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  1. Wait, who's directing? Oh. Hey, come on! With Kaosayananda directing, the possibilities are...well, probably abysmal. (Zero Tolerance, anyone?) But still, the possibilities! Well, he directed Dacascos in The Driver which is supposed to be released this month, and I'm intrigued by the trailer, so we'll see what happens there.
  2. ShaOW!linDude

    What Books Are You Currently Reading or Read?

    The Affair (2011) by Lee Child Another Jack Reacher novel. This one I really enjoyed. Great plot. Loved the characters and its Mississippi setting. Liked the female character he is paired with in this, and there's some nice heat between them. Probably one of the reasons I liked this one so much is because it's more of a back story as to what led up to Reacher leaving the military. However, again, it was a bit light on the action for me. Still, it's one I'd read again since the story itself was so good. Blake (1995) by Peter Ackroyd A biography of writer/artist William Blake. I've read snippets of his work and seen a couple of paintings. Always heard of him, but knew next to nothing about him. This was pretty interesting, but also a chore to get through at times because it's quite dry reading. Blake, who actually started out as an engraver and copyist, was the underdog artist of his era, one of those whose talents are only appreciated by a few during his time, but has gained cult status in the centuries since. Ackroyd does a meticulous job researching the book, and really delves into what influenced Blake at certain points in his career and relates to his work at the time. I found that interesting, more so than just what techniques he used or characterizations he presented. While he was a man who talents were in demand for a time, he was often late with the work he was commissioned to do because he would follow his own muse. But such is the life of an artist, and they tend to work better when they have a patron to support them. Blake had a few of those, too. Still, he was very opinionated, and that often alienated him from his peers. The most interesting to me about him is that he believed he was often visited by heavenly apparitions and spoke with them, as well as spirits of the dead, throughout his life, which served as motivation for much of his personal artistic work. Presently I'm almost midway through a collection of H.P. Lovecraft stories.
  3. There better be some good MA in this, dadgummit!
  4. Came across some interesting tidbits recently. Heads up, @Karlos. According to this, Jessica Henwick of the Netflix series Iron Fist may be in the running to play MI6 agent/Shang Chi love interest Leiko Wu. I've said from the get go that she would be ideal for this part. I am really hoping this pans out. Jessica Henwick casting? Also this was an interesting article that cites a rumor going around that Shang Chi may be facing multiple villains as the film might carry some tournament style fighting. Again, this would be ideal to me, and I'm hoping it pans out. Be a great way to have the Marvel "Master of Kung Fu" actually showcase some various martial art styles. Possible villains
  5. Can't speak to all the films @One Armed Boxer recommended but The Final Master is great.
  6. ShaOW!linDude

    Seis Manos - Netflix adult anime series for 2019

    I binged this over the weekend and it is KILLER!!! This has some of the best animated MA fighting I've seen in a while. It's comparable to the first animated Street Fighter movie. There are definite styles and techniques on display. And it has some old school MA movie plot touches. The story is really good, too. And it ends with a nice segue way for an upcoming season. I will sitting through this again. Great mix of occultism and martial arts.
  7. ShaOW!linDude

    Heroes Return (2020?)

    Please, oh please, oh please, let Yuen Biao have some killer MA fights in this.
  8. ShaOW!linDude

    What Books Are You Currently Reading or Read?

    One Shot (2005) by Lee Child This is the novel the first Jack Reacher film starring Tom Cruise was based on. Reacher comes to town because a former soldier has been arrested for sniping 5 people, and he knows he's done it before. The ex-soldier's defense attorney happens to be the daughter of the prosecutor. All the evidence is there, and it irrefutably points to the ex-soldier's guilt. In fact, the amount of convincing evidence is so absurd that Reacher begins to suspect that something isn't right. I had been wanting to read this one since seeing the movie. However, this is again one of those rare cases where, to me, the movie is actually way better than the book. Child builds the story very slowly, and certain aspects of it get very redundant. It's also a bit light on the action until the end. More of that would have helped the pacing. The Viking Spirit (2016) by Daniel McCoy Read this for research for a novel I"m working on. It's very informative.The first section of the book deals with Norse religion such as its pantheon of gods and goddesses, cosmology, cultural and societal beliefs, magic & shamanism, and the like. The second part investigates Norse mythology. The author does a really good job in comparing the available sources, explaining perspectives, and condensing the mythological tales from their various renditions. I do wish the material was more in depth, but the fact of the matter is that there's just not a lot of recorded histories from the Viking era regarding expansive explanations about their religious practices, most likely because it varied region to region or altered from time to time. And since many of the myths were originally of oral tradition, much of that has most likely changed over time as well, and we have what we have from the few discovered sources. And it seems that culturally, that was the intention. Vikings weren't scholars, they were warriors. Just as in battle warriors must be fluid, so was many aspects of their religion and myths. It was quite interesting. And one myth in particular, The Saga of Sigurd, would make for a killer movie that would a killer movie as it is as epic as any Greek tragedy.
  9. That's not a dig at Cesar. The insult is directed at the film, the trailer for which does not impress me as a good rendition of the character, as is Cesar's.
  10. Looks more like a Chinese remake of Rambo with a WW2 setting.
  11. ShaOW!linDude

    What Books Are You Currently Reading or Read?

