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    Wanted - Asian Black Magic & Horror VHS

    I wrote you a PM
  2. Have a look: http://www.ebay.de/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_ssn=lasergalaxy&item=171847381383&_osacat=0&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313.TR11.TRC1.A0.H0.XVHS.TRS0&_nkw=VHS&_sacat=0
  3. Here you can bid or buy it: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Devil-Design-1980-World-Video-VHS-Pai-Ying-Swordsplay-Fantasy-Horror-/171838720872?
  4. it was sold on ebay 4 months ago for 288 US $. So i try the same simply.
  5. Some are possible for 20 Euro
  6. Who is interested in Tai Seng VHS? Prices start from 25 Euro. Banana Spirit Curse Of The Zombie Devil Curse Diary Of A Serial Killer Jumping Corpses Liu Jai Home For The Intimate Ghosts Malevolent Mate Man Of Nasty Spirit, A Skin Striperess The Pretty Ghostress Story The Romance Of The Vampires The Spiritual Love Wizard's Curse Witchcraft Vs. Curse Astray Lamb Body Lover China Dolls Chinese Torture Chamber Story Come On Girls Comfort Women Crazy Love Erotic Journey False Lady Ghost Story Of Kam Pin Mui Hidden Desire Hidden Passion Hot Desire Hunting List Naked Rose Offence Storm Pearl Of The Oriental Pretty Woman Sex For Sale Sex Of The Imperial The Rapist Two For The Bed Wild Party, A Angel Force (sub) Angel Terminators 2 Angel's Mission Big Circle Blues Brave Young Girls Burning Ambition Carry On Yakuza Challenge To Devil Area Chinese Cop-out Dark Side Of Chinatown Deadly Dream Woman Devil Hunters (sub) Eye For An Eye Fatal Chase Fatal Target Hard to kill Hero Dream Kickboxer's Tears Killer Angels (sub) Lethal Extortion Lethal Panther Lethal Panther 2 License To Steal Marked For Murder Midnight Angels Mission of Condor Mission Recall New Killers In Town No Way Back Passionate Killing In The Dream Queen Of Gamblers Revanchist Satyr Monks Slave Of The Sword The Dignified Killers Wonderful Killer
  7. Hi is someone interested in these Hong Kong LDs? All are in quite good condition. hidden desire - 35 euro ghost punting - 40 euro spooky family (no sub) - 30 euro here comes a vampire - 30 euro a killer's romance - 40 euro red zone - 35 euro requital - 30 euro the big score - 30 euro operation pink squad - 30 euro guests in the house - 30 euro the dragon fighter (no sub) - 30 euro big brother - 30 euro devil hunters (no sub) - 30 euro
  8. Who is interested in this Hong Kong LDs? I have edited the prices and the LDs are 5 Euro cheaper now. Wonderful killer – 50 euro A killing order – 50 euro The sniping (no sub) – 45 euro Final target – 45 euro Fury of the tiger – 50 euro The power of money (no sub) – 30 euro Shanghai 1920 – 30 euro Midnight angel (no sub) – 40 euro Pink panther (taiwan ld) – 35 euro Iron angels – 45 euro Angel or whore – 50 euro Secret police (no sub) – 55 euro Passionate dream – 35 euro He who chases after the wind – 45 euro Endless passion – 25 euro The cyprus tigers – 40 euro Stuntmen – 30 euro The buddhist spell (mei ah) – 40 euro Legend of the drunken tiger – 40 euro Never say regret (no sub) – 35 euro Edge of darkness – 45 euro Fight to survive – 30 euro Shy spirit – 50 euro Green hornet - 35 euro Midnight express in orient – 30 euro Ninja hunter – 40 euro My friend roy (no sub) – 25 euro Kidnap (sub?) – 25 euro The fatal day (sub?) – 25 euro No regret no return – 30 euro The wild couple – 30 euro Master of zen – 30 euro Mad mad ghost (taiwan ld) – 30 euro Lamb killer (tw ld) – 30 euro Legend of wong tai sin (tw ld) – 35 euro Guns and roses (tw ld) – 25 euro Yellow river fighter (chin. Sub?) – 30 euro Brotherhood (uncut) – 35 euro Return of the evil fox (canada ld) – 35 euro The tantana – 35 euro Asian cop – high voltage – 30 euro The unbearable – 25 euro Tough beauty and the sloppy slop – 30 euro Prince of portland street – 25 euro To catch a thief – 25 euro Asian connection – 25 euro Future love – 25 euro Dragon killer – 30 