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  1. **Attention Kung Fu movie experts!** Please help me out here. I need as much information on this movie as possible including the title and if it is available on DVD. I was a very little kid when my Dad took me to see it so I will give you as much info as I can remember. I went to the theater in the 1970's with my father to see this movie. We lived in Raleigh, North Carolina and it played in a regular movie theater there. In the plot of the movie there was a little boy and a little girl (maybe they were brother and sister?) Their parents were killed in front of them by a group led by a really bad man that had a thin sword concealed in his cane. I think they were hiding when they saw their parents killed. The boy and girl grew up and learned martial arts and then went after the man (and his gang?) to get their revenge. If I remember right the girl was using her ponytails as a weapon and the boy had gotten some tattoos on his palms but the memories are really hazy. Maybe the tattoos on the boy hero's palms started to glow and give him extra power? I was VERY little when I saw it. It was my first martial arts movie. The evil man with the thin sword hidden in his cane really sticks out in my memory though. To a little kid he seemed seriously evil. I am trying my best to remember as much as I can about it. Anyone have any clue on this one? I would think because it played in a big theater that it would have been one of the bigger releases of the 70's. Any help is much appreciated! I would love to own this movie and watch it again as an adult! Hello everyone! I am brand new here with my first post. I hope to contribute what I can here since I collect movies and I do have some valuable knowledge from time to time.
  2. Dragonsword, thanks for your response and taking the time to read my post. Was there a movie in the 80's that sounded like the plot I listed? I am pretty sure it was in the 70's but either way it would definitely have to be before September 1981 because we moved to Atlanta that month. I remember the theater in Raleigh where it played downtown and how it had the old school awning with the red plastic letters. I'm not sure if the movie was Hong Kong, Japanese, or Shaw Brothers, but I am pretty sure it was one of those categories. Where is Falkor? Maybe he knows since he collects all those CineMart magazines from the 70's.
  3. I have some bad news. I got the DVD from Amazon and watched "The Invincible Iron Palm" and it is not the movie that I saw as a kid. In fact there is no guy with a cane and no girl that fights in it. There are girls with pony tails but they don't fight. So now I am back to looking for the movie again. I will add this after thinking it about it more: You do not expect the old guy with the cane to do anything because he acts crippled when in fact it is a trick and when you least expect it he pulls out the sword from his cane and kills. Also, I remember something about when someone is down on the ground after fighting, a final blow is made on their chest or stomach causing them to cough up blood. This may happen a couple of times to different people. Anyways, I had high hopes that "The Invincible Iron Palm" would be the movie but it is not. This movie has got to be known from someone so the search is back on. If you know anything, please respond.
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    Hiroyuki Sanada to join cast of LOST

    The fight scene with Said is good....but if you want to see Sanada Hiroyuki really kick ass then you must check out "Shogun's Ninja" from 1980
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    Corey Haim - 1971 to 2010

    Sad news. RIP.
  6. EDIT on 3/18: "Invincible Iron Palm" is NOT the movie. Because I just watched the DVD I bought from Amazon. So the post below was written before I got the DVD and watched it. Read the update underneath this one for more info. Original post on 3/11: Thank you so much Kwok Choi for the title of this film! Also, Thank you Morgoth for your reply and comments as well!:bigsmile: I just ordered the DVD on Amazon as soon as I saw the title Kwok Choi posted and did a search. I will keep you posted on my thoughts when it does arrive and I watch it. As niro stated it does come as a double feature along with "Shaolin Mega Force" (has anyone seen this one?) Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/Martial-Temple-Collection-Shaolin-Invincible/dp/B0001IXSUA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1268348906&sr=1-1 At this point I just want to see it again even if the quality is not superb. Like I said, It was one of my earliest childhood memories since my father took me to see it when I was 4 years old. It is VERY sentimental to me. I don't expect it will hold up now like it did when I was so little, but that man with the sword cane was in my nightmares for a loooong time after seeing this movie. He was the first villain I ever encountered in a movie and this was a few years before Darth Vader arrived on the scene...lol.. At least now I can watch it again and remember back to my first martial arts movie. I am telling you, seriously, I have been searching for the title of this movie for YEARS. I have asked sooo many people at conventions, at stores, and everywhere. I have had one person say that they remember seeing it also but didn't remember the name either. The big question I was always asked was "is it a Shaw Brothers movie" and I couldn't answer it because I wasn't sure. Now we know it wasn't. Just to add a little more to the story: Another movie my father took me to see as a kid right around the same time was "Phantom of the Paradise" the Brian DePalma film. That movie made a HUGE impact on me as well and some of those scenes were very shocking to a little kid. Especially the part where Winslow gets caught in the record press and the ending when you see Swan's face. It is crazy though because this movie actually holds up really good to me years later. I bought it on Laserdisk in the early 90's so I have long since reaquainted myself with that one. I bought the French Import on Blu Ray just before last Christmas and it looks and sounds incredible for a movie from 1973. Highly Recommended and worth the extra shipping costs from France. I can provide a link if anyone is interested. So has anyone seen "Invincible Iron Palm"? How close was my explanation of it? What did I exagerate? What are your opinions of it? What did Linn say in the commentary you mentioned Morgoth? Any other info you want to add? I am not sure if this is just a coincidence but think about it, "Invincible Iron Man" "Invincible Iron Palm"....lol .. how funny. Thanks Again Kwok Choi! You totally made my day!
  7. It is now at 170 views and no one has made a comment on this movie. Has anyone else seen this movie but just doesn't know the name of it? Maybe you can add more info about the plot so we can find someone who will know what it is called. I thought since this forum has alot of knowledgeable people on kung fu films I would have at least gotten a response. Any comments or suggestions is much appreciated.
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    FAO: Chinese readers. Need name ID help.

  9. Wow, this thread has had 99 views so far and no one has replied. Maybe this movie is rarer than I thought. If anyone knows about this movie I would greatly appreciate info. It would definitely help unlock one of my childhood mysteries. On a different subject: I just sat down last night and watched The 36th Chamber of Shaolin on Blu Ray. It was excellent though I wish it had been presented in progressive scan instad of interlaced (1080p verses 1080i). Oh well, can't have everything I guess. I am happy that it came out at least.
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