    I'm curious about that book, @kingofkungfu2002. Biography, I take it?
  12. Excellent post! Your citation of dialogue is a prime example of the problematic writing of the this series. Doh!!! How could I forget to list the appearance of Summer Glau as a positive? But again you are spot on that her fight scenes were horribly edited. What a waste. I, too, hope this leads to more opportunities for Iko. I'm just kind of hoping it's not more of this.
  13. ShaOW!linDude

    Chinese Heroes (2001)

    @DrNgor recently sent this to me and I watched it last night. It was pretty good. Had some cool bits with ninjas. The action was solid, except for some unnecessary chopping editing. Nothing really stood out as far as the choreography goes, but the wire-work was very minimal. The end fight was good. I'd seen a clip of it not long ago, and it made me want to see the movie it was from. So cool beans! Max Zhang needs to get back to doing more films like this. Or maybe I need to find more of his films like this. Master Z may as well have been a wuxia movie.
  14. Okay, me and the wife finished this series up a couple of nights ago. Overall, we were both pretty disappointed with it as a whole. ***OVERVIEW WARNING: I'M NOT GOING TO MAKE THESE HIDDEN. IF YOU'RE STILL WATCHING THIS OR HAVEN'T YET BUT PLAN TO, JUST SCROLL PAST THIS POST.*** The Negatives: The plot was goofy. I knew with "Wu" in the title it would be cheesy, but sheesh! They should have changed the title and made this more of a gritty crime action series. It's like they couldn't decide what this show was going to do or be. The special f/x were not good in many instances. They were barely above SyFy network standards. Another reason they should have avoided the fantasy aspect of this series. There is some really bad casting. I mean, like, really bad. The dialogue was trite and boring. Very cliched. So was the language. Somebody get the writers a dictionary. The soundtrack is obnoxious as all get out. Do we really need a blast of rap music every ten minutes? The Scottish villain with the touches of a "Highlander" style backstory was just lazy and lame. There was not near enough action. The action that was there was very uneven from episode to episode. You just never knew what you were going to get. It was like a crap shoot. Iko's fights were very hit and miss. There was nothing you haven't seen him perform before, and it seemed very repetitive in places. Look, I wasn't expecting movie grade stuntwork/choreography, but I was really hoping with Iko handling that we would get better than standard fare. And I don't think Lewis Tan was used in fight scenes to his full potential. Where the devil was Mark Dacascos? Throughout the entire series he might rate about 5 minutes worth of screen time once you put his scenes altogether. And not one fight scene in the mix except where he appears inter-cut into the scene for a moment or two. That doesn't count, people. He was the main reason me and the Mrs. were watching this. It's just another travesty of a production that has failed to make proper use of his skill set when it comes to martial arts. And finally, Juju Chan's hair. She should kill the set hairdresser. Who thought this was a good look on her? The Positives Byron Mann. Always loved that guy. He is an asset to the cast. Juju Chan's fight scenes were some of the best. I was impressed with her skill. Katheryn Winnick was a definite asset, even though the writers didn't do a very good job with her character. Her fight scenes were some of the best in the series, maybe not always in their execution, but certainly in the creativity that went into the choreography. And she sells her fights. Always thought she should take over for Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow character. ( .) She would be ideal. She's got the look. She can act. And she's got the chops. Iko is really good as an actor here. And you can tell he's put a lot of effort into his English. Iko is at his best action-wise the last couple of episodes. Sadly, it requires a lot of patience to reach them. Conclusion The series is left with a plot line to pursue for continuation. I don't know that I could sit through any more of it, especially if they keep the "Wu" aspect. It's just stupid. Morbid curiosity would force me to watch another season solely to see if they learn from their mistakes. I'm betting they don't. But honestly, I'm betting Netflix doesn't extend it either. I didn't rate it a thumbs up, but I didn't rate it thumbs down because I like Iko, so I didn't rate the show at all. I'm figuring not a lot of viewers bothered to either. If another season does come about, it needs a serious overhaul and a reduction in episodes to gain viewership traction. But that's me.