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    Where Can I Find Free Downloads?

    I don't really understand your question. Could you please write that slightly bigger?
  2. I wasn't being serious, of course. I'm not a fan of gratuitous nudity in general, even though I might "appreciate" the nudity as it happens to occur. But in this day and age, you can go to a grocery store and buy magazines with that kind of burlesque content as the mood strikes. But to be fair, Hong Kong kung fu-movies had a vast array of female leads throughout the 50's and 60's, a re-emerging trend in the 90's as well. Males in kung fu movies in the 70's and 80's were always bare-chested, killed in brural fashion and maimed on a daily basis. I wouldn't say the genre has been particularly unfair to women.
  3. They're both American. And I think their acting abilities are sub-par to be honest. I never thought they could convey any emotional depth to the audience, and my interest as a viewer always vanished 15 minutes into all of the movies I've seen them star in.
  4. Both are in my top 10, but overall, The Loot is a funnier, more coherent movie with slightly better fights throughout. However, although the end fight in The Loot is amazing, the final showdown in The Challenger surpasses it, if only slightly. Tough call though. On a side note, being able to see Philip Ko play a character that isn't supposed to be twice his age in The Loot is actually kind of refreshing. He probably went to sleep with age make-up and a white wig thoughout most of his career.
  5. It's uplifting to see that there are still a alot of late Shaws that I haven't seen. Hopefully some of them are still available on DVD so I can buy them later on when I'm not completely broke My top list in order would be: (Late Venom mob-flicks are my big weakness) 1. Masked Avengers 2. Gang Master 3. Sword Stained with Royal Blood 4. Five Element Ninjas 5. House of Traps 6. Ode to Gallantry 7. Brave Archer & His Mate 8. Rebel Intruders 9. Shaolin Intruders 10. Human Lanterns 11. Eight-Diagram Pole Fighter 12. Killer Constable 13. My Young Auntie
  6. Apanblod

    Dragon Lord (1982)

    I own both versions, might take a look at it if I have the time On top of my head, I have a slight sense that there were more romance scenes with Jackie and the girl in the fortune star release, but I might be mistaken.
  7. I know it's not a dubbed line, only a line from a subtitle (Secret Rivals 2) but I laughed so hard the first time I saw it I have to mention it. - I thought you died. Are you ghost? - No, I only lost one hand. But my new iron hand is even better!
  8. Apanblod

    Top 5 One on One Showdowns

    The only reason I wouldn't include that fight is because technically speaking, it's not a pure one-on-one for the whole duration of the fight, but that's nitpicking I guess Choreoraphy as close to perfection as you can possibly get. I might as well include the rest of my top ten outside the top five just for fun: Shaolin Mantis: Lau Gar Wing vs. David Chiang (end fight) Five Shaolin Masters: Chi Kuan Chun vs. Fung Hak-on (part of end fight) The Challenger: David Chiang vs. Norman Chu (gambling house fight) Prodigal Son: Lam Ching-ying vs. Frankie Chan Encounters of the Spooky Kind: Sammo Hung vs. The first guy with the ring in the end fight (I can't recognize him, help anyone?)
  9. Apanblod

    Top 5 One on One Showdowns

    Ko Fei is my all-time favourite together with Fung Hak-on and Wilson Tong. They all had that quirky fighting style with lots of twisting moves, love that stuff. Ko Feis performance in The Loot is the best in any kung fu movie IMO, though most of his fights there were not one-on-one, otherwise the top five would be comprised only of his fight from that movie.
  10. Apanblod

    Top 5 One on One Showdowns

    Not in any specific order, but these are the best one-on-ones IMO: Snake Deadly Act - Wilson Tong vs. Fung Hak-on (opening fight) Crazy Guy with Super Kung Fu - Wong Chi Sang vs. Peng Kang (opening fight) Daggers 8 - Wilson Tong vs. Meng Yuan Man (end fight) Last Hurrah for Chivalry - Wei Pak vs. Fung Hak-on (middle part) The Loot - David Chiang vs. Pilip Ko Fei (middle part)
  11. I agree, I bought it a couple of months ago and loved it. Definitely the best monkey kung fu-movie out there, superiour IMO to Mad Monkey Kung Fu. The end fight scene is amazing.
  12. Apanblod

    jackie quiz

    9, very weird quiz I missed the question about the powder in the face although I watched that particular movie YESTERDAY, that was pretty bad though
  13. Apanblod

    First Kung Fu Comedy?

    I never thougt of The Way of the Dragon as a comedy, only unintentionally and hilariously so. Sure, it's obviously not played completely straight, but the underlying tone of the film is obviously serious, at least to me. To my knowledge, although admittedly limited regarding pre-1977 kung fu movies, The Spiritual Boxer is the first Kung Fu Comedy. I've heard the Karl Maka-movie The Good, the Bad and the Loser being cited as the first Kung Fu comedy, but it was released in 1976, and I would definitely consider Spiritual Boxer a comedy. However, the focus in SB is definitely on comedy, and although the end fight is very good, there's really not that much kung fu in it, so I wouldn't necessarily label it a kung fu movie.