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  1. Neon Samurai

    NINJAS episode 3: Ninja Namaste

    Hey all, Here's the latest installment in my Ninjas web series. It was a lot of fun to shoot this one and I think the fight scene is our best one yet. Hopefully you guys will have some fun watching this one!
  2. Didn't Jackie have an affair with Japanese idol star Yukie Saito back in the early 90s? I recall pics of them surfacing in the mid 90s or so.
  3. Good to see JC doing some Van Damage on the A-List again.
  4. Neon Samurai

    Stuntmen and the Oscars

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was nominated for a few technical awards if I recall right. Had there been awards for stunt choreography they would have been up for a few more.
  5. Neon Samurai

    KUNG FU FEMMES Webisode #8

    Great stuff as always!!!
  6. Neon Samurai

    Stuntmen and the Oscars

    Stuntwork and choreography are the single most under appreciated lines of work in the film industry and definitely need to be recognized as such at the Oscars.
  7. Just finished reading this interview, simply an amazing read. Amazing insights and great stories all around!
  8. Neon Samurai

    Your favorite film for each of these actors

    Come on Sammo fans, no love for Shanghai Express???
  9. Neon Samurai

    Most Legit Screen Fighter, Any Era?

    0:54 how the hell did he land that shot? Incredible!
  10. Neon Samurai

    Most Legit Screen Fighter, Any Era?

    Non kung-fu: Randy Couture (granted his film career is limited.) Kung-fu: Bruce Lee
  11. I always enjoyed the cheesiness of Don's movies but even I have to agree that some were horrible. That said, as a pro fighter he was one of kickboxing's greatest legends. Some pro fighters make a better transition into movies than others.
  12. Neon Samurai

    Working on a kung fu web series! 'Sword Play'

    Since Halloween is a coming we thought we'd make a kung-fu zombie video. More Godfrey Ho ninjas and the powerful POWER NINJA joins the carnage! Hopefully you guys will get a charge out of this one! 9GdWFsXnPW0
  13. Not the best one per se but City Dragon is definitely the best BAD western kung fu movie ever made!
  14. Neon Samurai

    Anyone else impersonate Fu Films?

    When I was a kid Enter the Dragon and Game of Death had just been released on VHS at the local ma and pop rental shops on back to back weekends, (I'm guessing that's when they got the tapes, not when they were actually released.) The ensuing Monday EVERYONE in my class was a Bruce Lee fan as most of us got together to watch the flicks at the popular kid's house. Recess could have sold tickets because we were all trying to not only do his moves, (badly,) but impersonations of his fighting voice too. This would happen with Missing in Action, Commando and pick a movie from the "Ninja" trilogy. (Enter the Ninja, Revenge of the Ninja and Ninja III.)