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  1. All Korean tapes are NTSC.
  2. Btw, I don't have that tape, just I know a store in Seoul who has it and that's the price. Indeed it's quite pricey! I have the Korean version of Game of Death 2 and that too wasn't cheap.
  3. I can get you the original tape but it's a woopin' 250$
  4. monkeygift

    WTB:a better tomorrow 3 dvd korean limited edition

    What's "a reasonable price" ?
  5. monkeygift

    selling ultra RARE KOREAN posters

    I'll get another similar one called The Yong-gwon Martial Arts (1980)
  6. monkeygift

    selling ultra RARE KOREAN posters

    Asking 75$ + shipping for this one: Duel of In-ja Hall (1982)
  7. monkeygift

    selling ultra RARE KOREAN posters

    Drunken Master (1978) *SOLD* A Patriotic Family (1977) Final facedown in Cheonma mountain (1971) Yong Bi (1976) Jeong Mu Gate '81 (1981) *RESERVED*
  8. monkeygift

    selling ultra RARE KOREAN posters

    Thanks OpiumKungFuCracker , I took the idea of the FB page/store from a guy who's selling VHS/LD/Games from Japan... I don't know if his store is successful or not but he's the only person I know offering Japanese movies imported memorabilia. I just contacted a collector in Seoul and reserved nearly 20 gorgeous Korean posters, most of them from the 70's. It a mixbag of Korean, Hong Kong and Taiwanese films. Some Shaw Brothers / Casanova Wong / Hwang Jang-Lee / Han Yong-Cheol / King Hu / Chang Cheh etc...
  9. monkeygift

    selling ultra RARE KOREAN posters

    Previously available from KIMCHI VIDEO Righteous Fighter (1976) *still available Tigresses (1977) *still available To Kill with Intrigue (1977) The Angry Guest (1972) The Last Fist of Fury (1977)
  10. monkeygift

    selling ultra RARE KOREAN posters

    Yes they are amazing pieces! and are extremely rare, which explains the prices... You won't find any of those on Ebay or anywhere. I already sold most of them.
  11. Started up a little shop on Facebook for those of you who would like to find very rare Korean posters & VHS. The name's Kimchi Video https://www.facebook.com/kimchivideo
  12. With this wonderful release from Haz, I made a DVD cover back in the days but it seems that it didn't make the cut lol. Anyhow, I am offering it as a free download if anybody who purchased the project wants it. PM me and I will send you the full res. image for you to print.
  13. monkeygift

    Kung fu lobby cards for sale

    The Youtube link you gave says JAMAL, why you went to check with Roger? lol
  14. monkeygift

    Kung Fu in 3D

    Ha cool! thanks. yeah, Dynasty (Dynasty of Kung Fu) is 1977. So I guess there was a trend of 3D kung fu by the end of the 70's?!
  15. Are there many Kung Fu films made in 3D back in the days? Is Dynasty of Kung Fu the first 3D kung fu film?