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  1. ShaOW!linDude

    City of Darkness (1999)

    Kim Maree Penn? I"m in! Thought I had this movie. Must not because it sounds like I'd remember it.
  2. Sorry, @SamSeed, but probably not this one. The action is flavored more like minor brawls with touches of MA flourishes here and there. Don't get me wrong. The fights are very solid with very good choreography throughout, and there are a lot of them, many with multiple antagonists. But I don't know that overall they warrant the typical fight breakdown I like to do. But who knows? I might rethink it after a 2nd viewing. It's just a fun, violent, fight movie to just relax and watch.
  3. ShaOW!linDude

    What Books Are You Currently Reading or Read?

    Yeah, I'm going to have to dig mine out and read them all again. They are all good, but like you I have certain preference to certain stories. You know, I've never read any of Clive Barker's stuff. Thought about it few times, but I just haven't come across one with a synopsis that makes me really want to give it a try.
  4. ShaOW!linDude

    What Books Are You Currently Reading or Read?

    Moonlight Mile (2011) by Dennis Lehane Two of my favorite detective characters are Lehane's private investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro. This apparently final installment of the characters (man, I hope not) takes off 12 years after the story set forth in Gone Baby Gone. This time the PI's are tasked with finding a missing girl and a stolen baby who are wanted by the Russian mafia. These are such fun characters, and Lehane breathes life into them with a sense of loyalty and snarkiness. A few of the supporting cast players are there, and the new characters are genuinely interesting, fun, and dangerous. The case puts Kenzie in a position of obligation and dread, driven by his nagging need to keep his word and know the truth for his own sense of curiosity. Dadgum, this was good book!
  5. Ooooh, that would be interesting to see. I've always heard good things about Baki the Grappler. Never seen the original, but the new Netflix anime series is pretty wild. A live action version of that might be pretty fun to see. I also think a live action of Vampire Hunter D would be cool.
  6. ShaOW!linDude

    The Mark Dacascos Thread

    No, that's Kardeem Hardison on there.
  7. I picked this up this weekend and watched it tonight. Not gonna lie. I thought this movie was getting over-hyped. Whoa! This movie is freakin' banzai! Loads of action, and it is vicious. No, this isn't the typical Adkins film. There's a little bootwork, but not like we're used to seeing from him. It is the story of man wronged by his brother, sent to prison, what he has to become to survive, and his revenge. The story and action are paced very well. Overall, the movie just has a good flow and plenty of solidly brutal action. Liked better than I thought I would.
  8. ShaOW!linDude

    My Many MiniReviews

    I don't know. That's a good question. I've watched it twice through Netflix because it's billed as one of their original movies. There's a Blu-ray available on Amazon for $43.99. Maybe another forum member can help us out.
  9. ShaOW!linDude

    Old School Beginner's Shelf

    Let's see. I'd probably go with: The 36th Chamber of Shaolin Fists of Fury aka The Chinese Connection The Martial Club Shaolin Temple The Prodigal Son Drunken Master Thundering Mantis 5 Element Ninja Daggers 8 Knockabout *As much as I love Heroes of the East, that is a fight heavy movie and might overload a newbie to the genre.
  10. No, sir. That is one of the few Wang Yu movies I've watched, and I was bored. I just don't get the love for it.
  11. The Young Vagabond (1985) Stars: Gordon Liu, Jason Pai Piao, Johnny Wang, Wong Yu, Wong Man-Ying; Action Director: Law Keung: Dir.: Lau Shut-Yue GL stars in this Shaw Bros. production playing a young Beggar So. JW is Wu Gong, leader of a notorious gang of bank robbers & rapists. JPP is Liang Hang, So's school teacher and a former member of Gong's gang who left because of his conscience and is now trying to live a productive life while keeping his former identity secret. I've had this in my Netflix queue for months and finally decided to watch it today. I'd never even heard of this Gordon Liu film. Initially I thought Jason Pai Piao was Chen Kuan Tai. I enjoyed it for the most part. It's pretty comedy driven in a slapstick kind of way, though most of shenanigans are pretty mundane. The action is pretty standard fare. Some of it's kind in the basher vein. And there's really not a lot of shapes choreography. The fights are spread throughout the film, but it really doesn't get good until the last 20 mins. And then...whoa! I'm wondering if this film was an influence on Tony Jaa's Drunken Boxing segment in Ong Bak 2. To me, there are some undeniable similarities there, though Jaa's is far better. The end fight between Liu and Wang is good, but it's not up to the one they shared in Martial Club. However, what I was totally not expecting was the turn into Thundering Mantis territory the finale took. What the...? I don't believe I've even come across any mention of this film by other forum members in all the years I've been part of this site. And don't recall ever stumbling across a DVD copy of this anywhere either. I'll be looking for it now solely for the finale. So, if like me, you've never seen this or heard of it, search Netflix. At 85 mins. it's worth a watch, especially for the ending.
  12. Dude, revisit that movie at some point without the preconceptions you had initially. It's not meant to be an MA movie. Still, I find it to be very unique. To me, that is one of Mark Dacascos' best film roles. Me and the wife got to see that on the big screen when it first came out and had a limited Stateside run. I'd only read a small blurb about it in Entertainment Weekly at the time. She had no idea what I was taking her to see. I told her to trust me. She loved it.
  13. ShaOW!linDude

    Swamp Thing - New DC Universe Series

    Yes, I saw that, too.
  14. ShaOW!linDude

    Swamp Thing - New DC Universe Series

    Aaaaaand it's canceled. https://deadline.com/2019/06/swamp-thing-canceled-dc-universe-1-season-1202628103/
  15. ShaOW!linDude

    What Books Are You Currently Reading or Read?

    The Last Ride (1978) by Robert E. Howard This book is a collection of his Western short stories. I didn't even know that Howard (creator of Conan, King Kull, & Solomon Kane) had dabbled in writing Westerns. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. He is a Texan after all. The stories are pretty good. They make for good, quick reading. The bad guys are coarse and barbaric for the most part, though you do get the evil rancher a time or two. The heroes are hard honorable men, unapologetic about living by the code of the West. Still, the characters and their development are pretty standard fare. In this genre, he was no Zane Grey, but I'd certainly read more of his Western stuff.