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  1. Thank you very much.
  2. Any ideas where i can get this film?
  3. Thanks, i don't think i have seen Dragons forever, but i have seen the others.
  4. spawn

    What is this film?

    I know it's not realistic and it doesn't really bother me, i was just commentating. Any way, my favourite film is Prodigal Son and Yuen Biao becomes a very good martial artist after a very short period of time. I don't get hung up on these parts of the films, it just makes me laugh sometimes.
  5. What other good Sammo hung films are there? Has he been in any recent ones? I know he was in ip man 2, but anything he has starred in?
  6. spawn

    What is this film?

    Well, i've just seen Return to the 36th chamber, it's been at least 20 years since i last watched it. I thoroughly enjoyed the film!! Though 3 years of copying shaolin technique and he becomes a kung fu master?? Bit unrealistic!
  7. That would be a no to all three, thank you. Who stars in these films?
  8. spawn

    A Bittersweet Life (2005)

    Whoops, so i've posted this in the wrong section. Great, i love both tarantino movies and woo films.
  9. Just watched True Legend, thouht this was ok and probably one of the better films i've seen of late. Though i did feel that the film went on too long, what was the last half an hour about?
  10. Hmmm i have to admit, this is looking good, though i too don't like actors doing the Bruce Lee scream.
  11. spawn

    A Bittersweet Life (2005)

    Is it any good? I've been told it is like a Tarantino movie.
  12. I'm a huge fan of martial art films, but probably have only seen a small percentage of what is out there. The problem is as you will all know, is that there are some bloody awful films out there and it's trudging through these to get to the goods is what i'm having a problem with. I'll let you know what type of films i'm into and then please recommend anything you might think i will like. First off, i'm not really into sword play, though appreciate there are some amazing films out there. I prefer limited wire work and special effects, though i have to admit i do like some films that have both these in. I tend to like films with Jet Li, Sammo Hung, Lau Kar Wing, Yuen Baio, Jacki Chan in them, again i'm open to lots of other actors. My favourite films are Prodigal Son, Way of The Dragon, Enter tthe Dragon, Fists of Fury, The Big Boss, Odd Couple, Knockabout, Magnificient Butcher, The Legend, Fist of Legend, Once upon a time in china, First Strike, Rush Hour. I could go on, but i don't want to bore you. So basically i'm asking what are the must have movies?
  13. spawn

    What is this film?

    Thank you sooooooo much, Now i feel a bit of an idiot as it's a sequel to such a classic movie
  14. spawn

    Avatar: Extended Edition

    I never managed to see this movie in the cinema, as each time i went it was sold out. I've now seen it on b/ray, but i've been told it is a must to see it in 3d. No doubt as it's a Cameron film, there will be a directors cut out in a few years to
  15. spawn

    What is this film?

    Hi, new member here. I've been a huge fan of martial art films for most of my life, my favourite being Prodigal Son starring Yuen Biao. The reason for this post is that i don't know the name of the first ever film i saw when i was just a wee grasshopper. It was in the 80's, though i'm not sure the film was made in that decade. Hopefully i will describe it well enough that someone may have seen it and know where i can get a copy. The story is about a village taken over by bandits, a group of friends get together and plot a plan to trick the bandits into thinking a monk is protecting the village. The bandits see through the plan and the friend who was pretending to be the monk leaves the village on the promise of coming back as a trained monk. When he gets to the monastry, he isn't allowed inside, but gets caught sneeking inside and so is made to build a new wing of the monastry by himself. During the time it takes him to build the monastry he can see everyone train and copies them learning the art of kung fu (or similar). Eventually he leaves and goes back to the village and kicks ass!!!! From what i can remember it wasn't a great film, i would just like to see it again. Does anyone have a clue what this film is?