euro The killer’s love – 25 euro Bloody Friday – 25 euro From zero to hero – 25 euro Gambling baron - 25 euro Combo cops – 25 euro How to meet the lucky stars – 30 euro Thunder cops – 30 euro Mad mad 1997 – 30 euro News attack – 40 euro Circus kid – 25 euro Pantyhose hero – 40 euro The family of swindler king – (no sub) – 25 euro Funny ghost - 25 euro Shogun and little kitchen – 25 euro The other side of the sea – 25 euro Spider woman – 25 Don’t give a damn – 25 euro Top borrower – 25 euro Fussy ghost – 25 Mad mad ghost – 30 Shhot to kill (no sub) – 25 Guns and roses 25 Shanghai heroic story – 30 euro Zen of sword – 30 euro Man of the times 25 Informer (1995)no sub 25 Fire dragon 25 Enemy shadow 25 Armed policewoman 25 Vampire family 30 To love ferrari -25 Forsaken cop 25 Rock n roll cop uncut 25 To live and die in tsimshatsui 30 highway man 25 it takes two to mingle no sub 25 the dying run no sub 25 velvet gloves 25 son of dragon no sub 30 fumbling cops 30 hong kong adam’s family 30 the night rider 25 story of the gun drugs fighters final run live hard armageddon (alex man) no sub pursuit of a killer her vengeance (nearly uncut, no sub) vilence is uncut (joy sales is cut) Escape from Coral Cove (1986) Health Warning (1983) Strike Back 1994 Gambling Ghost Are Ready (1992) Red Lips 1991 Running Mate (1989) The Real Me 1991 Angel on Fire 1995 Mad, Mad 83 Edge of Darkness (1988) Operation Pink Squad 1988 The Little Cute Fellow 1984 The Last Conflict 1988 Little Hero on the Run (1995) The Revenge of Angel (1990) The Vengeance of Six Dragon 1992 A Killing Order 1994 in the blood clans of intrigue (leung kar yan) Ghost Punting The Sweet and Sour Cops (1981) Chez N'Ham Story (1993) The Modern Love (1994) Megaforce From Highland (1992) Once Upon a Mirage 1982 Chatter Street Killer (1988) Walking Beside Me (1986) A Fate of Love 1991 Martial Arts Master Wong Fei Hung (1992) Friendly Ghost (1985) Red Fists (1991) When East Meets West (1990) The Dare Devils (1991) No Way Back 1990 Angel Enforcers (1989) Treasure Island 1993 Money Maker 1991 Flatliner 1994 Forbidden Imperial Tales 1990 The Beloved Son of God (1988) Dragons Forever Bachelor Men 1996 Rock N'Roll Cop (1994) Bitter Taste of Blood (1988) Brotherhood (1987) Just Married 1995 The Peach Blossom Land 1992 (Brigitte Lin) The Red Phoenix 1978 (David Chiang) Curry and Pepper 1990 Fatal Assignment (1995) Will of Iron (1991) King of Stanley Market (1988) No Justice for All 1995 Beyond's Diary 1991 Spy Games 1990 Mask of Vengeance 1980 Fox Hunter 1995 Yes Madam 1995 To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui 1994 The Formula 19937 Painted Faces (1988) underground judgement Manhunt Across the Border 1993 (TV movie) A Friend's Wife 1995 (TV movie) Endless Nightmare 1993 (TV movie) We're No Heroes (1994) (TV movie) loving you a touch of evil the tai-chi master The Magnificent Scoundrels To Err Is Humane Love Recipe Endless Passion Executioners Run Avenging Trio C'est La Vie Mon Cheri Drunken Master 100 Ways to Murder Your Wife Fire Dragon Whatever You Want Passion 1995 Gun n' Rose Die Harder The True Hero Why, Why, Tell Me Why!! Wing Chun The Head Hunter (1982) The Unleaded Love O.C.T.B. Case - The Floating Body Don't Give a Damn The Autumn's Tale Crazy Safari Queen of Underworld Once a Black Sheep Ghostly Bus The Mad Monk The Tragic Fantasy - Tiger of Wanchai Kung Fu Vs. Acrobatic Fantasy Romance The Little Drunken Masters The Returning The Other Side of the Sea Farewell My Dearest Affectionately Yours The Bride with White Hair Twist Happy Bigamist Flaming Brothers The Enigma of Love Scared Stiff The Inspector Wears Skirts Right Here Waiting... With or Without You Malevolent Male 3 Days of a Blind Girl Girl with the Diamond Slipper What a Hero! The Chinese Ghostbuster Bloody Brothers Who's My Father ? Ashes of Time Heart to Hearts Cop Image From Zero to Hero Easy Money (1994) High Risk no guilty fatal seduction
  9. a12345

