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  1. I don't purchase online. Most of my films come from an AV superstore in sydney. Huge shop that stocks all asian films from HK martial arts right through to Korean Sit-coms. Haven't been there in quite a while as money is short but as soon as i come into some cash i'm gonna have a field day.
  2. Was that actually some martial arts?, in a cage fight. Bout time.
  3. T-Bag

    MTV's Teen Wolf Remake: UGH!

    Oh please no, teen wolf was a childhood favourite of mine. Everyone loves Chubbs. Is nothing sacred?.
  4. Sounds like a fantastic option. My wife is from South east asia (Phillipines to be precise) so Asia is most certainly an option in our later years. I am visiting HK, Macau & the Phillipines in just a few weeks and we have plans to see Japan & Korea come late 2012. Followed by Indonesia,Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand & so on after that.
  5. Unfortunately none as i am saving up. However on the 28th i land in HK ...so it will all be worth it
  6. T-Bag

    Your Favorite Donnie Yen Era?

    I have to agree with you on this one, although over the years he has made some fantastic films, i think that now he is really coming in to his own. He has in my opinion found his niche in the darker, brooding, soft spoken roles and seems to have found his own identity among hk's MA actors Just As Bruce, Jet, Sammo & Jackie have. Looking forward to what is next.
  7. Could always try the Thai film "born to fight", Just a small description. Born to Fight (Thai: เกิดมาลุย, Kerd Ma Lui) is a 2004 Thai action film directed by Panna Rittikrai. It followed Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior, on which Panna served as martial arts choreographer, and featured more of his "no strings attached" stuntwork. Many of the actors in Born to Fight were Thai national athletes. The film was a remake in name only of Panna's first films, a B-movie action movie that he made in 1979. While the remake contains a couple of similar stunts to the original, the two films are otherwise vastly unrelated.
  8. T-Bag

    Ip Man 2

    I actually enjoyed this film, IM1 was certainly the better of the two but this was not without it's charm. I try to see past the "that could never happen in real life" mindset and enjoy films for what they are...which is stories. This one was action packed, touching, funny and inspiring..just what i look for in a good Kung Fu film.
  9. You know i have had "Tai Chi master" sitting in my room for months now and have yet to sit back and watch it. Probably due to the fact that i picked up a Donnie yen Pack with 16 films and an 8 pack of Wing Chun films. I will get round to it though....eventually.
  10. T-Bag

    New Cung Le project

    I'm really looking forward to seeing cung play a lead or at least Co-Lead role. I'm yet to see bodyguards & assassins but i will take care of that as soon as i find a copy. His role's in both fighting and tekken were bland and unbelievable. Not that it was his fault i just can't see cung getting beat up by a pretty boy high school kid.
  11. Absolutely ridiculous film and just a quick cash in on the popularity of the UFC. The cliche storyline of new kid meets popular girl dating school bad boy has been done a million times (Note karate kid). The fighting scenes themselves weren't all that bad, but the terrible script and predictability make it hard for even the fans of the cheesiest Martial arts films to watch. Also worth noting that the film "fighting" featuring Strikeforce champion Cung Le was a little more realistic but script wise was barely better then aforementioned film. Worth watching if you are a fan of both...The UFC & The Hills.
  12. T-Bag

    Asian languages ..??!!

    I enjoy learning languages as well. I am currently studying japanese and my wife is from the Phillippines so slowly but surely i am learning tagalog. I am travelling to HK in just 6 weeks so i'm hoping to pick up a few handy phrases in cantonese and mandarin as well.
  13. T-Bag

    Best western martial arts star ?? !!

    Not including Asian-Americans i would probably go with Richard Norton. Not a huge name but one that deserves respect.
  14. Just finished watching Ryuhei Kitamura's samurai film "Aragami". It's a nice little gem i picked up in a box set a while back. It's only a small cast of 3 people and a temple,but if you can sit through not much happening for the first hour you will be well rewarded with a corker of a fight scene and epic ending. I really hope there is a sequel in the works.