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  1. Son Of A Gun

    Crystal Hunt 1080p custom

    You cant watch a classic film a million times in cantonese (its original language on set) and then watch it in mandarin all of a sudden and not be distracted and put off. Besides, making a custom dvd or bluray involves tracking down and syncing well, the cantonese mono track and english dub mono (if available) . Improving subtitle translation or at least gramma , if possible. I mean, these aren't rules. You dont have to live by anyone's rules but your own. I just think people would be more excited if the HD prints had their better, well known cantonese soundtracks. Mandarin dubbing doesn't sound so cheerful on comedy films. Its kind of an aggresive sounding language I find. It works well in films like Hero and House of Flying Daggers etc. though.
  2. Thanks for your reply. okay, thought so. So your bluray has the 'stereo' remixes and not original mono then. Gotch-ya. My issue with those stereo mixes is that they had noise gates on the dialogue and sound effects which means the volume of the voices just randomly dips at the end of sentences n stuff sometimes and sounds weird/annoying. They do this to try and keep the sound quality clean. It just lets through louder noises, ie: the voices, and keeps out any hisss or humming noises from deteriorating audio reels. Also the music is very low volume sometimes. It loses the original punch of the original mono soundtrack. It's good as an optional track on a bluray for sure, but original mono should be top priority, in my opinion. So maybe you can slip the canto mono on there one day when revising. Up to you.... And definitely don't describe mono as stereo. Someone making customs of old HK movies should know their mono from their stereo. This is the problem with commerical releases, when they put "original cantonese mono" on the covers, and when played back, it was clearly a 5.1 remix downmix to stereo. So not even fake mono! lol Incorrect specs. Misleading. And enough with the "PCM". lol It doesn't make much difference between PCM and ac3 448kbps audio on these old HK tracks. Not to the naked ear. I could take a PCM and encode it to ac3 448kbps and it'll sound perfect. No obvious quality loss. Just sayin.... It all depends what software you use. There are shit ones that do a bad job and it sounds all compressed. But the TMPGEnc ac3 converter does a great job. Not only that, some of the original mono tracks on Laserdiscs sound horrid. So doesn't matter if you used PCM from LD when the actual track source was sh*t. In some cases, the original mono tracks from dvds like Deltamac sound better. Yes, they may be compressed but they have a better sound than the harsh LD audio, sometimes. Anyway, none of this matters. I'm just having a moan.
  3. I haven't ordered any of the releases yet due to the unnecessarily high postage cost. Just sayin. I asked a question, I think it was on facebook, but didn't get a reply yet. so I'll ask here. Your Police Story 3 custom says "Cantonese Stereo track" from HK laserdisc. Well one of the HK laserdiscs actually had a true "stereo" remix track on it. Made for the LD I think. the levels weren't great. Some voices went too quiet and some music did the same. Still worth having though. So my question is, did you use the actual "stereo" mix track or did you use a "dual mono" track from another HK laserdisc? Coz I've noticed you guys list "dual mono" as "2.0 stereo" on your releases,which is incorrect. thanks. -
  4. Thanks for your info. Good to know.
  5. Good work. But are your subtitle fonts not a little too small? Been looking at your previews on youtube and the subtitles look tiny and in that distracting, fancy font. I couldn't read them at all. Obviously that was youtube and I realise it will be different on the actual bluray ona tv screen. (i would hope) I'm just wondering how they look on average to small sized tv screens on the real thing. Does one have to strain to read them?
  6. Yep. Explains the chinese eyes.
  7. Yes, Massa Yoda, Yikes! indeed. Alot of time to cut out of a film, but I actually prefer the shorter version. It's dull enough as it is. But good to have the longer original version as well. Frog, I only have the same old crappy sounding tapes that everyone else has of that Police Story version. Someone on ADC made a custom dvd with that soundtrack on i think, but i doubt it sounds very good. For starters im not sure if they cut down the film to match the shorter audio or if they filled in the gaps with music from the HK version. 2nd, every tape I've got of that version has rubbish sound quality. I do have a version of Police Story with that alternate score with original cantonese dubbing, cut to the shorter UK length. Its from EMI slip case VHS. I plan to put it on a custom dvd one day. One day. The sound quality of the music is much crisper/clearer than the english dub videos I've heard.
  8. My bad, sorry, Just realized you're talking about Dragon Fist, for some reason I thought we we were talking about New Fist of Fury for some reason. Mainly coz of the 20 mins cut/missing and the word "Fist". That just made me think of the New Fist Fury. Sorry.