    Hong Kong Laserdisc Offer

    Pm @ TheKungFuRobber
  10. I offer here rare Japanese VHS tapes from famous directors. All are in very good condition. I prefer to sell all in one batch, but I can sell also single tapes. Make me offers please. Click on the image for a fullsized photo First photo: 1. Ambition Without Honor仁義なき野望 (1996) - Takashi Miike, Action / Yakuza / Drama http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0304237/ 2. Ambition Without Honor 2 仁義なき野望2 (1997) - Action / Drama, Takashi Miike http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0304238/ 3. Ambition Without Honor 3 仁義なき野望3 (1998) – Action – Masatake http://www.jmdb.ne.jp/1998/ov089100.htm 4. A Human Murder Weapon 人間兇器 愛と怒りのリング (1992) - Takashi Miike, Action, Drama, www.imdb.com/title/tt0304476/ 5. Last Run 疾走フェラーリ250GTO / ラスト・ラン~愛と裏切りの百億円 (1992) - Action / Drama Takashi Miike http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0304318 6. Turtle Vision 盗撮レポート 陰写! (1991) - Hisayasu Sato Horror / Thriller / Erotic http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103142/ 7. Rouge ルージュ (1984) Erotic, Thriller http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0286211/ 8. Sukeban Deka: Dirty Mary すけばん刑事 ダーティ・マリー (1974) - Yasuharu Hasebe, Action, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0227580 9. Beauty Reporter: Rape Broadcast 美人レポーター 暴行生中継 (1989) , Pink / Thriller / Media Satire , Hisayasu Sato, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097785/ 10. Hentai byôtô: Hakui seme (1988) Hisayasu Satô http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0247404/ 11. Muhan (1985) , Naosuke Kurosawa, Erotic, Thriller http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0287163/ 12. Eyecatch Junction 突風! ミニパト隊 アイキャッチ・ジャンクション (1991) Takashi Miike, Action, Comedy http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0142922/ 13. Pervert Ward: Torturing the White Uniform 変態病棟 白衣責め (1988) Hisayasu Sato , Pink, Thriller. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0247404/ 14. Mofuku Hakusho 喪服白書Naoyuki Tomomatsu http://www.buyuru.com/item_830021_2.html Click on the image for a fullsized photo Second photo: 1. Dennou Oooku電脳大奥Naoyuki Tomomatsu http://www.buyuru.com/item_837647_1.html 2. Pachipro Bakuretsu-denパチプロ爆裂伝 ~無敗伝説 飛鳥 翔~Naoyuki Tomomatsu http://www.buyuru.com/item_913821_1.html 3.-6. Thirteen Nights十三夜- Naoyuki Tomomatsu http://www.buyuru.com/item_830468_1.html http://www.buyuru.com/item_1085257_1.html http://www.buyuru.com/item_1085444_1.html http://www.buyuru.com/item_1086344_1.html
  11. I have those for sale: Widow Warriors - Mei Ah Satanic Crystals - Octopus Video Fatal termination - Laser Video Challenge to devil area - Era Iron Angels 2 - Ocean Shores And in February: Angel's Project - Star Queen's High - Mei Ah The Mighty Gambler (sub) - Network Kingdom On Parole - Universe
  12. The FLK version should have english subtitles. Does anyone have it? http://flkcinema.com/product.php?mid=2679 http://hkmdb.com/db/movies/view.mhtml?id=14960&display_set=eng
  13. Hi does anyone need this Hong Kong laserdisc titles? Fatal Chase (Yukari Oshima) - 40 Euro The Plot (Simon Yam) - 40 Euro No Guilty (Lam Wai) - 50 Euro Fury In Red (Conan Lee) - 35 Euro Who's Killer (Lam Wai) - 50 Euro Underground Warfare (Dick Wei) - 40 Euro Scheming Wonders (Conan Lee) - 35 Euro Ghost Punting (Eric Tsang) - 50 Euro Wizard's Curse (Lam Ching-Ying) (no sub) - 45 Euro Legend of the drunken tiger (Kara Hui) - 35 Euro Requital (Alan Tang) - 35 Euro That's Money (Yukari Oshima) (no sub) - 40 Euro Lady Killer (Karel Wong) - 45 Euro
  14. a12345

