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  1. Master With Cracked Fingers kungfurobber edition. Yo he told the young boy to take off his trousers and jump in a burlap sack full of snakes? Is not child abuse? Or sexual assault?
  2. The Shaolin Avengers- Holy shitballs, the whole movie is one big ass fight scene. I'm just gonna go ahead and say this but Alexander Fu Sheng is the goat.
  3. OpiumKungFuCracker

    RIP Chen Sing

    Damn. R.I.P
  4. OpiumKungFuCracker

    What Concerts Have You Been To Recently?

    I listen to everything but lately I'm really into 90s grudge alternative or 90s R&B. Where I lived back then, stuff was very limited for sure.
  5. OpiumKungFuCracker

    What Concerts Have You Been To Recently?

    Only been to 4 my whole life, please don't judge. 1. Rage Against the machine- battle of los Angeles tour 2. Master P- 90s 3. alien ant Farm and Papa roach- pre 9/11 4. Family Values Tour- pre 9/11 Concerts I would time travel back to: Live Aids U.S Music Festival 1983ish?? Woodstock 69
  6. OpiumKungFuCracker

    Why so many black people love kung fu

    Hell Yeah you know RZA deep into the five point palm exploding heart technique. The man is well cultured. More than me even.
  7. OpiumKungFuCracker

    Why so many black people love kung fu

    ROMEO MUST DIE. This screening had to be at an urban theater with that kind of reaction?
  8. OpiumKungFuCracker

    Bruce Lee's The Big Boss (Appreciation Thread)

    Was this one of the first bashers ever? Or would you call this a punch and block film? Or bashers and punch and block mean the same thing? And the music? Holy shit I wanna dance the night away baby!
  9. OpiumKungFuCracker

    Sonic The Hedgehog (2020)

    I'm seeing it just for Jim Carrey so yeah I'll be there on my couch when it hits neetflix.
  10. That's what I'm talkin about baby!! I'm with you on that!
  11. Hell yeeah!! A match made in heaven!! Season 3 is going to be even better than 2 now. Also, they need to stop doing that one move where they are kicking their opponent in the chest to get that real effect. Or... Maybe it's deliberate since you can't kick people in the face in a karate tournament? Damn this show is brilliant.
  12. OpiumKungFuCracker

    Parasite (2019) Bong Joon-ho and Song Kang-ho reunite!

    Hell Yes!! My sentiments exactly. Loved it!
  13. Oh and the fake Tony Jaa elevator fight scene in 3? That was very underwhelming, the dude didn't do anything or move like a tony jaa. But I'll let it slide since Ip's wife was in that scene too and man oh man is she a babe!
  14. OpiumKungFuCracker

    Why so many black people love kung fu

    It was reference a lot in the black community during that time. And now it is widely reference around the world. Everybody loves kung fu fighting! Hell, Donald Trump's favorite movie of all time is Bloodsport, LMAO. Yes, that donald trump. Yang Gang!!
  15. Alright guys, fine! I'll rewatch part 3. I still think the table top fight in part 2 is hard to beat. And the fish market fight with Sammo was another memorable fight scene in 2 as well. I only remember the Tyson fight in part 3. Also in part 3, Ip's wife had little to no part in the movie, correct? I really like her and I think she is hot as well which is why I didn't like part 3 as much?