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  1. Instantwatcher.com is invaluable for keeping track of what's on (and new on) Netflix Instant. I'd never have stumbled across many of those Miramax titles otherwise.
  2. Additionally, they've added ZU: WARRIORS FROM THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN (the original), EASY MONEY with Michelle Yeoh, IRON MONKEY II (the 1977 movie), and KING OF BEGGARS. KING OF BEGGARS is subtitled and in Cantonese mono (a shame, as it was originally released in Dolby Stereo), but it's cropped to 4:3. IRON MONKEY II is widescreen and dubbed. Haven't checked out ZU yet. I had NO idea Miramax bought IRON MONKEY II at some point. EDIT - That isn't the original ZU they've added to Netflix, it's the SUBTITLED, UNCUT version of LEGEND OF ZU... which is also available on Netflix in Miramax's dubbed hacked up version as ZU WARRIORS, mentioned above. It's just sporting the cast list and plot description of the original 80s film. It's cropped to 16:9 from 2.35:1, unfortunately.
  3. It's easily been a decade at the very least since I last watched the Tai Seng release of the film to compare, but I seriously doubt this Miramax version was cut... and if that wasn't the original music it was a world-class synth-powered approximation of a typical mid-1990s Hong Kong score. The only obvious alteration is the addition of the Miramax logo to the start and end of the film. Unless there's cuts I'm missing here, slap this exact presentation on a Blu-ray and I'll buy it on principle. As far as I know, Miramax only wrecked films they had concrete plans of releasing. The films they bought and shelved for years without touching, which have since trickled out to cable, Spanish language TV, and now Netflix, have pretty much been the model of what the customers have been asking for from DVD/Blu-ray releases (and even, on rare occasion, getting). High quality actual HD transfers, uncut, original audio mixes (well, except for on the Spanish language channels, obviously), and (what appear to be) reasonably good subtitles. I'm hoping against hope for their HD, retranslated, subtitled-end-text version of PEKING OPERA BLUES (which ran on Kung Fu HD back when that channel was around) to make an appearance.
  4. The Miramax print of WING CHUN is on Netflix Instant. Clean and clear Cantonese mono with yellow English subs. The film's probably never looked better.
  5. Rhythm-X

    Rating Surrendered

    Rating Surrendered means just that, the producers voluntarily opted to go unrated. Possibly, they were cut for R ratings theatrically, then released uncut on video rather than going out cut with an R or with an NC-17 uncut. But these films strike me as the sort that wouldn't have gotten a release wide enough to bother with getting rated in the first place. An odd situation.
  6. Rhythm-X

    Typhoon (2005)

    This was fucking AWFUL. Saw it in the theater when CJ and Paramount released it in the US. It was the Director's Cut version, running some minutes shorter than the Korean release, but it was not nearly short enough. The villain's master plan, hinging upon the meteorological condition mentioned in the title, was something Peter Griffin might have cooked up on the toilet. Avoid unless you like crappy faux-Jerry Bruckheimer dogshit. I was looking forward to this because I really liked the director's earlier film FRIEND. Ouch.
  7. Rhythm-X

    Favourite Martial Arts Movie Re-watches?

    There's never a wrong time to watch 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN or HEROES OF THE EAST.
  8. Rhythm-X

    Naked Soldier (2011)

    This doesn't really sound sleazy enough to be a worthy entry into the NAKED franchise. It might be a decent actioner though.
  9. Rhythm-X

    1983 article: The Chinese Dream Machine

    APPLAUSE It's an invaluable service to fans making these publications available. Many, many thanks. RSS feed: subscribed!
  10. Rhythm-X

    Weinsteins at it again. With The Kings Speech!

    I can't wait to see how people who thought the Weinsteins were reasonable these days react to the eventual release of the "new and improved" version of REIGN OF ASSASSINS they're confirmed to be cooking up. Also, I'm sure many people who would have utterly dismissed concerns about what the Weinsteins did to Asian movies will be SHOCKED, CONFUSED and APPALLED by the mistreatment of a fine, respectable film about British nobility.
  11. Rhythm-X

    Five Deadly Venoms on Blu-ray 5/17

    I'd completely dismiss this out of hand after the Dragon Dynasty Blu of 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN turned out to be a cruel joke - but the lack of subsequent Shaw Blu-rays from Dragon Dynasty since then, combined with the emergence of reportedly new and apparently high-grade HD transfers from Celestial shortly before this release announcement, has me a little curious about this disc.
  12. Rhythm-X

    Prison On Fire 1 and 2 Bluray edition

    The Region 1 BURNING PARADISE from micro-indie Discotek deserves a link. Despite what the cover art would have you think, it's a legitimate release.
  13. Oh God someone make this happen. Those countless, seemingly self-replicating threads really need somewhere to go.
  14. Rhythm-X

    New Shaw titles on Blu-Ray

    LOVE ETERNE might be the first title to get the re-remastering they talked about in that Ziieagle press release. An interesting development, and if it weren't for the remixed audio this would be downright exciting. [tinfoil] Wonder if this has anything to do with the lack of Blu-ray for Dragon Dynasty's Shaw releases after the embarassing 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN - have they known about and been waiting on these new masters? That would be nice - and totally out of character for that particular company. [/tinfoil]
  15. This extremely goofy film getting an R rating seems silly considering how much brutal violence is allowed in a PG-13 these days, and yet here we are. I guess Magnet's last R-rated Thai children's movie (POWER KIDS) did better than expected.