    Wanted:ocean shores vcd

    Ocean shores vcd releases: Cv-002 花田?事 all's well end's well too 張國榮 許冠傑 關之琳 ?君如 cv-003 花街狂奔 (iii) escape from brothel 陳寶蓮 村上麗奈 方中信 cv-004 brother of darkness cv-005 daughter of darkness cv-006 pretty woman cv-014 red to kill cv-019 夢差人 cop image 黄秋生 許志安 王馨平 cv-024 黄飛鴻對黄飛鴻 master wong vs master wong i 譚詠麟 鄭裕玲 曾志偉 ?孟達 cv-035 重慶森林 chung KING EXPRESS 梁朝偉 林青霞 金城武 cv-038 燈籠 lantern 莫少聰 朱 茵 ?孟達 cv-042 legal innocence cv-047 我愛法拉利 TO LOVE FERRARI 周慧敏 邵仲衡 cv-051: A touch of evil cv-055 尖東雙虎 from the same family 徐濠螢 林文龍 張耀揚 cv-077 love is love cv-078 a step to heaven cv-080 fallen angels cv-090 born to be wild cv-091 還是覺得?最好 husband and wife 鍾淑慧 ?岱融 王 喜 ?秋生 cv-096 貼身保? (iii) bodyguard, the 米 雪 蔡珮玲 cv-097 但願有情人 future love 譚凱欣 劉少君 程小龍 洪 鋒 cv-098 雷霆行動 ultimate revenge 楊麗菁 劉少君 李莉莉 姚正菁 cv-118 tiger cage 3 cv-119 the twilight of the forbidden city cv-121 shanghai heroic story cv-126 fire dragon cv-132 ghost for sales cv-142 再起風雲 last duel, the 萬梓良 關芝琳 張偉健 cv-165 金榜題名 (iii) to be no. 1 張智霖 丁子峻 李修賢 任達華 cv-182 觸目驚心 instanity 周海媚 任達華 cv-187 義本無言 code of honour 周潤發 柯俊雄 林 威 cv-220 四十二式太極拳 forty two forms tai ji quan 薜安日 cv-231 十五億殺人網絡 web of deception 葉方華 周文健 盧敏儀 彭 丹 cv-236 ?屍翻生 new mr vampire 錢小豪 王小鳳 呂 方 cv-237 天官賜福 reincanation 鍾鎮濤 葉 童 cv-268 escape from coral cove cv-275 淫種 rape after, the ?錦? 曾慶瑜 秦蔚文 cv-276 凶咒 blood sorcery 白 彪 馮天娜 谷 峰 關海山 cv-277 養鬼仔 crazy spirit 呂良偉 胡慧中 cv-285 風雨双流星 THE KILLER METEORS 成龍  cv-298 chinese cop out cv-299 三十二式太極劍 thirty two forms tai ji jian( sword) 薜日安 cv-373 詭計 wipe out ?鎮宇 伍詠薇 曹永廉 紀炎炎 cv-375 devil fetus cv-380 split of the spirit cv-381 假如我是真的 if i were for real 譚詠麟 胡冠珍 向 ? Cv-382 上海社會?