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  1. Here are some of wrestling programs I watch on Youtube or record from my cable box on sunday day of rest MLW NJPW AAA CMLL Wrestling Circus Luca Underground AEW (what out there for right now) Ring of Honor AJPW/AJP Dragon Gate Impact Old Wresting Program Georgia Championship Wrestling Smokey Mountain Wrestling CWA Memphis Wrestling WCW Old ECW not the WWE one
  2. Jim Kelly Melinda (1972) – Charles Atkins Enter the Dragon (1973) – Williams Black Belt Jones (1974) – Black Belt Jones Three the Hard Way (1974) – Mister Keyes Golden Needles (1974) – Jeff Take a Hard Ride (1975) – Kashtok Hot Potato (1976) – Jones Black Samurai (1977) – Robert Sand The Tattoo Connection (a.k.a. E yu tou hei sha xing, Black Belt Jones 2) (1978)[10] – Lucas Death Dimension (1978) – Lt. Detective J. Ash The Amazing Mr. No Legs (a.k.a. Mr. No Legs) (1979)[11] One Down, Two to Go (1982) – Chuck Ron Van Clief Xia nan yang 1974 Bamboo Trap 1975 Mababagsik na anghel 1975 The Black Dragon Revengers the Death of Bruce Lee The Squeeze 1975 The way of Black Dragon 1979 Kung Fu Fever 1979 Enter Another Dragon 1979 Tamara Dobson Cleopatra Jones 1973 Cleoparta Jones and the Casino of Gold 1975 Rudy Ray Moore Dolemite 1975 The Human Tornada 1976 Petey Wheatstraw the Devil Son n Law 1977 Disco Godfather 1979 Carl Scott Bruce Lee The man The Myth 1976 Soul Brother of Kung Fu 1977 Sun Dragon 1979 Kung Fu Executioner 1981
  3. bearpower

    Revenger (2018)

    Just watch Revenger great fight scene.
  4. Practicing martial arts since he was a young child, Carl was an extra in Bruce Lee: The Man, the Myth (filmed in America). Carl’s skills impressed the producers, who brought him to Hong Kong for their next Bruce Li picture, Last Strike (1978). He and Bruce Li were the two main protagonists in the movie which also starred Shaw Brothers stars Lo Meng and Ku Feng and had multiple endings filmed. He also fought present and future legends such as Yuen Biao, Corey Yuen Kwai, and members of the Yuen clan. He was only a teenager at the time. After this Carl Scott starred with Billy Chong in Kung Fu Executioner, which not only showcased Carl’s impressive knowledge of Chinese kung fu but also his weapons ability, particularly with the nunchaku. The duo’s next film was Sun Dragon, shot on location in Phoenix, Arizona, and featuring a fight between Carl and 1979 World Kickboxing Champion Louis Neglia. Though Carl Scott and Billy Chong only made two films together, their on-screen partnership remains uppermost in the minds of kung fu movie audiences worldwide. Carl Scott Filmography Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth (1976) Last Strike (1977) Sun Dragon (1979) Kung Fu Executioner (1981)
  5. Just watch Rise of the legend movie that was made in china. Starring Eddie Peng ,Sammo hung Wong Cho-lam
  6. Just watch Monkey Kung fu AKA Stroke of death A small-time crook goes in search of the other half of a wooden keepsake which will lead him to the legendary kung fu technique of the Gibbon Clan Fist.
  7. Opium and the Kung Fu Master A Kung Fu master finds out that an opium den is destroying the lives of the town he lives in, and vows to put an end to the den, but first he must try to defeat the strongest enemy he has ever faced: his addiction to the drug itself.
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    Velvet Smooth (1976)

    I have it on dvd
  9. bearpower

    Velvet Smooth (1976)

