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  1. I'm cool with it. As long as everything else is HD and in Japanese, I'm cool. I can deal with 4 minutes of SD. Now the question remains, if this sells well enough, could we get more Chiba from Shout!?
  2. Great news! The Street Fighter Collection is out 3/26/19 and today we are happy to share with you the breakdown of special features! See below for details and pre-order now at: https://www.shoutfactory.com/product...ighter trilogy.DISC ONE: THE STREET FIGHTER- NEW 2K Scan Of The Original Film Elements- Uncut Version Of The Film (91 Minutes) With English And Japanese AudioDISC TWO: RETURN OF THE STREETFIGHTER- NEW 2K Scan Of The Original Film Elements- Uncut Version Of The Film (83 Minutes) With English And Japanese AudioDISC THREE: THE STREET FIGHTER’S LAST REVENGE- NEW 2K Scan Of The Original Film Elements- U.S. Cut Of The Film (80 Minutes) With English Audio- Japanese Cut Of The Film (84 Minutes) With Japanese AudioPLUS:- NEW Interview With Star Sonny Chiba- NEW Interview With Filmmaker Jack Shoulder- Theatrical Trailers- Still Gallery
  3. Still no news on special features? Waiting nervously ever day to see if these will include the Japanese audio.
  4. Vegeta84

    R.I.P. Masashi Ishibashi

    Well, that sucks. Hopefully he will get a bunch of new fans with the upcoming Street Fighter and Sister Street Fighter boxsets.
  5. Great news. Still hoping the Street Fighter boxset has the Japanese audio as would love to have both of these.
  6. Vegeta84

    The Outrage Trilogy (2010/2012/2017)

    So this just came out on Blu-ray in the US. Top notch release and a top notch film. There is a making of that runs for about an hour and the picture quality is great. All three films have had great transfers. Sad to see this series end, as the Yakuza genre is slowly fading away from Japanese cinema. I really enjoyed this and brings back memories of the Fukasaku films. Betrayal after betrayal mixed in with a few murders. I loved this series overall, and I doubt we'll ever see another Yakuza film done by Kitano. If you enjoyed the first two films, check this out!
  7. My comment got deleted, so maybe I asked the wrong question. PM sent.
  8. Any idea who to ask if this will have Japanese audio or not? Really want to know as the suspense is killing me, as I'm really looking forward to these films, but only if the Japanese audio is included.
  9. Yeah, I haven't given up hope yet. Hopefully we get confirmation soon.
  10. Hope so. It originally said Japanese audio and then changed to English. I've e-mailed them about this, so hopefully I get a response soon.
  11. Pretty much my concern. If there is no Japanese audio, then can't say I'm interested.
  12. The big question I have is if the Japanese audio will be included? If not, not interested in this set.
  13. Great news. Now, hopefully they give us Yakuza Graveyard.
  14. Also, are there any other major Asian cinema forums? I'd like to post this message on other forums as well, but this is the one I know the best.