案 on the society file shanghai 陸小芬 崔守平 彭君輝 cv-383 老友鬼鬼 friendly ghost 曾志偉 岑健勳 王 青 cv-384 x陷? Seven foxes 林青霞 爾東陞 葉倩文 孫 越 cv-385 花伴舞春風 flower just smile in the spring breeze 譚詠麟 林鳳嬌 歸亞雷 cv-386 佳期鬧翻天 undated wedding 鍾鎮濤 沈 雁 方 正 cv-387 冷眼殺機 exposed to danger 譚詠麟 陸小芬 cv-388 燃燒0.7度 burning love 鍾鎮濤 藍毓莉 江 玲 cv-389 閃亮的日子 golden age, the 張艾嘉 劉文正 cv-390 唐朝綺麗男 tong chee yi li nan 夏文汐 紐承鐸 楊 帆 cv-391 娶錯老婆投錯胎 jokes palying games 董 驃 鄧碧雲 玄智慧 cv-392 悲之秋 sorrowful wedding, a 秦 漢 陳秋霞 cv-393 翠寒湖 spring lake, the 秦 漢 林鳳嬌 cv-394 煙水寒 glory of the sunset, the 秦 漢 甄 珍 cv-395 典妻 pawned wife, the 陸小芬 謝屏楠 cv-411 ?馨在我心 my sweet love 秦 漢 林青霞 薜 芳 cv-412 處處聞啼鳥 everywhere birds are singing 林青霞 劉文正 馬永霖 cv-416 愛情長? Run lover run 林青霞 鄧光榮 cv-418 戀愛反斗星 poor chasers 林青霞 秦 漢 譚詠麟 歸亞雷 cv-419 楓葉情 forever my love 林青霞 鄧光榮 藍毓蘭 cv-420 中國女兵 women soliders, the 林青霞 湯蘭花 夏玲玲 cv-421 我是一沙? Come fly with me 林青霞 秦祥林 秦 漢 劉尚謙 cv-422 晨霧 morning fog 林青霞 秦 漢 cv-431 兵兵賊賊 bomb-shell, the 徐少強 關 聰 cv-432 線人 informer, the 任達華 柳影紅 蘇絲? Cv-433 花? My beloved 萬梓良 余安安 cv-435 friend 過打 band funny boys 鄭則士 呂良偉 王 青 cv-436 籠裡? Desperados, the 鍾鎮濤 ?杏秀 cv-437 摧花者死 rape and die 周秀蘭 呂良偉 ?孟達 cv-438 碼頭 pier, the 梁家仁 徐少強 王龍威 cv-439 打雷台 flash future kung fu 呂良偉 王龍威 高 雄 cv-440 魔戰 devils box 任達華 關雪麗 cv-441 馬後砲 comedy, the 鄭則士 湯蘭花 王 青 cv-442 ?禍 yellow peril 鄧光榮 湯蘭花 張 翼 cv-443 毒蠱 brutal soccery 黎漢持 關海山 陳莉莉 cv-444 孖襟兄弟 company, the 鄭文雅 廖偉雄 王 青 cv-445 我的媽媽 my mother 呂良偉 柯俊雄 甄 珍 cv-447 大? Cop killer, the 曾 江 ?元申 白 鷹 cv-450 冰雪情關英雄膽 inheritor of kung fu 狄 龍 張 玲 cv-451 calamity of snake cv-452 鬼馬五福星 lucky by chance ?拿五虎 沈 雁 cv-453 龍拳蛇手鬥蜘蛛 challenge of death 譚道良 王 道 cv-454 鶴形?手螳螂腿 death dual of kung fu, the 王 道 劉忠良 韓 鷹 cv-455 大武士與小?客 hero of the wild ?正利 陳 星 龍君兒 cv-457 蛇魔女 THE SNAKE GIRL 李莎月 関山雲 cv-458 少林醉八拳 shaolin drunken monk 劉家輝 錢月笙 ?一道 cv-459 破戒大師 warrior from shaolin 劉家輝 劉家榮 劉家勇 cv-461 一膽二力三功夫 fists and guts 劉家輝 羅 烈 尤翠玲 cv-462 神鵰英雄 shaolin hero 梁家仁 孟 飛 高 飛 cv-463 禪武門 general invincible 鄭少秋 張 玲 cv-464 術士神傳 ninja in the deadly trap 狄 龍 cv-465 連環炮 man from holland, a 呂良偉 陳惠敏 高 飛 cv-466 新死亡遊戲 new game of death, the 何宗道 龍 飛 cv-467 老虎?