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  1. Noelle Shadow Kick

    Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

    Here were my reactions to the trailer: Pros: Love the batsuit and batmobile! Ben Affleck really looks like an older Bruce Wayne, Batman looks spot on. The action was the highlight of Man of Steel in my opinion, and it looks like that should be good in this as well. We only see Jeremy Irons for a moment, but I hope he's a badass in this! Cons: First of all, that terrible cheesy music is not helping this trailer at all. Second, I think Lex Luthor looks and sounds terrible. This was the most disappointing part of the trailer for me, his line reading was cringe worthy. I really prefer the cold, calculating Lex Luthor as opposed to one who sounds campy and is silly. So this was a major bummer for me, it doesn't look salvageable. They're making Superman look kinda bad. He just stands around mostly, while Batman is seen doing heroic things. For a movie that co-opted Man of Steel 2, this really should be Supes-centric. Stray observations: What is this movie even about? Is it really going to be Batman fighting Superman? Because don't do that. Just don't. I feel like the only way to make it work would be that they're against each other for a VERY short time in the beginning, not the majority of the movie. Wonder Woman seems to just be tacked on. A lot of people are reacting to the trailer saying "this movie looks terrible but Wonder Woman looks great!" She's barely in the trailer to even form an opinion on her, I think it's just suddenly become "cool" to say they like her. After the initial backlash of people saying she's too skinny, people are now trying to act like she's the only saving grace of the movie because they want to seem like they were ahead of the curve or something. It's frustrating. As a female fan of these things--and as a huge Wonder Woman fan (obviously)--I still am frustrated that they cast someone even skinnier than most actresses as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is one of the few superheroines with a realistic body shape for a warrior and who is tough as nails, so it's disappointing to see her depicted as she appears in this trailer. Women can be beautiful in all body shapes, so it's sad that I won't be seeing her as this (art by Cliff Chiang): And I have to tell you, I would care A LOT less about this if I knew that Gal Gadot was a good actress. I've seen her in the Fast and Furious films, and while I really like her in those, she certainly doesn't show an acting range and is definitely not articulate. A Wonder Woman who isn't articulate isn't really Wonder Woman. On DC's site, they describe Wonder Woman as "the full package of beauty, brains, and brawn", but it sort of seems like we're mostly getting "beauty". If Gal Gadot ends up being FANTASTIC as Wonder Woman then I'll be the happiest girl alive--I want nothing more than to see an amazing Wonder Woman movie--I'm just sort of losing hope over here. BUT like I said, we don't see her enough in the trailer, I'm just confused as to why people are suddenly on board with her.
  2. Noelle Shadow Kick

    Arrow (Green Arrow TV Series)

    I think the new costume looks great! See it here in action as Stephen Amell introduces the SDCC Arrow panel haha: http://comicbook.com/2015/07/12/watch-stephen-amell-open-arrow-panel-in-green-arrow-costume/
  3. Noelle Shadow Kick

    Attack on Titan - Part 1 & Part 2 (2015)

    I actually work at Kodansha Comics now, the publisher of the Attack on Titan manga. Glad to see Funimation picked up the rights for North American distribution! I was worried we'd never see the movie here.
  4. Noelle Shadow Kick

    2015 NY Asian Film Festival - Ringo Lam & Aaron Kwok

    I've got tickets for Port of Call, City on Fire, Chasuke's Journey, and Robbery so far. (As well as Neko Samurai 2 and 100 Yen Love at JapanCUTS.) Full Alert and Insanity are on my "want to see" list so I'll keep you posted. My "maybe" list is extremely long at the moment haha. Though I work until 6:30 on Monday-Thursday so there's a few screenings I can't really make.
  5. Noelle Shadow Kick

    2015 NY Asian Film Festival - Ringo Lam & Aaron Kwok

    I was there! My friend and I had a few beers before seeing the movie, which I think helped quite a bit. Not a great movie, but occasional fun moments.
  6. Noelle Shadow Kick

    Aquaman (2018) - Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson

    Woah. Awesome.
  7. Noelle Shadow Kick

    2015 NY Asian Film Festival - Ringo Lam & Aaron Kwok

    These would be awesome! I feel like they've been shying away from the action films in recent years though, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Fingers crossed though!
  8. Noelle Shadow Kick

    Japan cuts 2015

    I'll need to look into the films a bit more, but I definitely saw more at JapanCUTS the last two years than I'll probably end up seeing this year it seems. I'm totally going to Neko Samurai 2, the first one was super fun! I'll be looking closer into it over the next week and keep you posted
  9. Noelle Shadow Kick

    Wonder Woman (2017)

    This would be pretty good casting. He's got the right look and he's very charming, so he could bring some likability to the role.
  10. Noelle Shadow Kick

    Doctor Strange (2016)

    I would be all about this. She nails every role she has.
  11. Noelle Shadow Kick

    Captain America: Civil War (2016)

    They always get new suits for each movie. Sells more toys! And man, I love Martin Freeman. Really cool that he'll be in this.
  12. Noelle Shadow Kick

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)

    That mask! Scary. Looks like they'll probably make him a badass! Hopefully he's just also a smartass haha
  13. Noelle Shadow Kick

    Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

    Well, I don't work at DC Comics anymore so I can just kind of come out and say that I doubt this movie will be that good. I do think there are aspects to look forward to, though. Batman's mech-suit looks AWESOME in that trailer. I also kind of dig his death metal voice haha. Also, for anyone shitting on DC because it's "dark" and praising Marvel for being "light"...have you seen Daredevil? Because holy shit. That's dark. Superman may have snapped a guy's neck, but he didn't decapitate him via car door. (Sorry, some of the DC loyalty has seeped in!) Regardless, this movie will make a boatload of money. It's fucking Batman versus Superman. The other heroes are not going to be in the movie beyond a cameo, really (Aquaman especially I hear won't be in it much). So I'm hoping it's not as packed as it seems. Zach Snyder can eat a dick, but I'm still hoping there's something worthwhile in this movie.
  14. Noelle Shadow Kick

    What video games have you been playing

    I love Sleeping Dogs! They always say they're working on a sequel, but I really hope they make that ASAP. Such a great game. I've been playing Mortal Kombat X on the Xbox One. I've only dabbled so far, I played the first 3 chapters of Story Mode. The bastards made me play a Johnny Cage first and then Kotal Khan. KOTAL KHAN'S MOVES DO NOTHING. SO HARD. Chapter 3 was at least Sub-Zero though, so I got some ninja time in
  15. Noelle Shadow Kick

    Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

    Thor using his hammer to bat Cap's shield is my personal fav.