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  1. javier33

    Bruce Lee Bust

    Very interesting! good to see him that way! I also lake 24 star Jack Bauer, he is another favorite
  2. javier33

    Happy Birthday Jackie!

    so he is no 56! Like his being humble and jolly!
  3. been watching twilight movies. also like their animalistic fights!
  4. javier33

    Bruce or Jackie?

    I hardly see bruce lee's movies... but I know he is a martial arts legend... Jackie is a favorite but after his last movie "spy next door" I was disappointed.
  5. javier33

    Ip Man 2

    I've seen this movie! Movie is great because of really martial arts in action... I simply liked it because of martial arts display
  6. javier33

    Ninja Assassin (2009)

    Just seen the movie... Its one hell bloody movie! I liked it... quirking of bloods everywhere hehehhe
  7. javier33

    Public Enemy Series

    One Armed Boxer is definitely a hit!
  8. javier33

    Domerman Cop and Machine Gun Dragon?

    I hope the movie will be released here in my country soon, can't wait!
  9. javier33


    ^ I thought the same thing dude till I watched it. I even watched it twice because it is really action-packed and I love the story so much.
  10. javier33

    Will They Ever Release The Full Ninja The Final Duel?

    I hope they would decide finally! Meanwhile dudes, I have just watched the film "Ninja Assassin" and its really full pact action, thought you might wanna check it out in Youtube.