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    Gordon Liu update...

    yeah I alternately hear he's doing great - and seeing those pictures I don't know how recent that are just sad. The Jet Li thing sounds encouraging. I'm in for the get well soon thing, too.
  2. A hoax a dream something? For whatever reason I've got it in my head that there was a short lived TV show about a CIA or MI6 agent who retired to NYC but kept getting recruited into some international crises bc he was a very special agent. The star was a man of Indian descent. Also in the cast was one "Ti Lung". I've been googling around the past hour to see if Ti Lung is the same person we all know and love, but then I ended up googling just to make sure I haven't just made that up. Can anyone chime in? If it exists, I read about it in a recent magazine article somewhere. If not, I must have dreamt about reading about it and mistook my dream for real.
  3. Not to be confused with anti Qing rebel Hong Xiuquan who established the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom over Southern China and claimed to be Jesus's brother. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Xiuquan OT but I came upon a biography of Hong Xiuquan recently and was terribly confused.
  4. 18JadeArafats

    Plunger: overlooked comedy martial arts weapon

    I'm still trying to track down a movie I saw as a kid, where there was a fight on a narrow bridge between an umbrella wielding 沈殿霞 Lydia Shum Tin-Ha and a plunger wielding protagonist. The plunger at one point gets stuck on Lydia's um.. endowments.
  5. 18JadeArafats

    Interesting 8 Diagram Pole Fighter fact...

    Ha! And that kicking guy is on the US release of Taoism Drunkard or Young Taoism Fighter VHS.
  6. 18JadeArafats

    Phillip Ko Fei

    Thanks for the tip on Cantonen Iron Kung Fu. Now I'm gonna get me some more Ko Fei & Leung Kar Yan action. Great to hear he's still working. In Vietname even!
  7. Man, the Ma Chin Ku thread got me looking up youtube clips of the guy. Couldn't identify most of the movies on this montage, but wow - is it a coincidence that fights with him make people I normally don't like look legit (e.g. David Chiang, Norman Chiu): Whoever said he's got a distinctive style of movement got it spot on. Something about the attack and decay of his shapes: watching the Norman Chiu fight immediately reminded me that Ko Fei was the baddie in The Victim.
  8. Hear hear! That's badass. Thanks, Shapes! Miracle Fighters is one of my favorites, and a great one to introduce to non kf movie fans as well. Highly entertaining.
  9. Was going to kvetch about the 2 on 1 fight being a bad example of waiting your turn and not taking advantage of an occupied opponent, but I'm not gonna
  10. 18JadeArafats

    idea for a martial arts film festival

    I live in Ann Arbor. There seems to be a healthy kung fu fandom (based on one co-worker's account of kung fu movie nights w/ his fellow students) out in Detroit associated with the old school martial arts gyms out there. There are also folks putting on horror movie nights out in Detroit. It's a lot of work and organization, but maybe some of the theatres that host horror movie nights might be interested in collaborating. That said, I don't know what the options are out in Grand Rapids compared to Detroit.
  11. Looks great! Nice touch on the new wave style choreography.
  12. 18JadeArafats

    What Books Are You Currently Reading or Read?

    Just finished reading Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks, and Stalin - Breaker of Nations by Robert Conquests. Now reading The Emperor of All Maladies - A Biography of Cancer. All pretty heavy stuff, good reads, but heavy. So I've been reading Calvin and Hobbes and Krazy Kat on the side.
  13. 18JadeArafats

    Musicians topic

    Cool - if you can find them, the Vietnamese music series on the UNESCO/Phillips label or the Ocora/RadioFrance label are top notch. The album that turned my interest back to traditional acoustic music from the whole Black Sabbath - Motorhead - Carcass death metal trajectory was a compilation of Vietnamese artists who sought refuge in the US after the war - it was called Eternal Voices.
  14. 18JadeArafats

    Cliches of kung fu movie COLLECTORS...

    Can't follow plot or dialogue? not a problem Can't follow a fight bc of editing? man, that's #@%!
  15. 18JadeArafats

    Musicians topic

    As mentioned previously I'm studying traditional vietnamese music. If the situation in China is at all similar to Vietnam, it's really hard to get a good quality instrument unless you have connections - retail music stores seem to cater mostly to impulsive tourist buys. On the other hand, it seems poking around forums on the 'net that the guzheng has a pretty active American community that imports instruments and also some are made right here. In fact the tonewood for the guzheng - paulownia tomentosa grows really well out in the Carolinas. Maybe they'd have a domestic source for erhu, too, snakeskin soundboards and all.
  16. One of my friends from the Dominican Republic was telling me Ti Lung was known as Ice-Ti . Have no idea how believable that is, esp. if the name came about bc one couldn't read the Chinese names.
  17. 18JadeArafats

    The funniest?

