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  1. ne one know wher i can find the kickboxer king one? lol
  2. just need to find this one now lol
  3. Cool! Thanks Alot! idk where u got that, but i couldnt find it anywhere, and it doesnt look crap Q to me.
  4. this is the release i have but i cant find the cover
  5. what does joy sales look like i dont really want HKL cause thats a really nice edition and i dont have that i have a U,niverse Laser release
  6. need cover art for iceman cometh with yuen biao and godfrey hos kickboxer king
  7. Fat_Dragon

    Extraction (2013)

    just watched this thanks to albert telling me bout it in a m-a FB group lol,, not bad, not bad at all i liked, it, alot of good m/a in it..
  8. seen jets fist of legend idk what angry ranger is
  9. just watched broken path it was ok , seemed low budget? and the fights seem pretty one sided, like the bad guys got the better end of the fights ev time, but not a bad watch
  10. thx for reply OAB only one of those i havnt seen is broken path
  11. can i get some recomendations of movies similar to these with High impact High Energy Nonstop Fight scenes pls..
  12. if this is part of a series n born to fight was the first film whats the others