    I remember that movie from 70's
  10. Has anyone seen The Fatal Flying guillotine . It's about a band of Shao Lin monks is on a mission to recover a sacred book from the evil forces of a wicked emperor. But the emperor has created a unique deadly weapon -- a flying guillotine that, when thrown into the air, beheads its victims with goofy efficiency. If the monks want to keep their heads, they'll have to keep their wits about them as they battle the emperor's thugs. This kung fu movie by Raymond Lui stars Carter Wong and Biao Yuen.
  11. Slice of death aka Shaolin Abbot with David Chiang
  12. Watch chinese boxer aka hammer of the gods last night
  13. Good movie I like it because it had wing chug kung fu and butterfly sword and long pole in it
  14. Stranger from Shaolin aka The Formidable Lady From Shaolin ) When the family of a young Chinese girl is brutally murdered on the whim of an evil Emperor, a young Yim Wing Chun vows revenge! With no knowledge in the art of Kung Fu, she only narrowly escapes and finds refuge at a Shaolin temple, where she has disguised herself as a man. She is determined to learn all she will need to know in order to avenge her family. Her training begins when, at the temple, she is given the job of climbing to the bottom of the well to fetch water for the temple's students. From closely watching the Shaolin students, Wing Chun practices and secretly teaches herself kung fu, but she doesn't just stop there... She also incorporates her own techniques, creating a new style that is ideal for close quarter fighting... The monks soon realize that she is not quite the man they believed her to be, but they are willing to help her with her mission for revenge, especially since they learn that the Emperor is intent on attacking the Shaolin!! With only youth on her side, she takes on the challenge against the might of the Emperor's Kung Fu Masters
  15. Any Carter Wong fans here are some of his Achievements and Films Started learning, traditional Chinese Kung Fu at 8 years old, taught by the principal Shaolin Monk at the time, and the Grand Master of Wudang Chi-Kung.Went to Japan to train in Karate, Thailand to train in Muay Thai, and Korea to train in Hapkido and Taekwondo.Founded the Chung Hop Kuen Federation in 1980. It is a composite style based on Shaolin Kung Fu, Wu-Dang Chi-Kung (internal breathing) and the essence of Karate, Muay-Thai, Taekwondo and Hapkido.Carter Wong’s International Chung Hop Kuen Federation is represented in 36 countries and is still increasing. This association has produced many European and world champions in Muay-Thai, Kung Fu, Kickboxing. Even lots of different police departments are learning his Chung Hop Kuen style.1968-1986 36 Muay-Thai fights with a record of 30 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses1979 Chief Instructor for the Royal Hong Kong Police Force (Karate)1984 Master Instructor for the New York State Police Force Of the US (Muay-Thai)1986 World Muay-Thai Championship champion1989 World Cup International Martial Arts Open Championship champion1990 Master Instructor for the Marine Corps of California US (Muay-Thai)1996 Chief Consultant of Galaxy and Chuwaitana Muay-Thai Camp (Thailand)1997 Professional member & representative for the World Kickboxing Association (WKA)1998 International Wudang Mountain Style Chi-Kung Association Vice Chairman1998 Grand Master of Hungary Police Force (Karate)2002 International Muay-Thai Federation (Committee)World Muay-Thai Championship CouncilVIP Security Services Academy in Cambodia (Principal)Hungary Police (CTU Combat Technic)Saint-Paul Brazil Police Military Academy (Kung Fu Master)World Mixed Martial Arts Federation (MMA)International Wu-Dang Chi-Kung Association (Principal)International Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Seitokukai (7th Dan Black Belt)International Martial-Arts Federation (8th Dan Black Belt)Hong Kong Southern & Northern Martial Art Association (Honorary President)Movie he played inHap Ki Do (1972) ... Kao ChungThe Opium Trail (1973) ... Pai ChienWhen Taekwondo Strikes (1973) ... Jin Zheng ZhiBruce Lee, the Man and the Legend (1973) ... [Himself]Back Alley Princess (1973) ... Chiang's eldest studentThe Tournament (1974) ... Lau Siu-Fung's brotherThe Skyhawk (1974) ... LeoNaughty! Naughty! (1974) ... Boss Feng's thugKung Fu on the Bosporus (1974) ... Captain Wong (new edit)18 Shaolin Disciples (1975)The Seven Coffins (1975)The Association (1975) ... policemanHong Kong Superman (1975)The Dragon Tamers (1975) ... FangDragon Gate (1975) ... Chang MaoAll in the Family (1975) ... PolicemanMarco Polo (1975) ... Zu JianminMutiny on the High Sea (1975)Heroes in the Late Ming Dynasty (1975) ... EmperorEight Hundred Heroes (1975) ... Mr Wang18 Bronzemen (1976) ... Brother WanShaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue (1976) ... Fang Shao ChingThe Good, the Bad and the Loser (1976) ... The BadThe Ming Patriots (1976)The Story of the Dragon (1976) ... Mr LiuTraitorous (1976) ... Shang YungReturn of the 18 Bronzemen (1976) ... Yong ZhenThe Blazing Temple (1976)The Best of Shaolin Kung Fu (1976)The Last Battle of Yang Chao (1976) ... Chu Chin-yeungThe Invisible Terrorist (1976)The Shaolin Invincibles (1977) ... Kan Feng ChihPrincess and the Toxicant (1977)The Fatal Flying Guillotines (1977) ... Shen PingShaolin Death Squads (1977)The Shaolin Kids (1977) ... Shang Kuan TungThe Eight Masters (1977) ... Chu Shiao ChiehChivalrous Inn (1977)Killer from Above (1977) ... Hsueh Ko ShuHeroes of the Eastern Skies (1977) ... Japanese pilotThe Shaolin Brothers (1977) ... General Ko Lung-TaThe Mysterious Heroes (1977) ... Chu Tien LungShaolin Iron Finger (1977)The Rebel of Shao-Lin (1977) ... Lei Pang FeiSuper Kung Fu Fighter (1978)Snaky Knight Fight Against Mantis (1978) ... Chan Sing KwanRaging Tiger Vs. Monkey King (1978)Funny Kung Fu (1978) ... Hsu Shi-ChunFilthy Guy (1978)Born Invincible (1978) ... Tieh Wu ChingWay of the Black Dragon (1978)Killer of Snake, Fox of Shaolin (1978) ... wandering heroMagnificent Fist (1978)The Legendary Strike (1978) ... Lord YunThe Magnificent (1979)Rage of the Dragon (1980) ... Master KwanMr. Kwong Tung and the Robber (1980)The Luckiest Trio (1980) ... Superintendent WongThe Furious Killer (1981)Gold Constables (1981)The Cold Blooded Murder (1981)Emperor of Shaolin Kung Fu (1981) ... Tu, the butcherInterpol (1982)Blow Up (1982) ... Red SkivvyBig Trouble in Little China (1986) ... ThunderKickboxer the Champion (1990) ... [THE MAGNIFICENT footage]The Transmigration Romance (1991) ... Mo TsaiSex For Sale (1993) ... HuangThe Way of the Lady Boxers (1993) ... Captain Chiu ChieHope (1995) ... office clerk in CanadaAsian Cop - High Voltage (1995) ... Police OfficerNaked Angel (1996)Hero the Great (2005)
  16. Watch on El rey today The Brave Archer ,The Brave Archer 2 ,The Brave Archer 3 and Boxer from Shantung
  17. bearpower