    The end scene in Spiritual Boxer 2, where Wong Yue has fighting instructions on his clothes, so they get ripped off and he is fighting in a grass skirt and trying but failing to avoid mooning everyone is pretty hilarious.
  18. 18JadeArafats

    Adam Cheng

    Thanks for the awesome video. Is Kong Ming the Cantonese pronunciation of his name? In Vietnamese music there are a number of related songs (shared melodic motifs) named after Kong Ming. In particular there's Kong Ming on the Balcony (Khổng Minh Tọa Lầu http://youtu.be/az_s5wJhvik) which refers to a specific episode of Romance of the 3 Kingdoms where Kong Ming bluffs and casually plays his zither on the balcony while his forces were actually in disarray and ill-prepared to meet Cao Cao's advance.
  19. Holy crap that movie looks amazing! Wow, Lau kar Wing and the Venoms choreographing together? Badass! I know what movie is tops on my to view list now!
  20. 18JadeArafats

    Musicians topic

    I play guitar, had a band in high school/college called Automind. You can hear some of our stuff on last.fm or here: www.againstnature.us/BH/Automind/index.htm It's slow heavy metal, I guess. I also had prog rock ish band called Living Incense, whose only recording is The Five Deadly Venoms which I'm still sitting on, it's not released, yet. Hope to get back to this project soon as I get out of grad school. Also have a traditional Vietnamese music duo w/ my SO. I play the moon lute (dan nguyet) and she the zither (dan tranh, similar to guzheng, koto, kayageum) OP - from your equipment, seems like you're another metalhead Equipment: Westbury standard guitar w/ Tony Iommi pickups Schecter shred type guitar; both guitars are scalloped for playing Vietnamese music also. Some no name bass for noodling around Laney AOR30 amp Sovtek Mig 50 Tube Midget Amp MXR flanger, chorus Snarling Dogs Wah Moon lute
  21. I do like the 80's movies once in a while, more for the stunts (i.e. where Jackie Chan's Buster Keaton inspired action comes through) than the fights per se. The 80's fights are... "vicious" I guess? (Man that sounds stupid and/or curmudgeonly. I don't like it! The fights are too vicious!) It's not quite torture porn, but it's definitely 'people getting hit' porn. But then people are instantly ok, quopped up and ready to fight again. Not that 70's kung fu were more realistic or anything, just maybe more artful focused on the delivery of the hits and less on the effects of said hits.
  22. 18JadeArafats

    HONG KONG 2010 trip

    Thanks for posting the pics. I was there myself over the summer on the way to Vietnam. I'll have to look see if we got any post worthy pictures. Did you notice a lot of action movie style billboards featuring surprisingly unaction looking (but still glammed up, attractive) "stars". My Mandarin reading domesticated partner explained to me that those were actually ads from educational (like Kaplan test prep here) services. Those action stars are tutors! Blows my mind.
  23. I haven't seen Enter the Fat Dragon on the list yet. Off the top of my head it had Sammo (of course) and Yuen Biao. I thought I saw Yuen Mao too but no mention of him on hkmdb. Also, this wikipedia article is neat: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peking_Opera_School
  24. 18JadeArafats

    Cat Versus Rat

    Whoooaaa, that is clever. And as good an excuse as any to go back and watch that movie.
  25. 18JadeArafats

    Adam Cheng

    Tosh, I think you're vastly overrating Fantasy Mission Force (either that or I haven't seen enough of the other movies your classifying it with). For one thing, it's hard to see any exertion of effort behind it. The movie made no attempt at coherence, and the trailer made as much sense as the movie itself. The plot is some sort of commando mission to rescue Abraham Lincoln from the Japanese, who kidnapped him as part of their plan to invade Canada from the US. Or something. I think the first 20 minutes I saw it I keep thinking to myself, "I can't believe each scene so far is more retarded than the previous one; wonder when that will stop." Here's a good review of it, the one that made me go check it out: http://teleport-city.com/wordpress/?p=586 re reading the review - oh right, how could I forget the Nazis riding in chariots drawn by 70's muscle cars with swastikas painted on them.