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  1. Fanboy1991

    "36th Chamber" HK Blu Ray release...

    Yes finally.
  2. Fanboy1991

    Some shaws available on itunes

    downloaded heroes of the east im going to compare to dvd. Most blu ray players have a usb port. If you decrepit the file you could put to disc or on USB/Portable Hard Drive to play on my TV. My only concern is disciples of the 36th chamber only language option is Mandarin and The 36th chamber's is Cantonese ? Go figure will all release have wrong language?
  3. Fanboy1991

    Some shaws available on itunes

    wow you are correct about to download. Itunes will not allow me to purchase. I will try again later.
  4. Fanboy1991

    HK One-Armed Swordsman BDs up for preorder

    Even though they didn't include the mono tracks the audio at least doesn't have anything added. I would like to see more titles on Blu Ray at least some Lau Kar Leung and Chang Cheh films.
  5. Fanboy1991

    HK One-Armed Swordsman BDs up for preorder

    No birds no crickets just checked all three.
  6. Fanboy1991

    Thai VCDs

    Do the thai Vcds contain chinese language tracks ?
  7. Fanboy1991

    8 diagram pole fighter vcd

    Does anyone have a eight diagram pole fighter vcd they would like to sell
  8. Fanboy1991

    all ivl and pal realese cropped image for all films

    There's the french Blu Ray http://www.imagebanana.com/view/nbm640uv/36chambersus.jpg http://www.imagebanana.com/view/tb8zv6ww/36chambersfr.png
  9. Upon comparing my ivls and French dvds to some media blaster and dragon dynasty releases I think all pal and ivl feature a cropped image no matter what the fIlm. Even the French 36th chamber bleu ray is cropped.
  10. Fanboy1991

    VCD Shaw Brothers Mono Tracks ?

    Do the IVL VCDs have mono tracks as opposed to the DVDS 5.1 remixs or are they the same ?
  11. Fanboy1991

    The 'I wonder why they are popular?' thread

    THE GODFATHER is better than any Martial arts film I have ever seen..... I love martial arts films and Asian culture but to say the Godfather films are terrible is Stupid.... Akira Kurosawa made films on the level of The Godfather but that because his films are based more on the story than a Martial arts.
  12. David any other US DVD company except "image" should be better than IVL...Dragon Dynasty/Media Blasters/Funimation have proper mono. Image I think are straight ports. There are some issues from Funimation and dragon dynasty about Cantonese audio tracks though... Also The master release from funimation is not anamorphic...and Sword Masters is also risky there release of The Delightful Forrest has the worst audio mix I ever heard however they fixed this on the Blu Ray release.
  13. So regarding IVLS audio flubs I remember seeing on another forum members were complaining about IVL bad audios and they listed some that weren't that bad, some that were bad and some that were horrible. Now me I don't mind crickets and cloth sounds but some of the IVLs have some weird key board music on top of the film that is straight annoying. Can anyone list the worst IVL audio releases.
  14. Fanboy1991

    Gordon Liu update...

    Gordon's wife is not greedy I guess. Gordon Liu posted a new article on his Facebook that says the media has falsely accused his family of being money hungry. Here's the new article. Apparently they are still divorcing though. http://orientaldaily.on.cc/cnt/entertainment/20120829/00282_001.html
  15. Fanboy1991

    Shaolin Temple German dvd

    Anyone have a german dvd they would like to sell ?