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  1. The plot and acting certainly aren't the best, but that fight scene is typical of the energy and choreography the movie contains. This a film featuring members of Z Team, a French indie stunt group like the Stunt People or Martial Club. It's definitely a low budget indie film, and it is fight heavy, but the choreography never gets boring. I think you'd dig it, and you should be able to find it pretty cheap. One of the main characters is Laurent Buson, who played the villain's brother in Merantau and participates in that film's 2-on-1 finale.
  2. ShaOW!linDude

    Hidden Man (2018) - Jiang Wen & Eddie Peng

    @Drunken Monk asked the question for me. Based on that answer, I'm out.
  3. Nice find. Looks promising. I'd like to see a longer trailer trailer.
  4. The end fight of Chinese Connection 2 is set in a dojo. And Die Fighting has a pretty good dojo fight scene in it. The dojo fight in Best of the Best 4 shows up about the 3:25 mark. Philip Rhee is fantastic here.
  5. ShaOW!linDude

    What Books Are You Currently Reading or Read?

    Thanks for the Money: How To Use My Life Story To Become The Best Joel McHale You Can Be (2016) by Joel McHale. Joel McHale, star of The Soup, a show on E! Network that kept its finger on the pulse of television culture, and Community, the popular TV series about a group of losers from various backgrounds of life enrolled at Greendale Community College ("6 seasons and a movie!), published this mocku-memoir/self-help book a couple of years ago. I only just came across it on the bargain table at Books-A-Million for $6. According to the inside of the book jacket, if you pick it up and read it, you're obligated to buy it. So I did. From a comedic standpoint, McHale has always owned me. I was first exposed to him when E! kicked off a new iteration of what had been Talk Soup, a show that helped launch the careers of Greg Kinnear and Tom Henson. It quickly became something me and the Mrs. had to watch every Friday evening. While he'd had a few supporting roles in other TV shows and films (most notably Spider-Man 2 as the bank who is refusing to give Aunt May a loan when Dr. Octopus robs the bank), I was super-psyched when he landed his starring role in Community, a show that was genius in its playing with cultural characters and themes in the medium of film and television. This book is really no different. McHale writes it with the voice of a smarmy, obnoxious, self-centered, ego-centric celebrity, and he lambastes everybody. If you're a fan of his, you won't need an audiobook because as I read it, I could hear his voice with all its sarcastically deadpan or buoyantly campy delivery. There were times I had to put the book aside because my vision was blurry from the tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks. He writes of his upbringing and how he got into show business, as well as his experiences, and there is nothing not left open to mockery and jest. The latter part of the book is how you, too, can follow his plan to become a celebrity just like he is, and it is hysterical. Oh, and there's lots of footnotes, photos, charts, and graphs, too. Seriously (and this book is anything but), if you need something lighthearted and fun to read to take your mind off your troubles, this is it!!! Even if you're not familiar with Joel McHale, this would be a super-fun read. I wanted to start it again as soon as I finished, but I have such a backlog of books to read, I didn't. Keeping it handy though.
  6. I'd say, to me, the escrima stick gauntlet in Mission of Justice and the one in The Bounty Tracker (starring Lorenzo Lamas) certainly ranks as a couple of the best US martial art movie fights sequences set in a dojo. The one in Martial Law 2: Undercover is good but doesn't really hit me with that "Wow" factor.
  7. The Immortal (2000) starring Lorenzo Lamas, April Telek, Steve Braun, Dominic Keating, Kira Clavell The movie centers around a man named Raphael (LL), or Raphe for short, who is 400 yrs old. He stalks a pair of very amoral and sadistic demons who killed his Japanese wife and daughter back in the day. That's pretty much all you need to know. It is very much intended to be in the vein of The Highlander franchise. (It was even a TV series that ran from 2000-2001.) I nabbed this (used for $3.50) because Lamas has starred in a couple of my favorite B grade MA flicks, and I'm always willing to give him a shot if it's something I've never seen. Sadly, I got burned. This movie is complete tripe. As I mentioned, the film is a blatant ripoff of the Highlander series, and not a good one in any sense. LL obviously doesn't take the role seriously, but seems to be having fun with it. That's fine, but it's a wasted effort. The acting is both campy and hammy; the dialogue is trite and stale; and the action...the action...well, what little action there is, is booooooring. Other than Lamas briefly (I mean briefly) roughing up a couple of guys through the middle of the film, there are only 2 fight scenes. The opening fight is in an alley with Raphe taking on 3 demon dudes. It is horrible. It's nothing more than a series of quick cuts, close-ups, and bad camera angles so that you can't tell what's happening because the actors are shot in a way that results in them blocking their own movements. The finale match is even less enticing than that as Raphe faces off against the main villain. Sandwiched in between all of that is multiple staggered flashbacks bracketed with slo-mo segments of LL strolling through the city in ponytail, shades, and duster coat. The only good thing about the movie is Kira Clavell, who strikes me as a Filipino version of Angelina Jolie. She plays the main female demon, and sells her role with lascivious relish. So I essentially bought an empty dvd case 'cause that movie's going in the trash. Gotta salvage something out of it.
  8. NICE!!! Hope this pans out into a full feature length film. I enjoyed Z Team's Die Fighting and am eager for more.
  9. ShaOW!linDude

    Maggie Cheung or Michelle Yeoh?

    Michelle Yeoh all the way. As iconic as Maggie Cheung may be, I'm hard pressed to watch her in most of her films because it seems like she's always playing nasally whining chick. Gets on my nerves.
  10. What? For reals? You don't like Blood & Bone or Falcon Rising?
  11. @DrNgor, Kim Maree Penn is in this? Now I have to see it. Probably gonna be a bugger to run down.
  12. I dig all the action sequences in this. For me, the standout fight would be Lee and Al Leong in the laundry area. The exchanges are good, but I love when Brandon switches into "old school" mode and resorts to Wing Chun-based fighting.
  13. Recently watched Martial Law 2: Undercover and there's a dojo fight scene pitting Jeff Wincott against James Lew, Leo Lee, and Koichi Sakamoto. (Just like the dvd I watched, it's in Italian.)
  14. The threads for this and No Surrender need to be combined. They're the same film.