星 end of the wicked tiger, the 洪金寶 向華強 cv-472 獸心 behind the storm 李修賢 ?錦? Cv-474 夢拳蘭花手 dreaming fist with slender hands 胡 錦 龍 飛 cv-475 威震天南 BRUCE LEE THE INVINCIBLE 何宗道 陳星 陳恵敏 cv-476 洪文定與胡亞彪 guy with secret kung fu, the 孟 飛 燕南希 陳莎莉 cv-478 英雄 heroes, the 狄 龍 李修賢 施 思 cv-482 鷹爪螳螂 eagle's claw 張 翼 戚冠軍 王 道 cv-483 神刀流星拳 green jade statuette, the 孟 飛 戚冠軍 王冠雄 高 飛 cv-485 快樂英雄 brotherhood of hero, the 衛子雲 凌 雲 cv-489 勾魂針奪命拳 fatal needles vs fatal fists 王 道 張 翼 羅 烈 cv-490 洪熙官 方世玉 陸阿采 invincible kung fu trio, the 劉忠良 孟 飛 陳觀泰 cv-491 離別勾 deadly sword,the 余安安 衛子雲 凌 雲 cv-492 碧血洗銀槍 silver spear 田 鵬 田 鶴 孟 飛 cv-493 蝶無影 dark lady of kung fu 張 玲 田 鵬 cv-494 七十二?星 72 desperate rebels, the 白 鷹 衛子雲 陳 星 宗 華 cv-495 大鷹王 eagle king, the 宗 華 葛小寶 譚恩美 cv-496 二等良民 second class resident 喬 宏 彭健新 余綺霞 cv-500 失節 anger, the 陸小芬 林在培 劉?燕 cv-501 微笑 smiling face, the 甄 珍 秦 漢 周月薇 cv-502 痴情奇女子 kill for love 陸小芬 張富美 趙樹海 cv-503 南拳北腿活閻王 hot,the cool,and the vicious,the 王 道 譚道良 cv-504: Crazy blood cv-508 陰陽奇兵 THE YOUNG TAOISM FIGHTER 袁日初 劉皓皓 cv-509 鬼馬天師 TAOISM DRUNKARD 袁日初 袁祥仁 袁信義 cv-511 ?館 THE CHALLENGER 徐少強 姜大衛 cv-518 佻皮?冤家 spring fever 譚詠麟 彭雪芬 李道洪 cv-519 東追西??跳? Going up any body 譚詠麟 胡冠珍 cv-520 錯體情 love me love me not 譚詠麟 胡冠珍 林在培 cv-521 真真的愛 true love 甄 珍 秦 漢 胡茵夢 cv-522 學生哥 part time job 譚詠麟 應采靈 cv-523 神勇女?星 girl with a gun 譚詠麟 銀 霞 cv-525 寧靜海 silent lake, the 恬 ? 胡茵夢 馬永霖 cv-527 愛的賊船 pirate of love, a 秦祥林 張艾嘉 cv-529 女賊 pink thief 陸小芬 崔守平 cv-530 雁兒歸 flying home 秦 漢 陳秋霞 cv-531 瘋狂年輕人 crazy youth, the 陸小芬 恬 ? 林南施 李慕塵 cv-532 情深恨更深 tainted love 秦祥林 甄 珍 秦 漢 cv-533 愛有明天 love in the shadow 秦 漢 甄 珍 劉尚謙 cv-534 黑?瑰 crisis crisis 陸小芬 王 道 倉田保昭 cv-535 冷艷嬌娃 sexy lady driver, the 陸小芬 張富美 林在培 cv-536 霹靂戰士 women warriors of kingmen 陸小芬 呂秀菱 銀 霞 cv-537 誘惑 temptation 陸小芬 龍劭華 馬 莎 cv-539 一片情深 choice of the love, the 秦祥林 林青霞 cv-541 天生一對 funny couple, the 譚詠麟 陳秋霞 cv-543 東邊晴時西邊雨 come rain come shine 秦祥林 唐寶雲 甄 珍 cv-545 蘭花草 reunion in the rain 秦 漢 伍 楓 王 孫 cv-546 霧茫茫 misty love 謝玲玲 劉尚謙 cv-564 鷹爪鬼手 eagle's killer, the 張午郎 ?正利 cv-566 老夫子 old master "q" 喬 宏 丁 佩 梁 天 cv-568 水月十三刀 lone ninja warrior 田 鵬 夏玲玲 cv-569 狼女白鷹(魔) wolf devil woman 張 玲 石 峰 王 ? Cv-570 金粉遊龍 matching escort 張 玲 孟 飛 cv-571 蓋世奇花 miraculous flower 張 玲 歸亞雷 宗 華 cv-572 寒山飛狐 jade dagger ninja 田 鵬 龍君兒 田 鶴 宗 華 cv-573 珠江大風暴 tornado of pearl river 譚道良 胡 錦 cv-578 不夜城 sleepless town 金城武 山本未來 曾志偉 cv-579 猛鬼醫院 ghost's hospital 葉德嫻 車保羅 關海山 cv-580 大?里 countryman, the 譚炳文 李香琴 cv-581 大?里續集 countryman and scavenger 譚炳文 李添勝 cv-582 ?係得口既 you are wonderful 譚炳文 李香琴 沈殿霞 盧海鵬 cv-583 大男人 great man, the 譚炳文 沈殿霞 李香琴 盧海鵬 cv-584 鬼馬狂潮 cunning tendency 沈殿霞 李香琴 ?韻詩 李道洪 cv-585 大鬥大 ulmost greatness, the 譚炳文 李香琴 cv-586 ?居仔與牛?眼 crazy boy and pop-eye 元 寶 鄭則士 盧海鵬 cv-587 四維太極扇 tai ji shan (fan) 羅 媛 cv-594 火燒紅蓮寺 story in temple red lily 嘉 凌 譚道良 謝玲玲 cv-596 追命殺手 avenger, the 江 彬 李 ? ? 彬 cv-597 怒火 soul of samurai 張清清 江 彬 cv-598 the lost samurai sword cv-600 再見阿郎 goodbye darling 張美瑤 柯俊雄 祝 菁 cv-603 江湖正將 fortune hunters 錢小豪 朱寶意 謝 賢 cv-605 一年幽夢 one year's fantasy 鄧光榮 甄 珍 cv-607 超齡處男 oh! My god 董 ? 午 馬 羅 烈 谷 峰 cv-608 靈魔 obsessed, the 苗可秀 高 強 關 生 cv-609: Dead curse cv-610 night girls cv-611 黑色午夜 midnight 顏麗如 陳?琪 于?蔚 cv-612 星期六約會 saturday date, a 秦祥林 恬 ? Cv-622 邪妻 wicked wife 梁修身 陸勝蓮 cv-623 柳暗花明又一春 stealing love, the 胡燕? 鄧光榮 金 川 cv-624 男歡女愛 love competition 湯蘭花 鄭少秋 cv-626 今生今世 impetuous fire 鄧光榮 余安安 唐菁 cv-627 象妻 elephant wife 金露華 ?靜芳 cv-629 情竇初開 young lovers 秦祥林 恬 ? 周丹薇 cv-631 愛苗 beloved grass, the 秦祥林 王釧如 葛小寶 cv-632 手足情深 brotherly love 秦祥林 王 羽 恬 ? Cv-636 少林佛家大道 shaolin disciple, the 劉家勇 谷 峰 盧 穎 cv-638 仙妻 fairy wife 江 彬 張清清 田 明 cv-639 真假太太 true and false wife, the 柯俊雄 歸亞蕾 左艷蓉 cv-640 糊塗英雄 luckiest, the 林子祥 林建明 伊 雷 cv-641 獸性地獄女 unreal dream 陳惠敏 陳莉莉 高 飛 cv-642 大通緝令 big raid, the 孫 越 陳莎莉 崔柏生 cv-643 七先生與?