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  1. Blacula

    Ramon Zamora films?

    Out of interest, how is your copy of Return of the Dragon? I picked one up off a site selling a copy way back and it's the most unwatchable interlaced garbage i've ever seen. Every slight movement has a horrible combing effect on the picture
  2. The disc comes with Pyun's new movie, and for some weird reason he's decided to leave the commentary off of Cyborg, commenting that it'll come later leading me to believe that it'll be a waste of time buying this version when a newer updated copy of it will turn up at some point. It's a shame you can't just get a copy of Cyborg on it's own for cheaper, rather than getting the full deal. Probably wind up getting a lot more people going for the offer to be honest.
  3. This is a kung fu forum, we should all be used to and expect the absolute worst when it comes to DVD releases, surely! I'll agree it's a weird way for them to promote this thing, the first few minutes aren't the most exciting thing in the world. If they'd have gone through some kind of breakdown over what exactly is in this version that we've never seen before compared to the official cut i'd have probably been far more excited, or as excited as I can get over Cyborg. Hope we get a little more information on this before forking $30 out
  4. I haven't had a response from this yet, hoping they get back to me ASAP because I really want to see this.
  5. Mine turned up in the post today, going to give this a watch later. Great work!
  6. Sorry to hear about all the troubles you had with this, was looking forward to getting it! Hopefully someone will be up for a trade some day for it?
  7. I hereby demand more Michael Dudikoff, Robert Z'Dar and Leo Fong discussion threads to counterbalance this influx of Brucee Lee talk.
  8. Blacula

    Jimmy Wang Tarantino??

    Almost, it's by Tomoyasu Hotei, not sure if it was specially made for the film
  9. Blacula

    Bruce Lee collectables

    Hope somebody might find this interesting, photo [taken by a friend of mine] of Time Out from late 1971 reccomending The Big Boss showing at the Chinese Cinema Club in London, it's blurry but it's there - http://i38.tinypic.com/2ebfm6p.jpg
  10. Hoping someone out there can help with this - i'm urgently in need of the films Low Blow & Killpoint, both starring Leo Fong, on DVD. Based in the UK, looking to trade or buy, anything at all!! Help!!
  11. An update to this thread - I'm currently looking for the Kung Fu Avengers version of Soul Brothers Of Kung Fu/The Last Strike and the Ramon Zamora movie Revenge/Return Of The Dragon. Based in the UK. Unfortunately i've no references in the trade thread but I can assure you i'm not planning to run off to Colombia for the cost of a blank disc* or anything. PM or reply if you can help, much appreciated, thanks! *Depending on how the economy is at time of transaction
  12. That's pretty good to find out that he's a real person at least. I wonder if Bruce's estate went over this book before they hired him to help ghost write Linda's? Shame they opted for that instead of 'Bruce Lee Lives?' to turn into the biopic. Probably would have turned out more coherent.
  13. I got this myself a while back for something comical like 75p and have never been able to find any information about it. It's a pretty entertaining read if you're into the more curious side of Bruceploitation, if total garbage in near enough every way. My only real disappointment came when I got the book and read the disclaimers saying this was a huge work of fiction. It might be slightly more readable if it had been presented as the true conspiracy theory of some nut.
  14. Does this mean we can get onto focusing on raising cash for widescreen prints of far superior films like Invincible Super Chan and Raw Force? i'll put the entire £5000 up for that.
  15. I'm really starting to get an idea of what's meant by shapes now, personally, and the busting thereof within the advanced martial arts universe -