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  1. Hi My favorite Bruce Lee quote is :- "Be water my friend" as i have applied this throughout my life - sometimes going slowly and sometimes going fast , sometimes going hard and sometimes soft.
  2. Hi mpm74 I have been picking up a lot of early Golden Harvest and Run Run Shaw DVD,s (Early stuff 60's - 70's ans 80,s from eaby). Just search for Golden Harvest (DVD's) and aload come up from Hong Kong. Not bad prices either between £5 to £6 each with free P&P Takes about 2 weeks to get to me here in England So far i have brought The Angry River A queens Ransdom A man called Tiger Chinese Boxer King Boxer One Armed Swordmans 2 All brand new and sealed and are reigon free - so will play on DVD in the world or your laptop or games station. Dont Think Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel Cheers Fury
  3. Action heroine Angela Mao stars in the 1970 martial arts period piece The Angry River. This flagship Golden Harvest production was the first of Mao's many collaborations with director Huang Feng, producer Raymond Chow, and budding actor/stunt director Sammo Hung in the 1970s, a team that would go on to make wuxia classics like Lady Whirlwind, Hapkido, and When Taekwondo Strikes. The Angry River also co-stars Gao Yuan, Pai Ying, and Han Ying Chieh. The notorious Lunar Sect have been killing people left and right in their ruthless bid to dominate the martial arts world. Respected leader Lan Tin Lung calls on all swordsmen to unite and fight against this great evil, but he himself is struck down by the Lunar Sect's highly poisonous secret weapon. With Lan's life hanging on a thread, his daughter Feng (Angela Mao) boldly strikes out on her own for Soul Valley to find a precious herb that can cure her father. But many dangers and trials await her on the road. Watched recently - Great little film - Anybody else agree? Dont Think Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel Fury