    Is Taimak dead?

    He has played in a lot of B-movie and TV series
  18. Found it on ebay on The Shaw Legends Pack (DVD) The Loot, Gallant Boxer, 800 Heroes, Deadly Roulette for 9.99
  19. Here's my list of billy Chong Movie Super Power (1980) Black Belt Karate (1977) ... Crystal Fist (1979) ... . .
  20. Here are my Favorite Classic Kung Fu Movie when i was young and went ever Saturday to movie to watch Kung Fu Movies Posted 23 Jan 2012 · Report post Here's part of my collection. I'll attach an updated list once I get home. 5 Superfighters 7 Grandmaste Return of The Dragon Enter the Dragon Bells of Death Chinese Conection Five Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes Four Invincibles Half a Loaf of Kung Fu Kung Fu Hellcats Seven Steps of Kung Fu Return to 36th Chamber Shaolin Temple Strikes Back Shaolin VS Lama Shaolin VS Ninja Shaolin VS Taichi Shaolin VS Wu Tang The 36 Crazy Fists The 36th Chamber 5 Fingers Of Death Flying Guillotine Shaolin Mantis Invincible Shaolin Mad Monkey Kung Fu The Avenger Eagle The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter Shaolin Challengers Ninja Flying Guillotine Kid with the golden Arm The Victim Mantis Vs Eagle Claw the Buddha Assassinator Jade Claw