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    DVD Collection software

    I recently started using this http://www.binaryworks.it/extrememoviemanager/
  2. A real shame I always try to purchase as many german english friendly releases as i can
  3. surebud

    I'll Be Glad When...

    Very funny teako made me lol
  4. surebud

    Is it?... nahhhhh, it can't be....

    Funny stuff. Made me lol
  5. surebud

    Questions about traveling to china

    To be honest I am a little worried for u brother, good luck tho
  6. surebud

    Miss Please be Patient for sale

    great news and i hope u keep it up
  7. surebud

    German kung fu dvds for sale

    with shipping or without
  8. hwang jang lee `trained other actors when they did movies together and also helped with the fight instructions ,to slag him shud be against the law , u think it was his idea to put that wig on duh he is argurably one of the best martial artists to appear on film and he made ninja in the dragons den even better. imo
  9. for english dub i wud be in to but i need more feedback and guarntees
  10. jus watched crack shadow boxers and i thought how funny the dialogue was and that its great to hear the shaw dub team in other flix
  11. surebud


    thnx for the replys everybody ill keep tryin
  12. surebud


    hey all for the last like 2 or 3 months i cant buy nothing from ther site , theres no add to cart or nothing does anyone know any thing about this is it jus me i tried explorer ,i re installed,sent them emails im stumped help:ooh:
  13. surebud

    Opium And The Kung Fu Master

    the bluray is for sure sped up or something, everything else is great but it jus looks weird almost hard to watch never seen nuthin like it:ooh: