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  1. bearpower

    Best Violent/Gory Kung Fu flicks.

    Shogun Assassin blood come out like a busted pipes and Acts of Violence with Lil Lim I recommend this to anyone looking for a movie that is fighting/violence I love the claw hammer scene
  2. bearpower

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Jet Li Hero the cinematography is great in this film
  3. bearpower

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Chaos Crank 1 Crank 2 Unleashed Outside the law RAGE OF HONOR - Sho Kosugi - RARE American Pimp Hero American Pimp Willie Dynamte
  4. just watched Ninja staring Scott Adkins and Tsuyoshi Ihara. Used more ninja weapon than Ninja Assassin did and used modern weapon and body armor
  5. The Unit Sanford and Son Law and Order Miami Vices Married with Children Dragnet 24 MI 5 Criminal Minds City Confidential Third Watch
  6. Whatever the result of this flick, it can't be any bigger pile of shit than Storm Warriors and Kung Fu Pow and a lot of other movie out there now
  7. I will watch it and buy the dvd when it come out
  8. bearpower

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Black Belt Queen Boxer The Kid With The Golden Arm New Police Story The Prodigal Son
  9. Just watch Black Belt (Kuro-obi) Great fighters and actors, a meaningful story, a nice movie with a respectful message and representation of karate This movie makes a lot of things more clear about karate, and gives meaning to it
  10. Blood & Bones great movie Lady Whirlwind aka Deep Thrust old school kung fu
  11. bearpower

    shogun assassin 3-slashing blades of carnage

    Watch this movie last night I can't wait to see part 4 this movie is off the hook .I love the when he is in a temple and fight the ninjas and cut their legs and arms off and the ninjas still keep come with no arms and legs like zombies
  12. I am looking Tadashi Yamashita Karate 2 and Karate 3 please e mail if you have it for sale
  13. Watch Bronson Lee, Champion staring Tadashi Yamashita and Masafumi Suzuki. I would have love to see a movie made with Sonny Chiba vs Tadashi Yamashita
  14. I agree with you on this the script could have been a lot better it look like the movie was rush or they ran out of ideals half way into the movie
  15. I saw this movie when I was in high school call Firecracker do anybody hear of this movie staring Jillian Kesner as femme fatale martial arts expert teaches the mafia a lesson. Also call Naked Fist
  16. I think this is it in US release it's call Dynasty of Kung Fu
  17. bearpower

    death sentence

    Death Wish 1 is one of the golden standards for die-hard vigilante movie fans and Death Sentence is right up with Death Wish . Hunting down criminals and bringing them to justice in ass kicking way.
  18. bearpower

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

  19. Enter the game of death stay far away from this movie the hold movie is wtf from begin to the end
  20. I am looking for these old kung fu movie on dvd Shadow of the dragon The ninja warlord Kung fu master Bruce Lee style 5 masters of death
  21. bearpower

    KFMM would like some assitance from KFC Fans.

    All martial arts have strengths and weakness no one style is better than other . Each style works well in protect yourself in there own way.