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  1. Juon 408

    Bruce Lee:The Legacy Collection from Shout!

    Anyone heard any news on individual Bluray releases? I ask because I don't have the money to shell out for the elaborate set, though it does look nice!
  2. Juon 408

    Battle Royale Region Free SE BR/DVD

    Ugh, the coverart for the single release and 4-disc set both suck. WTF Anchor Bay?
  3. Juon 408

    Battle Royale Region Free SE BR/DVD

    Not being apologetic about BR2. I really don't think it's anywhere near as bad as most of you people make it seem. Had it followed the usual sequel formula of copying the original, I would've hated it honestly. That's why I like BR2, it tried something different for once unlike most sequels. And have you seen any of the behind the scenes footage? Kinji DID guide that movie! That's what a lot of people seem to not realize. Kinji is more responsible for BR2 than Kenta was. Kinji made Kenta put the terrorism aspect in, Kinji was also there throughout rehearsals and even scouted the locations himself. Now, I know you didn't mention Kenta, but others have and that's the major part everyone seems to miss is that Kinji was more involved in that movie than people want to admit. I love Kinji's movies. In fact, I'm watching Hokuriku Proxy War right now, but to solely blame Kenta for BR2 is a bit petty as most of that blame, for haters, should be directed at Kinji. Sure BR2 has some flaws, but I've seen way worse in other films that are loved by the population, The Dark Knight comes to mind. Dark Knight is a good movie, but it also has plotholes far worse than BR2 does but most people look past those flaws (DK's).
  4. Juon 408

    Battle Royale Region Free SE BR/DVD

    The Revenge version of BRII put 20 minutes worth of footage back into the movie but it also changed a good bit of the original version. More glimpses of students that died early that we never really got to know like what the SE of the first movie did, more Chiba, a bit more violence (the missing missile that blew up the one boat that we never seen, is put back in, and other bits extended), some scenes are rearranged (hence the subtitle change from Requiem to Revenge. Requiem follows Shiori Kitano's point of view, whereas Revenge follows Nanahara's), quite a few flashbacks to BR reflecting Nanahara's point of view, soundtrack features a lil more music from BR to tie them closer together, extended convo between Haruya and Sakurai, the student death toll is now published over a black screen so it doesn't clutter it up in the middle of scenes, secondary characters also get a lil extended bits also. That's all I can think of right off bat.
  5. Juon 408

    Battle Royale Region Free SE BR/DVD

    I think I'm the only one that doesn't actually mind BRII. I am very happy about the 4-disc set though my question is now which version of BRII is it gonna be, Requiem (which you all hate) or the much superior Revenge version that fixed most of the stuff people complained about.
  6. Juon 408

    The Outrage Trilogy (2010/2012/2017)

    Just import the Japanese Bluray if you have a player. It'll work in U.S. players and has English subtitles already. Don't even need to alter your region either. That's the route I'm going once I get more money. Plus I'm sure the U.S. cover won't look as "outrageous" as the Japanese!
  7. Juon 408

    Battle Royale Region Free SE BR/DVD

    Special Version of the UK Bluray release has leaked. Seen screenshots of it. Looks like higher resolutioned DVD quality to me. Definitely holding out for Anchor Bay now. Hopefully they do release a better quality version in HD of it. I noticed compression artifacts in the screenshots I seen. Looks like all Arrow did was upconvert their original DVD masters instead of actually going back and using the uncompressed film itself that they should've gotten off of Tartan when they acquired the rights from them.
  8. Juon 408

    Battle Royale Finally Coming to U.S.

    I believe school shootings here is pretty much the main reason why it's taken so long, aside from the stuff I've heard about Toei wanting about 1-2 million for it and a wide theatrical release. But who knows how true that latter stuff is. Hell, everyone I know has already seen it, including people that don't even like Asian cinema.
  9. Juon 408

    Battle Royale Finally Coming to U.S.

    Not all of us have Blu-ray so that wouldn't be an option to me. Plus I have the original Tartan NTSC release but I want to see it in a theater and now I'll get to.
  10. http://www.nipponcinema.com/blog/battle-royale-gets-us-distribution BR3D is going theatrical here too. Can't believe it took this long for them to release this damn movie here.
  11. Juon 408

    What's your favourite Samurai film?

    You bastards just had to put "of all time" there didn't you!? I would have to go with either Yojimbo or Fall of Ako Castle.
  12. Juon 408

    Domerman Cop and Machine Gun Dragon?

    You are correct about Doberman Cop. It is supposed to be 2.35. So that's a huge fuck up on their part.
  13. Juon 408

    Domerman Cop and Machine Gun Dragon?

    Kurotokagi has a bootleg out of the new Japanese DVD release of Doberman Cop which was completely remastered. I just hate multiple movies on one disc due them having to get compressed even more than usual.
  14. Juon 408

    Domerman Cop and Machine Gun Dragon?

    Ugh, one disc... I'll pass.
  15. Juon 408


    From my understanding from a lot of the other sites. It is one of those love or hate movies.