巴花 mr.seven & the dumb girl 劉嘉芬 倪敏絲 cv-645 新雨夜花 flower in a rainy night 柯俊雄 谷名倫 李湘 cv-648 野蜜桃 wild cherry 陳莉莉 曾 江 cv-649 the crocodile men cv-652 人虎恋 TIGER LOVE 董? 羅烈 胡錦 cv-656 四月的旋律 april melody 程天賜 張正蘭 嘉凱 cv-660 時來運轉 lucky break , a 柯俊雄 陳莎莉 cv-662 從地獄來的女人 woman from hell 歐 威 陳慧美 王冰冰 cv-663 一?求生 dressed off for life 米 雪 陳惠敏 cv-664 橫掃魚蛋? Interpol 秦 沛 陳莉莉 楊?? Cv-668 醜人多作怪 stooges in love 張 帝 康雅嵐 cv-700 中國匣 chinese box, the 謝洛美艾朗斯 張曼玉 鞏 俐 許冠文 cv-743 高壓重犯 high voltage 李小龍之女 - 李香凝 cv-764 遊方和尚 wandering monk, the 李炳雄 林小虎 易 原 cv-771 風流殘劍血無痕 mask of vengence 譚道良 李修賢 苗可秀 金 剛 cv-803 醉拳女?手 no one can touch her 嘉 凌 金 剛 孫嘉林 鍾 凌 cv-817 忍者神? Ninja and the thief, the 王 道 甄琇蘭 倉田保昭 cv-834 諸葛四郎大鬥雙假面 little hero 上官靈鳳 羅 烈 cv-845 武僧 guards of shaolin 羅 ? ? 龍 劍 勳 戴 澈 cv-859 黑血 black blood 王敏德 黎姿 海俊傑 cv-860 303 fear faith revenge cv-928 gemini
  15. a12345

    1000 USA Laserdiscs for sale

    I know more in September when the friend visits the place with the LDs.
  16. Hello a friend of mine has 1000 LDs for sale. This are international movies on USA LDs. They are all in China. I don't know the prices or how to send them yet. If you know ways to send them, let me know. There should be rare titles in this batch. It is not sorted out, and the rares are still there.
  17. a12345

    Hong Kong Laserdisc Offer

    The prices for the others vary a lot. Let me know the titles, and I tell the prices.
  18. a12345

    1000 USA Laserdiscs for sale

    At the moment the situation is unsure. When i can get them, i post it here.
  19. a12345

    Wanted HK film titles...

    PM sent. I can get many Laserdiscs.
  20. a12345

    Judgement of An Assassin for $6.50

    PM sent edit: i don't need it
  21. a12345

    VCD collection for sale

    Bumped Tons of VCDs are still available!