  9. No, it's the HKL version that's cut by 20 mins. aka, the rerelease. The Columbia Tri star is the full length version. Or at least, 20 mins longer. So you're mistaken there. And the english dubs are the same. There is one. I know one dvd is mandarin and one has cantonese dubs though. I can't remember which has which. That is never gonna happen in this day and age. that score was made for the really cut down version for UK/American VHS. Likely never to be used again on any official release. But it's ok, custom dvds have it.
  10. Well I've already made others over the years obviously for various Jackie Chan or Yuen Biao films. But they're not all the same standard. I'm kinda more happy with my new subtitle settings compared to my older dvds but they're still good , according to praise I get from time to time. Many other people make custom dvds too here but just aren't as vocal about it I guess. I don't really make custom dvds by request sorry, because I have a million i want to make already , but no doubt they'll include ones you want too, so that's groovy I've had a long break from making them, but I'm getting back into it now. I'll list you the ones I've made so far anyway in the pm. I'd love to update the subtitle fonts on all my old ones, but if i do that, I'll never get anywhere with new sh*t. I try to put as much as I can on the custom DVDs that I can find , in the way of bonus features. Sometimes I'm a bit lazy. But with Snake in the Eagle's Shadow I wasn't able to find an original HK/chinese trailer for the film ANYWHERE! One of the bonus features is an alternate opening though. It's the old RANK UK VIDEO Opening with different credits. font and content and it has a voice over the opening fight, to replace the dialogue scene between Whang Jang Lee and Fong Hak Ong. That was courtesy of Mike Surman.
  11. If you haven't gotten registered with Asiand dvd club, just wait a few days and my custom dvd for Snake in the Eagle's Shadow will be done. I'll be uploading it there, but if u can't download from there, just pm me and I'll sort you a copy on dvd9 for a small price to cover costs. It's the best version of the film around I believe. there is already one on ADC but it wasn't done right. Out of sync audio at times. Missing the original english dub with the HK original score track. etc... My version has perfectly sync'd and improved subtitle translation for the cantonese track as the current one on ADC used subs from Mei ah dvd which weren't correct. Mine are still missing the occasional bit of speach, i couldn't help that. Nobody's perfect. My subs are made up of a mixture of subs from film 4's version which started off with very close to correct translation then got lazy and slowly drifted into dubtitles,....so I used film four's subs mixed with the Mei Ah subs mixed with a bit of canto knowledge , mixed with help from chinese friends. the cat has his original name now , which is "Dirty face". Also, I perfectly, well close to perfectly sync'd the subs for the mandarin dub too, just to be thoroughly. ...as the scripts slightly differ. Both english dubs are on it - in proper sync. Not rushed job like many customs are. Basic static but oldshcool looking menus have music from the original score in stereo. Bonus Features are the same as on HKL's dvd but i switched the music of the music video to the original film theme tune. Anyway, I've said too much as usual, but just wait for that one. I would. It's PAL by the way, as I used the best print, ~Metropolitan french dvd print. It was missing the original Seasonal Films logo intro though, so I've put that back on.
  12. lol, i know. Annoying as F*ck it is! I really think that they think he's only ever done one photo shoot. I really do. *cough* Old news! *cough , cough splutter,....oh sorry, must be something in the air tonight. Dusty. Just kidding. Or am I? But really, I didn't realise those 3 films had the original eng dubs. thanks. Are they mono or mono sounding stereo mixes? I'm guessing they sound terrible, right? :/ shame.
  13. Hi, I'm looking for one or two spare spare plastic VHS cases for Virgin Vision label video tapes. You know, the brightly coloured art covered releases that were popular in the 80s and 90s from HK. I have some Golden Harest, Virgin tapes and sleeves but no cases to put them in, and these sleeves will only fit in these specially made cases. (what a b*tch!) The sleeve measurements are all wrong for regular other plastic cases. There may even be different sized cases within the Virgin Vision collection, I don't know I have a mint condition Warriors Two ( virgin ) to sell but obviously need a case first. What a bleeeep!!!!" I need x2 cases ultimately. If anyone can help, I'll....... stop global warming for us. Thanks...
  14. Son Of A Gun

    Wanted: Shout Factory's Jackie Chan 8 Film Collection

    Exactly, it's shout factory clearly you didn't get the memos as they were released. the Aspect Ratios have never been an issue have they/?