutenants, a gruesomely garbed figure known only as O Mortifero aka the Deadly One. It is his intention to take these genetically manipulated creatures for the devious purposes of the Horde’s mysterious leader. Chen cannot let that happen. Now, to prevent the threat of these abominations being loosed on the City of Nocturnity, he must again ally himself with those who seek to bring him to justice. This also means the NightDragon will put himself in the most dangerous of all places: between a group of manmade monsters and the murderous Horde henchman, O Mortifero! Continue the adventure started in “The NightDragon (#3): Simian” to its thrilling conclusion full of tension, humor, astounding action, and martial arts mayhem! The NightDragon (#4): O Mortifero So these have been a long time coming. Cover art is by our own @KUNG FU BOB, and a special thanks to @DrNgor for his translating portions of dialogue into Portuguese for me.
  12. They should get the rights to use "Take It On The Run" in the movie, because they're running from bad guys and the hero, well, I think someone made a spot on crack about his REO Speedwagon hair. I almost want to watch this because I think I'd get more and more tickled every time that guy appeared. But then, I hate REO Speedwagon, and I'd eventually get annoyed.
  13. ShaOW!linDude

    Kung Fu Kids VI (1989)

    Definitely want to see this.
  14. Okay. What's up with the REO Speedwagon hair?